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Non-Inscrits (abbreviated NI, singular Non-Inscrit; English: Non-Attached Members, abbreviated NA[1]) are Members of the European Parliament (MEP) who do not sit in one of the political groups.

The MEPs may be part of a national party, or a European political party but for a political grouping in parliament to be formed there needs to be 25 MEPs from seven different states. Being part of a group grants access to state funds and committee seats but the group members must be ideologically tied. Groups of convenience, such as the Technical Group of Independents that previously existed, are no longer allowed and the minimum requirements of groups have been raised forcing more extreme elements to sit as NIs.

In the 6th European Parliament, 23 right wing NIs briefly formed the Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty group at the start of 2007 but that collapsed on 14 November 2007 due to internal disagreements.

Non-Inscrits for European Parliament 2009-2014

Country # National Party MEP EU party
 Austria 3 Hans-Peter Martin's List Martin Ehrenhauser None
Hans-Peter Martin None
Angelika Werthmann None
2 Freedom Party Andreas Mölzer None
Franz Obermayr None
 Belgium 2 Flemish Interest Philip Claeys None
Frank Vanhecke None
 Bulgaria 2 National Union Attack Slavcho Binev None
Dimitar Stoyanov None
 France 3 Front National Bruno Gollnisch Euronat
Jean-Marie Le Pen Euronat
Marine Le Pen Euronat
 Hungary 3 Jobbik Zoltán Balczó None
Krisztina Morvai None
Csanád Szegedi None
 Netherlands 4 Party for Freedom Louis Bontes None
Barry Madlener None
Laurence Stassen None
Daniël van der Stoep None
 Romania 2 Greater Romania Party Claudiu Ciprian Tănăsescu None
Corneliu Vadim Tudor None
1 New Generation Party – Christian Democratic George Becali None
 Spain 1 Union, Progress and Democracy Francisco Sosa Wagner None
 United Kingdom 2 British National Party Andrew Brons Euronat
Nick Griffin Euronat
1 Democratic Unionist Party Diane Dodds None
1 formerly Conservative Party Edward McMillan-Scott None

NIs prior to the 2009 EU Parliamentary elections

Country # National Party MEP EU party
 Austria 2 1 Hans-Peter Martin's List (Liste Dr. Hans-Peter Martin) Hans-Peter Martin None
1 Freedom Party Andreas Mölzer None
 Belgium 3 Flemish Interest Philip Claeys None
Koenraad Dillen None
Frank Vanhecke None
 Bulgaria 3 National Union Attack
Dimitar Stoyanov None
Slavcho Binev None
Desislav Chukolov None
 Czech Republic 1 Independent Democrats (Nezávislí demokraté) Jana Bobošíková None
 France 7 National Front Bruno Gollnisch Euronat
Carl Lang Euronat
Jean-Marie Le Pen Euronat
Marine Le Pen Euronat
Fernand Le Rachinel Euronat
Jean-Claude Martinez Euronat
Lydia Schenardi Euronat
 Italy 3 1 Olive Tree (Uniti nell'Ulivo) Gianni Rivera None
1 Social Alternative Roberto Fiore None
1 Tricolour Flame Luca Romagnoli Euronat
 Poland 2 League of Polish Families (Liga Polskich Rodzin) Sylwester Chruszcz None
Maciej Giertych None
 Slovakia 3 People's Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia
(Ľudová strana – Hnutie za demokratické Slovensko)
Peter Baco None
Irena Belohorská None
Sergej Kozlík None
 United Kingdom 4 1 Traditional Unionist Voice Jim Allister ADIE
1 Independent Ashley Mote None
1 Independent Robert Kilroy-Silk None
1 Independent Tom Wise None


  1. ^ the English name is also official, but the French name is prevalent even in English texts

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