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Nová Louka

Nová Louka (German: Neuwiese or Neue Wiese) is a mountain meadow in Jizera Mountains (in Czech Jizerské hory) near the city of Bedřichov, district of Jablonec nad Nisou. It is situated in the north of the Czech Republic, approximately 130 km from Prague. There is Blatny brook (in Czech Blatný potok) flowing through the meadow. Nová Louka is an important cross-road of tourist paths in Jizera Mountains. There is sometimes used an alternative, less common name for the meadow which is Šámalova louka, titled in commemoration of Přemysl Šámal, a Czech prime minister serving his office during the World War I and II. The meadow is a protected area with peat moor and several protected plants, including hellebore.

The meadow was created in 1630 when the trees were cut for the construction of houses in Jičín and Liberec, two important industrial cities in the region. The meadow was first used as a pasture for cows. In 1756, Mr. Riedel built a glass works there, together with a residential timbered house. He was operating the works until 1817. Twenty years later, the works was demolished.

In 1844, the residential house was sold to the Clam-Gallas family, local nobility, which reconstructed the house in a spectacular hunting hut. Today, the hut is calles as Šámalova chata. On 29 July 1897, the local meteorological station measured 345 mm of rainfall which has been a European record until today.

Coordinates: 50°48′50″N 15°09′32″E / 50.814°N 15.159°E / 50.814; 15.159


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