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Norwood Football Club
Norwood logo.jpg
Full name Norwood Football Club
Nickname(s) The Redlegs
Season 2008
Top goalkicker Taylor Walker
Best & Fairest James Gallagher
Club Details
Founded 1878
Colours      Navy and      Red
Competition South Australian National Football League
Coach Nathan Bassett
Captain(s) James Gallagher
Ground(s) Coopers Stadium (Capacity: 22,000)
Other information
Official website
Norwood Redlegs Jumper.svg

The Norwood Football Club, known as the Redlegs, is an Australian rules football club belonging to the South Australian National Football League in the state of South Australia. Its home ground is Coopers Stadium, often referred to as "The Parade".



The Norwood Football Club was formed at a meeting held at the Norfolk Arms Hotel in Rundle Street, Adelaide on February 28, 1878.

Norwood’s first home ground was in the east parklands near the tramway and opposite the Kent Town Brewery.

Norwood played their first match at Adelaide oval on May 16, 1878 against South Adelaide, who were the reigning champion at the time. Norwood went on to win the match 1 goal to nil, with internationally acclaimed cricketer, George Giffen, kicking Norwood's first goal.

Norwood won a premiership in its first year of existence and then followed with five more in a row. Only Port Adelaide in the 1950s has managed to repeat the feat of winning 6 premierships in a row. Norwood eventually won 11 'pennants' between 1878 and 1899 and was the most successful team of the 1800s.

In 1883, after winning the pennant for the sixth successive year, Norwood became the first South Australian club to record a win over a Victorian team, when it defeated Essendon. In 1888, Norwood were proclaimed 'Premiers of Australia' when they defeated South Melbourne in three matches at Kensington Oval.

Norwood and Port Adelaide became famous rivals after a particularly tough qualifying finals match in 1894.

Early champions of the club include Alfred 'Topsy' Waldron, who captained the club for 9 years, Alby Green, the first player to win the Magarey Medal for the best and fairest player in the competition in 1898 and Anthony 'Bos' Daly, who kicked 88 goals in 1893 including an astonishing 23 goals in one match. Daly's goal tally would not be surpassed for another 37 years and his tally of 23 goals in one match has only ever been equalled by the great North Adelaide goal shooter, Ken Farmer. Daly was widely regarded as "the greatest South Australian footballer from 1877 to the close of the nineteenth century".

Norwood were proclaimed the Champions of Australia again in 1907 when they defeated the Victorian premier, Carlton, 13.12 to 8.9 after Norwood scored 7 goals in the first 20 minutes of the third quarter.


The Redlegs are one of the two traditional power-houses in the South Australian National Football League, the other team being the Port Adelaide Magpies, although in recent years both teams fortunes have been less than stellar.

The rivalry between the two clubs has always been intense, with those claiming allegiance to Norwood typically coming from the eastern side of Adelaide, which is the higher socio-economic side of town; whereas the Port Adelaide Magpies come from the north-west side, leading to a traditional rich-poor split in the following of the two clubs.

Memorable Games

1904 Grand Final: Norwood was down by 35 points at 3/4 time against traditional rival Port Adelaide. Norwood then produced an extraordinary burst of football with a goal by centre half forward Dean Dawson followed by 2 goals each from full forward, Bill Miller and half forward flanker, Stan Robinson. Norwood was only 2 points down with a minute remaining. Tommy Gibbons held a mark on a seemingly impossible angle. His kick sailed through the goal posts to give Norwood a 4 point victory 9.8 to 8.10.

1978 Grand Final: 1978 was Norwood's centenary year. Sturt had lost only one game for the year and was odds-on favourite to win its 8th flag in 13 years. Norwood was 29 points down at three-quarter time but scored 7 goals to Sturt's 2 in the last quarter to win the premiership by one point. Memorable moments in the match include Neil Button's effort in ruck against Sturt's Rick Davies, John Wynne's charge into the Sturt coaches box, Michael Taylor's mark 1 metre out from Sturt's goal with a minute to go, Danny Jenkin's leaping smother of a shot for goal with just seconds left to play and Brian Adamson's 5 goals from centre half forward. However, the most controversial moment was when field umpire Des Foster awarded a spilled mark to Norwood wingman Phil Gallagher, which resulted in the winning goal just minutes from the final siren. Foster later admitted the mark should not have been paid.[1]

AFL Listed Players

Note: Some players on the list rarely play for Norwood due to being in the starting 22 for their AFL teams.


Premierships: 27 - 1878; 1879; 1880; 1881; 1882; 1883; 1887; 1888; 1889; 1891; 1894; 1901; 1904; 1907; 1922; 1923; 1925; 1929; 1941; 1946; 1948; 1950; 1975; 1978; 1982; 1984; 1997.

2009 Norwood Playing list

  • 41. Ben Jefferies
  • 42. Nigel James
  • 43. Caelum Schild
  • 44. Matt Thomas
  • 45. Kenrick Tyrell
  • 46. Craig Holm
  • 47. Micheal Arbon
  • 48. Toby Schulz
  • 49. Roland AhChee
  • 50. Peter Marshall
  • 51. Josh Cavanagh
  • 52. Tim Webber
  • 53. Dean Rossi
  • 54. Tim Jenkin
  • 55. Ben Hanna
  • 56. Alex Georgiou
  • 57. Stuart Fincher
  • 58. Brad Thomas
  • 59. Will O Malley
  • 60. Jack Bampton


  • Most Years As Coach: 12 - Jack Oatey 1945-1956
  • Most Years As Captain: 10 - Alfred Waldron, 1881-85; 1887-90; 1892
  • Most Games: 371 by Garry McIntosh 1982-1998
  • Most State Games: 39 by Walter Scott, 1920-32
  • Magarey Medallists: Alby Green, 1898; C.J. Perry, 1915; Walter Scott, 1921, 1924 & 1930; Alick Lill, 1925; Bill McCallum, 1936; John Marriott, 1951; Ron Kneebone, 1966; Michael Aish, 1981; Garry McIntosh, 1994 & 1995; Andrew Jarman, 1997
  • Fos Williams Medallists: Michael Aish, 1983; Garry McIntosh, 1984, 1992, 1995; Andrew Jarman, 1990; Scott Burns, 1994; James Thiessen, 1997; Paul McCormack 1998
  • Jack Oatey Medallists: Danny Jenkins, 1982; Keith Thomas, 1984; John Cunningham, 1997
  • All Australians: John Marriott, 1953; Bill Wedding, 1961; Graham Molloy, 1969; Michael Aish, 1983 and 1986 (Vice Captain)
  • Gallagher/Williams Cup: 1993,1997
  • Most Goals in a Season: 111 - Neville Roberts, 1983; Others: 100 - Bruce Schultz, 1941
  • Highest Goal Aggregrate: 669 by Bruce Schultz, 1933-41; 602 by Roger Woodcock, 1969-81

Other Achievements

  • Runners up: 20
  • Wooden Spoons: 6 - 1913; 1914; 1915; 1919; 1968; 2004
  • Other Premierships: 1977 NFL Championship (Ardath Cup)
  • Champions of Australia: 1888; 1907
  • Stanley H. Lewis Trophy: 10 - 1965; 1974; 1982; 1984; 1985; 1986; 1987; 1995; 1996; 1997

Last premiership side (1997)

Norwood 19.12 (126) defeated Port Adelaide 7. 11. (53)[1]

F: J. West, G. Molloy, S. Cook
HF: B. James, A. Pascoe, R. James
C: J. Thiessen, A. Jarman, D. Obst
HB: T. Davey, L. Bowman, T. Clements
B: J. D'Antiochia, D. Fleming, S. Pitt
R: S. Eastaugh, A. Harvey(C), J. Cunningham
Int: A. Keating, S. Bassett, S. Rowe
Coach: P. Rohde

Club jumper

The home jumper is Navy Blue with Red trim on the collar and cuffs.

The Norwood Football Club's current major sponsor is Fairmont Homes.

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