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Not Another Teen Movie

Theatrical release poster
Directed by Joel Gallen
Produced by Neal H. Moritz
Written by Mike Bender
Adam Jay Epstein
Andrew Jacobson
Phil Beauman
Buddy Johnson
Starring Chyler Leigh
Chris Evans
Jaime Pressly
Eric Christian Olsen
Eric Jungmann
Mia Kirshner
Deon Richmond
Cody McMains
Sam Huntington
Samm Levine
Cerina Vincent
Ron Lester
Lacey Chabert
Riley Smith
Music by Theodore Shapiro
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Original Film
Release date(s) December 14, 2001 (2001-12-14)
Running time 89 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $15 million
Gross revenue $66,468,332 [1]

Not Another Teen Movie is a 2001 American comedy film released on December 14, 2001 by Columbia Pictures. It is a parody of the teen films and other cinematic portrayals of adolescence which have accumulated in Hollywood over the last few decades. While the general plot is based on She's All That and 10 Things I Hate About You, the film is also filled with allusions to numerous other films.



In the stereotypical high school community of John Hughes High sexy Priscilla (Jaime Pressly), a popular cheerleader, separates from her boyfriend, Jake Wyler (Chris Evans). After Jake discovers that Priscilla is now dating strange and socially inept Les (Riley Smith) just to spite him, one of Jake’s friends, Austin (Eric Christian Olsen), suggests seeking retribution by making Janey Briggs (Chyler Leigh), a "uniquely rebellious girl", the prom queen. Jake attempts to court Janey's love, but faces adversity from his own sister Catherine (Mia Kirshner), who is sexually attracted to him, Janey’s unnoticed admirer and best friend Ricky (Eric Jungmann), and memories from his past football career. Catherine eventually helps her brother by slightly altering Janey’s appearance (taking away her glasses and ponytail), instantly making her drop dead gorgeous.

Meanwhile, Janey's little brother, Mitch, and his friends, Ox and Bruce, make a pact to lose their virginity by Graduation even though they are still in their Freshmen year. Mitch tries to impress his longtime crush, the beautiful Amanda Becker (Lacey Chabert) with a letter professing his love for her. Ox says that he doesn't have a chance with her.

As the prom draws near, Jake draws infamy among his peers after he fails to lead his football team to victory at the state championship game the year before. The situation is further worsened when Austin tricks Jake into telling Janey about his plan to spite Priscilla by pretending to whisper the secret bet in Janey's ear, causing her to immediately leave Jake. During prom night, Austin and Janey go together; a jealous Jake and Catherine have a dance off with Austin and Janey, with Catherine dancing in a sexual manner. Janey runs off crying.

Meanwhile Mitch and his friends are having a lousy time at the prom until Amanda Becker arrives and Mitch gives her the letter and Ox later hooks up with Catherine.

Jake is awarded prom king and the principal reads out that the votes for prom queen are tied. Everyone thinks that it is between Janey and Priscilla, but they are shocked to find that Kara and Sara Fratelli (Samaire Armstrong and Nectar Rose), twins conjoined at the head, win prom queen. During the traditional prom king and queen dance, Janey supposedly left with Austin to go to a hotel. But while at the room he finds Austin having wild sex with a girl but is shocked to find that it is Priscilla not Janey while the weird Les videotapes with his pants down supposedly having an erection, Austin tells Jake that Janey "ran home to her daddy". Jake angrily punches Austin and Priscilla for what they had done to Janey, then punches Les for "being really weird"; afterwards he runs to Janey's house only to learn from her father that she is going to Paris for art school.

Jake arrives at the airport and confronts her before she can board the plane, and uses a plethora of clichéd lines from other movies (such as She's All That, Cruel Intentions, American Pie, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink) to convince her to stay in America. His final (and first original) speech suggests they would be better off apart, but Janey mistakenly believes he's quoting The Karate Kid, and she decides to stay with him.

List of movies used

Cast of characters

  • Chyler Leigh as Janey Briggs (The Pretty Ugly Girl) - She is a rebellious character with a ponytail, glasses, and paint-covered overalls. Janey is a very unpopular girl who seems to have only a single friend, Ricky Lipman. She lives with her father and brother in a small house. Her mother is said to have died when she was six years old.
  • Chris Evans as Jake Wyler (The Popular Jock) - Jake is a cocky, fairly dim-witted jock. He used to be the star of the school's football team, but lost the title after an unfortunate football pass in a past game. Early on in the film, Jake takes on a bet to turn Janey Briggs into the prom queen but soon finds himself falling in love with her. The character is based on Zach Siler, a character played by Freddie Prinze Jr. in She's All That, but can also be a reference to Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles, James van der Beeks' character in Varsity Blues and Andrew McCarthy's character in Pretty in Pink.
  • Jaime Pressly as Priscilla (The Nasty Cheerleader) - The most popular girl in school and Jake's ex-girlfriend. She is nasty, rude and is shown to be very mean to Janey — and other individuals — throughout the film. Priscilla dumps Jake at the beginning of the film for Les, the "beautiful weirdo".
  • Eric Christian Olsen as Austin (The Cocky Blond Guy) - An obnoxious, cocky, blond jerk who bets Jake he can't turn Janey into prom queen.
  • Mia Kirshner as Catherine Wyler (The Cruelest Girl in School) - Highly promiscuous, she is sexually attracted to her younger brother Jake, and helps him to makeover Janey in exchange for sex.
  • Deon Richmond as Malik Token (The Token Black Guy) - As his stereotype suggests, he's part of the cast as the token black guy, saying random exclamations and not moving the plot in any way.
  • Eric Jungmann as Ricky Lipman (The Obsessed Best Friend) - He is Janey's best friend who is also madly (and explicitly) in love with her, although Janey remains completely clueless about this.
  • Ron Lester as Reggie Ray (The Stupid Fat Guy) - A football player that has several concussions throughout the film.
  • Cody McMains as Mitch Briggs (The Desperate Virgin) - Janey's obnoxious, crude, and stubborn younger brother who is desperate to lose his virginity before the end of the school year.
  • Sam Huntington as Ox (The Sensitive Guy) - A friend of Mitch's that yearns to find true love.
  • Samm Levine as Bruce (The Wannabe) - An Asian wannabe.
  • Lacey Chabert as Amanda Becker (The Perfect Girl) - Mitch's love interest and all-around "perfect" girl at school.
  • Cerina Vincent as Areola (The Naked Foreign Exchange Student) - Although the school claims a strict dress code, she is naked throughout the entire film. Her accent also changes frequently throughout the movie, Janey notices this and Areola tells her she is a generic foreign exchange student whose country of origin is of little importance.
  • Riley Smith as Les (The Beautiful Weirdo) - He is always seen with a video camera and a floating plastic bag following him around known as "The Most Beautiful Thing I have Ever Seen."
  • Ed Lauter as Coach - The aggressive, cruel, and obscene football coach that constantly spits and ends sentences with "God dammit."
  • Randy Quaid as Mr. Briggs - Janey's and Mitch's kindhearted but dumb father.
  • Joanna Garcia as Sandy Sue - A girl with Tourette's Syndrome who aspires to be a cheerleader.
  • Beverly Polcyn as Sadie Agatha Johnson - A well-past-60-year-old undercover reporter who is taught how to make love by Catherine.
  • Robert Patrick Benedict as Preston Wasserstein - A kid whose oblivious parents leave the house so he could throw a party.


Many stars of recent teen movies as well as those highlighting the 1980s decade make credited and uncredited appearances. These include:

Extra footage

Alternate footage

  • Three scenes that appear on the R-rated trailer are not included in the film: a scene that spoofs Save the Last Dance where a girl is dancing at the big party, a scene that spoofs Never Been Kissed during the football game with Sadie standing on the football field with a microphone before the entire football team runs her down (the person she was waiting for- one of the school teachers- gets up out of the bleachers just before she is run down and then sits immediately after she is trampled), and a small scene with Areola asking the principal if her breasts are perky (this scene does appear in the unrated cut of the film).
  • In the trailer for the film, Jake wears boxer shorts during the whipped cream bikini scene, whereas during that same scene in the film, he wears no shorts; his bare crotch is covered with whipped cream instead.

Footage during credits

The film has three extra scenes at the end:

  • Mitch, Ox, and Bruce talking about what they learned from the whole experience. (This scene comes only in the unrated cut.)
  • Mr Briggs, in a parody of a scene from "American Pie", talks about a "three-way" while holding two pies. (This scene comes only in the rated cut.)
  • The albino folk singer sings about being blind, and her corneas being burned out by the sun. (This scene comes after all the credits have finished.)

Box office

The film opened at number 3 at the US box office taking $12,615,116 in its opening weekend.

DVD release

The R-rated version of the film was released on DVD on April 30, 2002 with the original 89-minute cut with special features including:

The Unrated Extended Director's Cut was released July 26, 2005 with all of the original special features including an added 11 minutes to the film adding up to 100 minutes.

Soundtrack listing

The soundtrack for the film features rock artists from the 1990s and 2000s, mostly covering songs from the 1980s, and this CD was released by Maverick Records in 2001.

Songs on soundtrack

  1. Tainted Love (Soft Cell) - Marilyn Manson
  2. Never Let Me Down Again (Depeche Mode) - The Smashing Pumpkins
  3. Blue Monday (New Order) - Orgy
  4. The Metro (Berlin) - System of a Down
  5. But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode) - Scott Weiland
  6. Message of Love (The Pretenders) - Saliva
  7. Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order) - Stabbing Westward
  8. 99 Red Balloons (Nena) - Goldfinger
  9. I Melt with You (Modern English) - Mest
  10. If You Leave (OMD) - Good Charlotte
  11. Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths) - Muse
  12. Somebody's Baby (Jackson Browne) - Phantom Planet

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Not Another Teen Movie was a movie released in 2001 by Sony Pictures. It is a parody of the vast collection of teen movies from the last several decades.

Directed by Joel Gallen. Written by Mike Bender, Adam Jay Epstein, Andrew Jacobson, Phil Beauman, and Buddy Johnson.
They served you Breakfast. They gave you Pie. Now we're gonna stuff your face. taglines



  • No man, maybe I'll hang around. Maybe tell Janey a little S-E-C-R-A-T...P.
  • Looks like little Miss "run-home-to-my-daddy" ran home to her daddy.
  • Okay, Jakey, Jakey...about to make a big...mistakey.
  • I got two words for you, Jake: Prom queen... material.
  • Let's make like a tree and... branch out of here...


  • Sure, why not? I am the token black guy. I'm just supposed to smile and stay out of the conversation and say things like: "Damn," "Shit," and "That is wack."
  • Damn, that shit is wack.
  • I'm only in this song because I'm a black guy!

Mr. Briggs

  • Good night, Pumpkin Tits.
  • Come on outta there honey.. Quit fartin' around.


  • You put the "ass" in "embarrassment" You put the "suck" in "liposuction" You put the "ooo" in "jiu-jitsu" You put the "ism" in "This is all just a defense mechanism".


  • Albino Hippie: I have no pigment; I need sunscreen, No way I can be prom queen.
  • Amanda: Do you think I sleep with every pathetic guy who writes me a letter? No. I give them hand jobs.
  • Airport Intercom: Attention please, all 1987 red Porsche 944's parked on the white zone will be towed immediately.


Catherine: I want you.
Jake: But, you're my sister.
Catherine: Only by blood.
Jake: [shoves Catherine off] What is wrong with this family?!

Mr. Briggs: Hey, uhh…I might be late to pick you guys up.
Janey: Why, do you have a job interview today, daddy?
Mr. Briggs: No, honey, I'll probably just be wa-a-a-ay too drunk.
Janey: Oh, that's good, we don't want you drinking and driving.
Mr. Briggs: Oh, I'll be driving. I'll just be too shit-faced to remember to pick you guys up.
Janey: Okay, bye, daddy.
Mr. Briggs: Bye, Pumpkin.

[Jake tries to serenade Janey Briggs at the football field to the tune of Aerosmith's Janey's Got A Gun]
Jake: Janey's got a gun. Janey Briggs got a gun..
Art student: [points to Janey] She's got a gun! [rest of class scatters]

Priscilla: I need some T-to-the-fourth-power-y.
Jake: What?
Priscilla: Some time to talk to you.

Janey: I have this dream of one day...just...hopping on a plane and going to Paris. There's an art school there...but I can't afford it. Unless there's some way of raising $26,000 before the admissions cutoff.
Jake: Oh my God, Janey, do you realize that my parents give a scholarship to a girl who can't get into art school every year?
Janey: [turns around, expectantly] Really? That's amazing!
Jake: Yeah! This year we gave it to Lupe Rodriguez, the Mexican fingerpainter. I think you'd really like her work.

Black Rival Cheerleader: We saw you at our game and we know you stole our routine!
Priscilla: Okay, I don't know what you're talking about. We've always done our own cheers! (to squad) Right, girls?
Squad: That's right!
Black Rival Cheerleader: Then you better bring it.
Priscilla: Oh, it's already been broughten.
[later at the cheerleading]
Cheerleaders: We are! The North Comptonn Wildcats! We're black! We know it! We shake our big booties and show it! We ain't white! We ain't white! We definitely ain't white! Break it down niggas'! Cheerleaders start booty dancing
Sports Announcer: Damn! Those bitches represent!


  • They served you Breakfast. They gave you Pie. Now we're gonna stuff your face.


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