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The North Dakota House of Representatives is the lower house of the North Dakota Legislative Assembly and is larger than the North Dakota Senate.

North Dakota is divided into between 40 and 54 legislative districts apportioned by population as determined by the decennial census. The 2000 redistricting plan provided for 47 districts. As each district elects 2 Representatives to the House, there are currently 94 Representatives in the House.

Representatives serve 4-year terms. Elections are staggered such that half the districts have elections every 2 years. Originally, the North Dakota Constitution limited members of the North Dakota House of Representatives to two-year terms, with the all representatives standing for reelection at the same time. That practice continued until 1996, when the voters approved a constitutional amendment that changed the term for representatives to four-years with staggered terms. The amendment went into effect July 1, 1997, and was first applied in the 1998 elections.[1][2]

The House Chamber is located in the North Dakota State Capitol in Bismarck, North Dakota.


Composition of the House

North Dakota House Districts as of 2003. House district boundaries are identical to the North Dakota Senate's districts, with two representatives elected from each district.
61st Legislative Assembly (2009-2010)
Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Democratic-NPL Vacant
End of previous legislature 61 33 94 0
Begin 58 36 94 0
November 1, 2009 35 93 1
Latest voting share 61.7% 37.2%

2009-2010 Officers

Position Name Party District
Speaker of the House David Monson Republican 10
Majority Leader Al Carlson Republican 41
Assistant Majority Leader Don Vigesaa Republican 23
Minority Leader Merle Boucher Democratic 9
Assistant Majority Leader Kenton Onstad Democratic 4

Members of the 61st House

District Representative Party Residence
1 Patrick Hatlestad Republican Williston
Gary Sukut Republican Williston
2 David Rust Republican Tioga
Bob Skarphol Republican Tioga
3 Kari Conrad Democratic Minot
Lisa Wolf Democratic Minot
4 Tom Conklin Democratic Douglas
Kenton Onstad Democratic Parshall
5 Louis Pinkerton Democratic Minot
Elwood Thorpe Democratic Minot
6 Glen Froseth Republican Kenmare
Bob Hunskor Democratic Newburg
7 Jon Nelson Republican Rugby
Arlo Schmidt Democratic Maddock
8 Jeff Delzer Republican Underwood
Dwight Wrangham Republican Bismarck
9 Tracy Boe Democratic Mylo
Merle Boucher Democratic Rolette
10 Chuck Damschen Republican Hampden
David Monson Republican Osnabrock
11 Mary Ekstrom Democratic Fargo
Scot Kelsh Democratic Fargo
12 Lyle Hanson Democratic Jamestown
Joe Kroeber Democratic Jamestown
13 Kim Koppelman Republican West Fargo
Alon Wieland Republican West Fargo
14 Duane DeKrey Republican Pettibone
Robin Weisz Republican Hurdsfield
15 Curt Hofstad Republican Devils Lake
Dennis Johnson Republican Devils Lake
16 Robert Kilichowski Democratic Minto
Joyce Kingsbury Republican Minto
17 Louise Potter Democratic Grand Forks
Ken Svedjan Republican Grand Forks
18 Eliot Glassheim Democratic Grand Forks
Lonny Winrich Democratic Grand Forks
19 Chris Griffin Democratic Larimore
Gerry Uglem Republican Northwood
20 Richard Holman Democratic Mayville
Lee Kaldor Democratic Mayville
21 Vacant[3]
Steven Zaiser Democratic Fargo
22 Wesley Belter Republican Mapleton
Vonnie Pietsch Republican Casselton
23 Benjamin Vig Democratic Aneta
Don Vigesaa Republican Cooperstown
24 Ralph Metcalf Democratic Valley City
Phillip Mueller Democratic Valley City
25 John Wall Republican Wahpeton
Clark Williams Democratic Wahpeton
26 Bill Amerman Democratic Forman
Jerry Kelsh Democratic Fullerton
27 Randy Boehning Republican Fargo
Lee Myxter Democratic Fargo
28 Mike Brandenburg Republican Edgeley
William Kretschmar Republican Venturia
29 Craig Headland Republican Montpelier
Chet Pollert Republican Carrington
30 Michael Naeth Republican Bismarck
David Weiler Republican Bismarck
31 Rod Froelich Democratic Selfridge
James Kerzman Democratic Mott
32 Mark Dosch Republican Bismarck
Lisa Meier Republican Bismarck
33 Brenda Heller Republican Beulah
Gary Kreidt Republican New Salem
34 RaeAnn Kelsch Republican Mandan
Todd Porter Republican Mandan
35 Karen Karls Republican Bismarck
Bob Martinson Republican Bismarck
36 Shirley Meyer Democratic Dickinson
Mike Schatz Republican New England
37 Nancy Johnson Republican Dickinson
Francis Wald Republican Dickinson
38 Larry Bellew Republican Minot
Dan Ruby Republican Minot
39 David Drovdal Republican Arnegard
Keith Kempenich Republican Bowman
40 Robert Frantsvog Republican Minot
Matthew Klein Republican Minot
41 Al Carlson Republican Fargo
Bette Grande Republican Fargo
42 Stacy Dahl Republican Grand Forks
Corey Mock Democratic Grand Forks
43 Lois Delmore Democratic Grand Forks
Darrell Nottestad Republican Grand Forks
44 Donald Clark Republican Fargo
Blair Thoreson Republican Fargo
45 Rick Berg Republican Fargo
Ed Gruchalla Democratic Fargo
46 Kathy Hawken Republican Fargo
Jim Kasper Republican Fargo
47 George Keiser Republican Bismarck
Lawrence Klemin Republican Bismarck

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  1. ^ House Concurrent Resolution No. 3010 (North Dakota Session Laws 1995, ch. 649) approved November 5, 1996 (ND Session Laws 1997, ch. 570)
  2. ^ "State by State: The Election at a Glance". Daytona News-Journal. 1996-11-07.  
  3. ^ Jasper Schneider resigned November 1, 2009, to become North Dakota director of the USDA Rural Development Agency. District 21 Democrats will appoint a replacement to serve the remainder of his term, which ends December 2010.[1]

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