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Northeastern Ontario
Map of Ontario NORTHEASTERN.svg
Location of Northeastern Ontario
Area 266,802.37 km2
Population (2006) 510,326
Population Density 1.91/km2
Largest City Greater Sudbury
157,857 (2006)
MPs 7
MPPs 8

Northeastern Ontario is the region within the Canadian province of Ontario which lies north and east of Lakes Superior and Huron.

Northeastern Ontario consists of Algoma District, Sudbury District, Cochrane District, Timiskaming District, Nipissing District, Manitoulin District and the single-tier municipality of Greater Sudbury.

For some purposes, Parry Sound District and Muskoka District Municipality are treated as part of Northeastern Ontario even though they are geographically in Central Ontario. These two divisions are coloured in green on the map.

Northeastern Ontario and Northwestern Ontario may also be grouped together as Northern Ontario. An important difference between the two sub-regions is that Northeastern Ontario has a sizeable Franco-Ontarian population — approximately 25 per cent of the region's population speaks French as a first language, compared to just 3.2 per cent in the northwest.

Cities and towns

Northeastern Ontario has six cities. They are Greater Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie, North Bay, Timmins, Elliot Lake and Temiskaming Shores.

Smaller towns in the region include Espanola, Blind River, Chapleau, Cochrane, Hearst, Iroquois Falls, Kapuskasing, Kirkland Lake, Moosonee, French River, St. Charles, Markstay-Warren and West Nipissing.


Population of Northeastern Ontario
District 2006 ± 2001 ± 1996
Northeastern Ontario 510,326 -3.3% 512,007 -5.6% 542,248
Algoma District 117,461 -0.9% 118,567 -5.5% 125,455
Cochrane District 82,503 -3.2% 85,247 -8.6% 93,240
Greater Sudbury
(including enclaved Wahnapitae First Nations reserve)
157,909 1.7% 155,268 -6.1% 165,336
Manitoulin District 13,090 3.2% 12,679 7.9% 11,747
Nipissing District 84,688 2.1% 82,910 -2.3% 84,832
Sudbury District 21,392 -6.6% 22,894 -3.9% 23,831
Timiskaming District 33,283 -3.4% 34,442 -8.9% 37,807

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