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Borough constituency
House House of Commons
Elects Two MPs
Created 1295 (1295)
Abolished 1885 (1885)

Nottingham was a parliamentary borough in Nottinghamshire, which elected two Members of Parliament (MPs) to the House of Commons from 1295. In 1885 the constituency was abolished and the city of Nottingham divided into three single-member constituencies.



Members of Parliament



  • 1559: Thomas Markham
  • 1559-1567: John Bateman
  • 1572-1585: John Bateman
  • 1586: Sir Robert Constable
  • 1604-1611: Alderman Richard Harte
  • 1604-1611: Alderman A. Jackson
  • 1621-1622: Michael Purefoy
  • 1621-1622: George Lascelles
  • 1623-1625: John Byron
  • 1626: Sir Gervase Clifton
  • 1627: John Byron


Year First member First party Second member Second party
November 1640 William Stanhope Royalist Gilbert Millington Parliamentarian
January 1644 Stanhope disabled to sit - seat vacant
1645 Francis Pierrepont
1653 Nottingham was unrepresented in the Barebones Parliament
1654 James Chadwick John Mason
1656 William Drury
January 1659 John Whaley John Parker
May 1659 Gilbert Millington One seat vacant
April 1660 Arthur Stanhope John Hutchinson
June 1660 Robert Pierrepont
1679 Richard Slater
1685 John Beaumont Sir William Stanhope
1689 Francis Pierrepont Edward Bigland
1690 Charles Hutchinson Richard Slater
1695 William Pierrepont
1699 Robert Sacheverell
January 1701 George Gregory
June 1701 Robert Sacheverell
December 1701 Robert Sacheverell
1702 George Gregory
1705 Robert Sacheverell
1706 John Plumptre
1708 Roby Sherwin
1710 Robert Sacheverell
1713 Borlase Warren
1715 John Plumptre George Gregory
1727 John Stanhope Borlase Warren
1734 John Plumptre
May 1747 Sir Charles Sedley
June 1747 The Viscount Howe Whig
1754 Sir Willoughby Aston
1758 Colonel the Hon. (Sir) William Howe [1] Whig
1761 John Plumptre
1774 Sir Charles Sedley
1778 Abel Smith
1779 Robert Smith
1780 Daniel Parker Coke
1797 Captain Sir John Borlase Warren [2]
1802 Joseph Birch [3]
1803 Daniel Parker Coke
1806 John Smith Tory
1812 The Lord Rancliffe
1818 Joseph Birch
1820 Thomas Denman Whig
1826 The Lord Rancliffe
1830 Thomas Denman Whig Sir Ronald Craufurd Ferguson Whig
1832 Viscount Duncannon Whig
1834 Sir John Cam Hobhouse Whig
April 1841 John Walter Conservative
June 1841 George Gerard de Hochepied Larpent Whig
1842 John Walter [4] Conservative
1843 Thomas Gisborne Whig
1847 John Walter (junior) Conservative Feargus Edward O'Connor Chartist
1852 Edward Strutt Radical
1856 Charles Paget Whig
1859 John Mellor Liberal Liberal
1861 Sir Robert Juckes Clifton Liberal
1865 [5] Samuel Morley Liberal
1866 Ralph Bernal Osborne Liberal Viscount Amberley Liberal
1868 Sir Robert Juckes Clifton Liberal Charles Ichabod Wright Conservative
1869 Charles Seely Liberal
1870 Hon. Auberon Herbert Liberal
1874 William Evelyn Denison Conservative Saul Isaac Conservative
April 1880 Charles Seely Liberal John Skirrow Wright Liberal
May 1880 Arnold Morley Liberal
1885 Constituency abolished


  1. ^ Later General; knighted 1775
  2. ^ Later Rear-Admiral
  3. ^ On petition, Birch was found not to have been duly elected
  4. ^ On petition, Walter's election was declared void and a by-election held, in which his son, John Walter (junior), took his place as Conservative candidate and was defeated
  5. ^ On petition, the election of 1865 was declared void and a by-election held

Election results


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