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Noon (Punjabi: نون) is a prominent Punjabi tribe in Pakistan, found among both Rajputs and Jats.


History and origin

Noon tribe is related to the Tiwana Jat tribe from Mitha Tiwana. The Tiwana family lives in an old historical village in Khushab district. The Tiwana tribe is a very popular landholding and influential political family in the Khushab distrist. The Noon tribe came from the Tiwana tribe, from Mitha Tiwana, Khushab and settled in Bhalwal and Bhera area. The Noon Family has very close ties with Tiwana, Awan, Bandial, Piracha, Gilani, Syed families in Pakistan. The Noon Family own 27 villages in Bhalwal and Bhera. The fields of these villages are very cultivated and fertile. The Landlord Noon family created many bankers, industrialists, ambassadors and politicians for Pakistan. The Noon family is very popular in the area because of their character, their attitude, their behaviour with the people and helps the poor and needy people in the area without any prejudice so Noon family is very well-wisher, well-behaved, sympathetic with the area. The family appointed a manager in every village for the help of the people. The Noon family of Sargodha consists of many independent landlords (heads/chiefs) every chief has his own state-like village. Some prominent chief are as under; Malik Hakim Khan Noon, Malik Sultan Ali Khan Noon, Prime Minister of Pakistan Malik Feroz Khan Noon and Malik Akbar Hayat Noon, Malik Sardar Khan Noon, Malik Share Muhammad Noon etc. Noon family is also present in district Bhakkar also in D.I.Khan and also in Multan but difference is that noon in different region write different names, for example, Malik, Rana etc. before their names.

Noon settled along the banks of the Ravi, and became dominant in Shujabad Tehsil of Multan District.[1]


The Noon tribe is found along the banks of the Sutlej and Chenab from Sargodha in the north to Shujabad in the south.

There several families of feudal Noons.[2]

In Kallur Kot tehsil of Bhakkar District, a branch of the Noon tribe have considerable influence.

In Shujabad Tehsil of Multan District, there is another prominent Noon family.

The Noon of Sargodha have been closely connected with the Tiwanas of Khushab, and have played a role in the politics of that district.

Noon Villages Sargodha District

  • Hayat pur Noon Village near ZHC Bhalwal
  • Noon Dagger (Malik Fateh Muhammad Noon) Tehsil Kallur Kot, District Bhakkar
  • Ravi Noon (small village near Kallur Kot)
  • Thala Noon, near Dera Khan (Bhakkar)
  • Ali Pur Noon - This village belongs to Malik Anwer Ali Noon Ex-MNA/PPP, Malik Munawer Ali Noon Industrialist, Malik Amjad Ali Noon Politician/PPP, Malik Asad Ali Noon Banker.
  • Aamin Abad Noon
  • Nurpur noon - This village belongs to Ex-Prime minister of Pakistan Malik Feroz Khan Noon and his sons Malik Nur Hayat Noon,Malik Zahoor Hayat Noon, Malik Manzor Hayat Noon and Malik Adnan Hayat Noon MNA.
  • Sultan Pur Noon - This village belongs to Malik Sultan Ali Khan Noon, Malik Anwer Ali Noon.
  • Fateh Pur Noon - Fateh pur noon - This is very beautiful artistic village belongs to Malik Mazhar Hayat Noon and Malik Azhar Hayat Noon son of Malik Akbar Hayat Noon.
  • Khare Pur Noon - A small village of Noon family in Bhalwal district Sargodha.
  • Kot Qadraan Wala Noon
  • Attaabad Noon - Malik Atta Noon
  • Ghorh Pur Noon
  • Kot Hakim Khan Noon - is the main old village belonging to the Noon family, is inhabited by over 16,000 people. It was settled by Malik Hakim Khan Noon who was the chief of the Noon family in the eighteen century.
  • Zaffer Abad Noon - This village is belongs to Malik Mazir Awan a close relative of Noon family and a son of Malik Karam Bakhsh Awan of Khushab.
  • Kikraan Wala Noon
  • Shair Muhammad Wala Noon
  • Munawer Abad Noon - Malik Munawer Ali Noon
  • Sardar Pur Noon - A village of Malik Sardar Khan Noon and his son Malik Hamid Ali Noon and his grandson Malik Aamir Ali Noon.
  • Charaghabad -A village of Khalid malik Tiwana Ex-minister of Punjab.(grandson of Malik Sultan Ali Khan Noon).

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