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Nuria Bermúdez
Born Nuria Bermúdez
January 12, 1980 (1980-01-12) (age 30)
Madrid, Spain

Nuria Bermúdez (born 12 January 1980) is a Spanish FIFA-certified football agent and actress. She became famous for revealing her personal life to the public, and by appearing nude on multiple occasions in magazines and on television. She also is famous for her relationship with Spanish footballer Dani Güiza


Early years

Born to a father who was in the Spanish military and a mother who was a nurse, Bermúdez started off her showbiz career at age 11, when she appeared in Teresa Rabal's TV programme La Guardería on Antena 3. By the time she was 15, she was a regular on Madrid's clubbing scene, and was soon dating various celebrities, the first being Antonio David Flores, the former Civil Guard and husband of singer and actress Rocío Carrasco.[1]

A lifelong Real Madrid fan, (she has a tattoo of the Real Madrid emblem on her midriff), Bermúdez famously claimed that she had slept with at least six first-team players,[2][3]

Bermúdez repeatedly turned up at his Santa Mauro hotel, and tip-offs to paparazzi supposedly from Beckham's own eleven Cuban bodyguards led to Victoria taking action and reportedly sacking them for indiscretion.[4] Bermúdez also claimed that she had been exchanging raunchy texts with Beckham, asking for £12,000 for the full story.[5] "Details" of their "relationship" were then shaken off by biographer Andrew Morton.[6]

She was sued by Portugal and Real Madrid player Luís Figo, after stating, during a TV chatshow in 2002, that she had seen Figo double-dating. She lost the case in 2004, although Figo decided not to take the matter further following a public apology by Bermúdez.[1]

Acting/singing career

In 2004, Bermúdez played the part of Maria la Fácil in a comedy directed by David Gordon and written by Coto Matamoros, called Plauto, recuerdo distorsionado de un tonto eventual, which got slated by the critics.[7]

An attempt at a pop career with girl band Spanish Girls, designed to emulate the Spice Girls with Bermúdez in the Victoria Adams/Beckham was not very successful, although their first song, "Me Vuelves Loca", got some airplay. Bermúdez sang in the band with fellow Spaniard Eva, Stephanie from Cameroon, Liz from Brazil, and Sandra from Germany.

Computer virus

In 2004, a mass-mailing worm known as Tasin.C (aka W32/Anzae) promising naked pictures of Bermúdez caused problems among computer users.[8] The suspected creator of the worm was subsequently arrested in Écija. [9]

FIFA football agent and relationship with Güiza

In 2006, Bermúdez sat for the qualifications to become an official FIFA football agent, which she passed scoring 29 points, just five below the top.[1] She also obtained the highest score for a female football agent in Spain.[10]

It was shortly after then that she met her future husband Dani Güiza, who at the time was playing for Getafe CF, having joined from Ciudad de Murcia for €800,000. To the surprise of then Getafe coach Bernd Schuster, Bermúdez turned Güiza around, stating: "Ever since Dani's been with Nuria, he turns up to training and it doesn't look like he's slept under a bridge".

Bermúdez brokered a €5,000,000 move to RCD Mallorca, where he became pichichi (top goalscorer in the first division) in 2007-2008, and the first Spaniard to win it since the 2001-2002[3]

With many big name clubs looking to sign Güiza in the summer of 2008, including Valencia CF, FC Barcelona, Internazionale, A.C. Milan, A.S. Roma, Sunderland and Manchester City, she was asked whether Real Madrid would sign him. She replied in an interview that they would not because "Real Madrid only like stars and won't buy someone from a humble background." She continued, "They prefer to pay 50 million for a player with a name more like Güizinho"[11] Eventually, Güiza ended up being signed to Fenerbahçe, where he still remains as a player.

On 1 December 2007, Bermúdez gave birth to Güiza's son, also named Daniel, at Policlínica Miramar in Palma de Mallorca, hoping he would become a famous player like his father.[12]


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