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This article is about an atoll in Tuvalu. For the islet with a similar name in Wallis and Futuna, see Nukufetao.
Nukufetau atoll from space.
A man from the Nukufetau atoll, 1831

Nukufetau is one of the nine atolls of the nation Tuvalu. The atoll was claimed by the US under the Guano Islands Act some time in the 1800s and was ceded in a treaty of friendship concluded in 1979 and coming into force in 1983. It has a population (2002 census) of 586 and consists of at least 33 isles:

The biggest island is Motulalo. Savave has a village.

Notable local person

A notable local person is Saufatu Sopoanga, Prime Minister of Tuvalu 2002-2004, who has represented Nukufetau in the Parliament of Tuvalu for a number of years.

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Coordinates: 8°00′S 178°30′E / 8°S 178.5°E / -8; 178.5



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