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Non-possessors (Russian: нестяжатели, nestyazhateli) belonged to a 16th-century movement in the Russian Orthodox Church in opposition to ecclesiastical land-ownership. It was led by Nil Sorsky and later Maksim Grek and others and was opposed to the "Possessors" led by Joseph Volotsky (they are also known as the "Josephites" for this reason) and later Archbishop Feodosii II of Novgorod. It was finally defeated at the Stoglav Council in 1551.[1]

The non-possessors are similar to other movements in Christianity, the Spiritual Franciscan for example, in that they believed that ownership of land and the Church's possession of wealth in general had corrupted the church. The non-possessors (nestyazhateli) also believed that the Church should not forcibly convert or persecute heretics or pagans, but should patiently work to convert them to the true faith.


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