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North East England
European Parliament constituency
North East England (European Parliament constituency) is located in European Parliament constituencies 2007
Location amongst the 2007 constituencies
Shown within England
Created 1999
MEP(s) 4 (1999 - 2004)
3 (2004 - present)
Member State United Kingdom
Source(s) [1][2]

North East England is a constituency of the European Parliament. It currently elects 3 MEPs using the d'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.



The constituency corresponds to the North East England region of the United Kingdom, comprising the ceremonial counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and parts of North Yorkshire.


The constituency was formed as a result of the European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, replacing a number of single-member constituencies. These were Durham, Northumbria, Tyne and Wear, and parts of Cleveland and Richmond.

Members of the European Parliament

Year MEP 1 Party 1 MEP 2 Party 2 MEP 3 Party 3 MEP 4 Party 4
1999 Alan Donnelly Labour Martin Callanan Conservative Stephen Hughes Labour Mo O'Toole Labour
1999 Stephen Hughes Labour Martin Callanan Conservative Mo O'Toole Labour Gordon Adam Labour
2004 Stephen Hughes Labour Martin Callanan Conservative Fiona Hall Liberal Democrat Reduced to three seats
2009 Stephen Hughes Labour Martin Callanan Conservative Fiona Hall Liberal Democrat

Election results

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Elected candidates are shown in bold. Brackets indicate the number of votes per seat won.

European Election 2009: North East England[1][2]
List Candidates Votes % ±%
Labour Stephen Hughes
Fay Tinnon, Nick Wallis[3]
147,338 25.0 −9.1
Conservative Martin Callanan
Barbara Musgrave, Richard Bell[4]
116,911 19.8 +1.2
Liberal Democrat Fiona Hall
Chris Foote-Wood, Neil Bradbury[5]
103,644 17.6 −0.2
UKIP Gordon Parkin, Sandra Allison, John Tennant[6] 90,700 15.4 +3.2
BNP Adam Walker, Peter Mailer, Ken Booth[7] 52,700 8.9 +2.5
Green Shirley Ford, Iris Ryder, Nic Best[8] 34,081 5.8 +1.0
English Democrats Frank Roseman, Allan White, Garham Robinson 13,007 2.2 N/A
Socialist Labour Michael York, John Taylor, James Dodsworth 10,238 1.7 N/A
NO2EU Martin Levy, Hannah Walter, Peter Pinkney 8,066 1.4 N/A
Christian Party Don Botham, Daniel Parker, Coral Thompson 7,263 1.2 N/A
Libertas Ken Rollings, Alasdair Macleod, William Tremlett 3,010 0.5 N/A
Jury Team Ahmed Khan, Jackie Riley[9] 2,904 0.5 N/A
Turnout 589,862 30.4 −10.4
European Election 2004: North East England[10]
List Candidates Votes % ±%
Labour Stephen Hughes
Mo O'Toole, Joanne Thompson
266,057 34.1 −8.1
Conservative Martin Callanan
Jeremy Middleton, Amanda Vigar
144,969 18.6 −8.8
Liberal Democrat Fiona Hall
Chris Wood, Gregory Stone
138,791 17.8 +4.3
UKIP Piers Merchant, Charlotte Bull, Val Cowell 94,887 12.2 +3.3
BNP Alan Patterson, Andrew Harris, Jenny Agnew[11] 50,249 6.4 +5.5
Independent Neil Herron 39,658 5.1 N/A
Green Pam Woolner, Nic Best, Judith Brennan 37,247 4.8 +0.1
Respect Yvonne Ridley, Yunus Bakhsh, David Stewart 8,633 1.1 N/A
Turnout 780,491 40.8 +21.3
European Election 1999: North East England[12]
List Candidates Votes % ±%
Labour Alan Donnelly, Stephen Hughes, Mo O'Toole
Gordon Adam
42.2 N/A
Conservative Martin Callanan
Aidan Ruff, Brendan Murphy, Neil Macgregor
105,573 27.4 N/A
Liberal Democrat Chris Foote Wood, Fiona Hall, Peter Maughan, Jane Harvey 52,070 13.5 N/A
UKIP Rodney Atkinson, William Brown, Martin Rouse, Graeme Oswald 34,063 8.8 N/A
Green Nicolas Best, Ruth Whiteside, Bridget Speight, Michael Greveson 18,184 4.7 N/A
Socialist Labour Brian Gibson, Gordon Potts, James Fitzpatrick, Kenneth Hall 4,511 1.2 N/A
BNP Alan Gould, John Bowles, Iain Wilson, Colin Smith[13] 3,505 0.9 N/A
Pro-Euro Conservative Dominic Tilley, Marie Adams, Desmond Harney, John Meredith 2,926 0.8 N/A
Socialist (GB) John Bisset, Steven Colborn, Stephen Davison, Andrew Pitts 1,510 0.4 N/A
Natural Law Paul Kember, Richard Buswell, Richard Keyton, Christopher Adamson 826 0.2 N/A
Turnout 385,741 19.5 N/A




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