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Now & Then
Studio album by The Carpenters
Released May 9, 1973
Recorded 1973
Genre Pop
Length 37:51
Label A&M
Producer Richard and Karen Carpenter
Professional reviews
The Carpenters chronology
A Song for You
Now & Then

Now & Then is the fifth album from The Carpenters, released on May 9, 1973. In Cash Box Year-End Charts of 1973, Now & Then appeared at number 20. The title for the album was suggested by Richard and Karen's mother, Agnes Carpenter. As an outgrowth of the Garden Party incident, an oldies revival occurred in pop music around 1973, so Side "B" of the album featured an oldies medley. The medley starts with the Carpenters' original, "Yesterday Once More". Tony Peluso, the Carpenters' electric guitarist, is heard as a radio DJ throughout the medley, which included such songs as "The End of the World", "Dead Man's Curve", "Johnny Angel" and "One Fine Day". The only other time he was heard as a DJ was on the Carpenters' "Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft" in 1977.

The Now & Then album also featured Mark Rudolph, a cousin of the Carpenters, on the "Guess the Golden Goodies Group Contest" as the player who called in. He guesses the mystery group is The Four Seasons, but is incorrect.

The LP album featured a three-panel cover that folded out, showing a panoramic view of Karen and Richard Carpenter driving past the Carpenters' family home on Newville Avenue in Downey, California. The car pictured on the cover was a 1973 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 ("Daytona") owned by Richard. )Richard later sold the original red Ferrari featured on the album cover, but bought another car of the same type in 1995.)

In February 2008, fans created a world-wide awareness campaign of the impending demolition of the Now & Then Carpenter house which had been made famous on the album cover and become a tourist destination.


Track listing

Side one

  1. "Sing" - (Joe Raposo) 3:20
  2. "This Masquerade" - (Leon Russell) 4:50
  3. "Heather" - (J. Pearson) 2:47
  4. "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" - (Hank Williams) 3:40
  5. "I Can't Make Music" - 3:17 (Randy Edelman)

Side two

  1. "Yesterday Once More" - 3:50 (John Bettis, Richard Carpenter)
  2. "Medley"
    1. "Fun, Fun, Fun" - 1:32 (Brian Wilson, Mike Love)
    2. "The End of the World" - 2:25 (A. Kent, S. Dee)
    3. "Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)" - 1:43 (Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry, Phil Spector)
    4. "Dead Man's Curve" (song) - 1:40 (A. Kornfield, B. Wilson, et al.)
    5. "Johnny Angel" - 1:30 (L. Pockriss, L. Duddy)
    6. "The Night Has a Thousand Eyes" - 1:45 (B. Weisman, D. Wayne, et al.)
    7. "Our Day Will Come" - 2:00 (B. Hilliard, M. Garson)
    8. "One Fine Day" - 1:40 (Carole King, Toni Stern)
  3. "Yesterday Once More" (reprise) - 0:58



  • US 7" single (1973) A&M 1413
    1. Sing
    2. Druscilla Penny
  • JP 7" single (1973) AM-175
    1. Sing
    2. I Won't Last A Day Without You

Yesterday Once More

  • US 7" single (1973) A&M 1446
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Road Ode
  • UK 7" promo (1973) AM1446
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Road Ode
  • JP 7" single (1973) AM-200
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Road Ode
  • JP 7" single (1973) AMP-780
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Sing
  • JP 7" single (1973) OH-134
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Superstar
    3. Top Of The World
    4. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
  • MX 7" single (1973) SP-125
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Road Ode
  • JP 12" single (1978) CML3
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Please Mr. Postman
  • JP CD single (1988) S12Y3014
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Superstar
    3. We've Only Just Begun
  • JP CD single (1992) PODM-1025
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Yesterday Once More (Remix Version)
    3. Yesterday Once More (Original Master Karaoke Version)
  • JP CD single (1996) POCM-1187
    1. Yesterday Once More
    2. Yesterday Once More (Karaoke Version)
    3. Goodbye To Love
    4. Only Yesterday

Jambalaya (On The Bayou)

  • UK 7" single (1973) AMS7098
    1. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 3.40
    2. Mr. Guder 3.17
  • JP 7" single (1973) AM-201
    1. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
    2. Heather

This Masquerade

  • MX 7" single (1973) SP-133
    1. This Masquerade
    2. Top Of The World


Now & Then

  • US 7" promo (1973) A&M LLP 222
    1. Oldies Medley (part one)
    2. Oldies Medley (part two)


  • Produced by: Richard and Karen Carpenter
  • Arranged and orchestrated by: Richard Carpenter
  • All vocals: Richard and Karen Carpenter
  • Keyboards: Richard Carpenter
  • Bass: Joe Osborn
  • Drums: Karen Carpenter
  • Flute and tenor sax: Bob Messenger
  • Baritone saxophone: Doug Strawn
  • Recorder: Tom Scott
  • Lead guitar: Tony Peluso
  • Guitar: Tony Peluso and Gary Sims
  • Steel guitar: Buddy Emmons and Jay Dee Maness
  • Oboe and bass Oboe - English horn: Earl Dumler
  • Voice of D.J.: Tony Peluso
  • Engineered by: Ray Gerhardt, Assistant: Roger Young
  • Mastering engineer: Bernie Grundman
  • Art direction: Roland Young
  • Photography - front cover: Jim McCrary
  • Illustrations - front cover: Design Maru; inside cover: Len Freas
  • Others:
  • The Jimmy Joyce Children's Chorus on "Sing"
  • Ron Gorow
  • Hal Blaine: Drums on "Jambalaya"


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