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In 1971, a group of scientists came together and formed a product called Nokomis 3. It is formulated to disperse oil that has been spilled into the ocean, lakes, bays, or rivers.
This synergetic formulation of chemicals is water based and non-flammable. This prduct has been used by the United States Navy, State of California Fish and Game and the United States EPA. Marlin Supply Inc. is the main distributor of this product with laboratories in San Franscisco, Texas, Florida and Mexico. Nokomis 3 is a highly effective mixture that when it comes into contact with the particles, oils, or greases it breaks up those particles into millions more and speeds up the process of biodegradation.
When the product is released out of an Airplane or aerial applied it has a increased viscosity causing a better chance for it to reach the ground.[1] This product is designed specifically to clean up No. 2 Oil Fuel and is a base on the pH scale, and is completely water soluble.[2]

Nokomis 3-AA

This specific product of Nokomis 3 is a water based colloid. Nokomis 3-AA can be appied through spray nozzles on workboats or ships and for best use the propellor of the boats can be helpful with mixing the product into the water for the most effect.[3]

Nokomis 3-F4

The second design of Nokomis 3 is the Nokomis 3-F4. It is made with a higher viscosity, increasing the chance that the full product with reach the waters surface. It is not always applied by plane. It can also be sprayed through nozzles to the top of the surface. Depending on the situation and largeness of the oil spill. it can be applied either diluted or at full strength.[4]

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