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Satellite image of Nukunonu
The Luana Liki Hotel
Satellite TV dish on a roof

Nukunonu is a group of coral islets within Tokelau in the south Pacific Ocean. Covering 5.5 km², it is the largest of the three islands that constitute Tokelau, and is composed of an atoll surrounding a central lagoon, which itself covers some 90 km². According to the 2006 census 426 people live on Nukunonu, of which more than 95% belong to the Catholic Church.[1]

An arch straddling the main street supports the nave of the Catholic church
The lagoon

The main settlement on the atoll is located on Nukunonu Island at the southwestern edge of the lagoon with a concrete bridge joining the two areas of settlement. Other islets in the group include Motuhaga, Te Puka e Mua, Ahua, Motufala, Punalei, Taulagapapa, Niututahi, Saumagalu, Apia, Laulauia, Avakilikili, Fatigauhu, Tokelau, Te Fakanava, Te Puku, and Te Kamu to name a few. The atoll is located at 171° 50' West, 9° 10' South.

Tokelau has one hotel, the Luana Liki Hotel, and one resort, Falefa Resort, both situated on Nukunonu. Few tourists visit the country and tourism is not widely promoted. There is ambivalence to the idea of tourists with some Tokelauans wanting to keep the country unaffected by the outside world. Despite this, visitors are greeted with traditional Polynesian hospitality. The Luana Liki Hotel functions mainly to accommodate official visitors who have included the New Zealand Prime Minister and Governor General. There is one main shop in Nukunonu which sells a limited range of products. Due to the vagaries of shipping schedules it is at times short of goods.

Concrete water tanks are incorporated into the base of newly built houses and collect rain water from the roof. Satellite TV dishes are beginning to appear on some houses in the village.

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Coordinates: 9°10′06″S 171°48′35″W / 9.16833°S 171.80972°W / -9.16833; -171.80972

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