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Notre-Dame de la Daurade.
Frankish column from Notre-Dame de la Daurade, Toulouse, carved 400-600 CE.

Notre-Dame de la Daurade is a basilica in Toulouse, France. It was established in 410 when Emperor Honorius allowed the conversion of Pagan temples to Christianity. The original building of Notre-Dame de la Daurade was a temple dedicated to Apollon.[1]


During the 6th century a church was erected, decorated with golden mosaics; the current name derives from the antique name, “Deaurata”, (Latin: aura, gold). It became a Benedictine monastery during the 9th century. After a period of decline starting in the 15th century, the basilica was destroyed in 1761. The buildings were restored and a new church rebuilt, but the monastery was closed during the French Revolution, becoming a tobacco factory.

The current edifice was built during the 19th century.

The church has been listed as a Monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture[2]; its organ has also been classified[3].

Seven-sided sanctuary of Notre Dame de la Dorade, with niches decorated with columns.


Coordinates: 43°36′3″N 1°26′23″E / 43.60083°N 1.43972°E / 43.60083; 1.43972


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