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Northern Athabaskan is a geographic sub-grouping of the Athabaskan language family spoken in the northern part of North America, particularly in Alaska and the Yukon. The Northern Athabaskan language group has 31 languages that can be divided into seven geographic subgroups.


Southern Alaskan

1. Ahtna (a.k.a. Atna, Ahtena, Copper River)
  • Central Copper River Ahtna
  • Lower Copper River Ahtna
  • Mentasta (a.k.a. Upper Ahtna)
  • Western Ahtna
2. Dena’ina (a.k.a. Tanaina)
  • Lower Inlet Dena’ina
- Outer Inlet
- Iliamna
- Inland
  • Upper Inlet Dena’ina

Central Alaska – Yukon

A. Koyukon

3. Deg Xinag (a.k.a. Deg Hit'an, Kaiyuhkhotana)
  • Lower Yukon River
  • Middle Kuskokwin
4. Holikachuk (a.k.a. Innoko, Innoka-khotana, Tlëgon-khotana)
5. Koyukon (a.k.a. Ten’a, Co-Youkon, Co-yukon)
  • Lower Koyukon (a.k.a. Lower Yukon Koyukon)
  • Central Koyukon (a.k.a. Dinaakkanaaga Ts’inh Huyoza, Koyukuk River Koyukon)
  • Upper Koyukon (a.k.a. Upper Yukon Koyukon)

B. Tanana-Tutchone

6. Kolchan (a.k.a. Upper Kushokwin, Goltsan)
I. Tanana
7. Lower Tanana (a.k.a. Tanana, Minto, Dandey in, Dineh su, Tananatana)
  • Minto-Tolovana-Toklat-Nenana-Wood River
- Minto-Tolovana
- Toklat
- Nenana
- Wood River
  • Chena
  • Salcha-Goodpastor
8. Tanacross (a.k.a. Tanana, Dandey in, Dineh su, Tananatana)
9. Upper Tanana (a.k.a. Tanana, Dandey in, Dineh su, Tananatana)
  • Nabesna
  • Tetlin
  • Northway
  • Scottie Creek
  • Canadian Upper Tanana
II. Tutchone (a.k.a. Gens de Bois, Gunana, Nahane, Nahani, Tutchonekutchin)
10. Southern Tutchone
11. Northern Tutchone (a.k.a. Mayo)

C. Kutchin-Han

12. Gwich’in (a.k.a. Gwitch’in, Kutchin, Kootchin, Loucheux, Loucheaux, Takudh, Tukudh, “Quarrelers”)
  • Alaskan Gwich’in (a.k.a. Western Gwich’in)
  • Canadian Gwich’in (a.k.a. Eastern Gwich’in)
13. Hän (a.k.a. Han, Moosehide, Dawson, Gens du Fou, Han Gwich-in, Han-Kootchin, Hankutchin)

Northwestern Canada

A. Cordillera

I. Central Cordillera (a.k.a. Tahltan-Tagish-Kaska)
14. Tagish (a.k.a. Gunana, Nahane, Nahani, Si-him-E-na, “Stick Indians”, Tagisch, Tahgish, Tahkeesh, Tahk-heesh)
15. Tahltan (a.k.a. Nahanni, Keyehotine, Nahane, Nahani, Tahl-tan, Tatltan, Ticaxhanoten, Toltan)
16. Kaska (a.k.a. Nahanni, Nahane, Nahani, Cassiar)
II. Southeastern Cordillera
17. Sekani
18. Dunneza (a.k.a. Beaver, Tasttine, Dunne-za, Deneza, Gens de Castor)

B. Mackenzie

I. Slavey-Hare (a.k.a. Slave)
19. Slavey (a.k.a. Slavey proper, South Slavey, Southern Slavey, Dene Tha, Esclave, Nahane, Nahani, Slave)
20. Mountain (a.k.a. Montagnards, Nahane, Nahani, Sih gotine, Sihta gotine)
21. Bearlake (a.k.a. Satudine, Sahtu gotine, Bear Lake)
22. Hare (a.k.a. Kawchottine, Ka so gotine, Kancho, Kawchodinneh, Rabbitskins, Ta-na-tin-ne)
23. Dogrib (a.k.a. Tli Cho, Tłįchǫ or Thlingchadine)

C. Chipewyan

24. Dene Suline (a.k.a. Chipewyan, Dëne Sųłiné, Dene, Yellowknife, Montagnais, "Northern Indians", Copper Indians, Coppermine Indians, Mithcocoman, Red Knife, T’atsan ottine, Tatsotine, Yellow Knife)


25. Tsetsaut (a.k.a. Ts’ets’aut, Nahane, Nahani, Portland Canal, Wetalth)

Central British Columbia

26. Babine-Witsuwit'en (a.k.a. North Carrier, Babine Carrier, Northern Carrier, Bulkley Valley, Lakes District, Western Carrier)
  • Babine (a.k.a. Nadot’en, Nedut’en, Nat’oot’en)
  • Takla
  • Witsuwit’en (a.k.a. Wetsuwet’en, Wets’uwet’en, Wet’suwet’en)
  • Moricetown
  • Francois Lake
27. Dakelh (a.k.a. Carrier, Dakelhne, Takelne, Takulli, Taculli, Takulie, Porteur, Nagailer)
  • Central Carrier (a.k.a. Upper Carrier)
  • Southern Carrier (a.k.a. Lower Carrier)
28. Chilcotin (a.k.a. Tsilhqot’in, Tinneh, Chilkhodins, Tsilkotin)
29. Nicola (a.k.a. Stuwix, Nicola-Similkameen) (extinct)


30. Sarsi (a.k.a. Sarcee, Tsuu T’ina, or Tsuut’ina)


31. Kwalhioqua-Clatskanie (a.k.a. Kwalhioqua-Tlatskanie)
  • Willapa (a.k.a. Willoopah)
  • Suwal-Clatskanie
- Suwal
- Clatskanie (a.k.a. Tlatskanie)


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