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"Now That You Got It"
Single by Gwen Stefani featuring Damian Marley
from the album The Sweet Escape
Released September 8, 2007 (Italy)[1]
Format CD, 12" vinyl, digital download
Recorded 2006
Genre Pop, reggae [2]
Length 2:59 (Album Version)
3:27 (Video Remix)
3:09 (Hybrid Single Mix)
Label Interscope
Writer(s) Sean Garrett, Gwen Stefani
Producer Swizz Beatz
Gwen Stefani singles chronology
"4 in the Morning"
"Now That You Got It"
"Early Winter"
Damian Marley singles chronology
"All Night"
"Now That You Got It"

"Now That You Got It" is a song written by Sean Garrett and Gwen Stefani for Stefani's second album The Sweet Escape (2006). The song received mixed reviews from music critics. A remix and hybrid featuring reggae artist Damian Marley were produced for the song's release as the album's fourth single in September 2007 (see 2007 in music).


Critical reception

Stefani performing "Now That You Got It" on The Sweet Escape Tour.

"Now That You Got It" received mixed reviews from music critics. Pitchfork Media described it as surfing "on a loping hip hop beat and a staccato piano sample while Stefani splits wailing time with a chorus of alarms",[3] Stylus magazine compared the song to Beastie Boys,[4] and Slant Magazine characterized it as "instantly contagious".[5] The NME, however, called it "a track so desperate to be a club banger, its fraying tapestry of hand-claps, sirens and triumphalism has all the grace of a Pepsi Max advert."[6] John Murphy of MusicOHM called the song "the self-consciously wacky and kitsch side to her personality surfaces, as on the inane "Now That You Got It", the temptation is to dive for the 'off' switch.[7] BBC Radio One conveyed it as a "perfect case" of Stefani "making songs which are all strident and sleek and modern", rating it four out of five stars.[8] Similarly, the CBBC's Newsround portrayed the sound as "a very laid back, summery tune" which, it claims, will still have its readers "humming it next week".[9]

Music video

Stefani and the Harajuku Girls on red, yellow, and green scooters.

The song's music video was directed by the Saline Project[10] and was shot in in Puerto Rico and Jamaica.[11]. The video premiered on MTV's Total Request Live's September 4, 2007 episode.

The video opens up on a mountain saying - "Gwen Stefani Presents" and later another mountain says - "Now That You Got It". Stefani is singing against a wall with Marley and later Stefani and the Harajuku Girls are riding along the road with scooters singing the first verse. The chorus begins and Stefani, Harajuku Girls and Marley and playing board games under a shelter near the lake side. Marley then begins to sing his part near two sheds while Stefani and Harjuku Girls are still on their scooters. During the second verse, Stefani sings against another girl and shows the Harajuku Girls singing on roof tops with the boy dancers from "The Sweet Escape Tour" (Flea, Legacy, Remedy and Steelo). During the second chorus, the video opens at the beach where Stefani is SMSing someone to come to the party at night. This leads the video to a party at night time where Stefani is stripping on stage with people dancing. The video concludes with Harajuku Girls and the boys doing strips on the roof, Stefani singing on the scooters and the ending of the party with Stefani doing one last strip.

Track listing

CD single

  1. "Now That You Got It" (Album Version) - 3:00
  2. "Now That You Got It" (Remix featuring Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley) - 3:26
  3. "Now That You Got It" (Single Version) feat. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley - 3:09
  4. "Now That You Got It" Music Video

iTunes Single

  1. "Now That You Got It" (Hybrid Mix a.k.a. Single Version) - 3:08
  2. "Now That You Got It" (Main Mix a.k.a. Remix) - 3:27

Other releases

12" Promo Record

Side A

  1. Main Mix - 3:26
  2. Alternate Mix - 3:25

Side B

  1. Dub - 3:30
  2. Album Version - 3:00

Chart performance

"Now That You Got It" was commercially unsuccessful on mainstreams charts. The song could not enter in any of the U.S Billboard charts, being Stefani's first solo song to do so. However, it peaked in the top five in South Africa and the top ten in Europe, as well as reaching number 21 in New Zealand, number 37 in Australia and number 59 in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the single proved far more successful in international urban charts where, for instance, it peaked at number 9 on both the Australian ARIA Urban Singles Chart, and the UK's 1Xtra RnB Chart. However, the single became Stefani's third UK release not to reach the top 20 of the singles charts and to date is her lowest selling solo single.



Chart (2007)[12] Peak
Austrian Singles Chart 60
Australian ARIA Singles Chart 37
Australian ARIA Urban Chart[13] 9
Georgian Singles Chart[14] 20
German Singles Chart 73
Italian Singles Chart[15] 26
Norwegian Singles Chart 17
Panama Singles Chart[16] 28
New Zealand Singles Chart 21
Romanian Singles Chart[17] 32
Slovakian IFPI Chart[18] 30
South African Singles Chart[19] 5
UK Singles Chart 59


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