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Nyingchi Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region

Nyingchi Prefecture (also: Linzhi Prefecture) (Tibetan: ཉིང་ཁྲི་ས་ཁུལ་; Wylie: nying-khri sa khul; simplified Chinese: 林芝地区traditional Chinese: 林芝地區pinyin: Línzhī Dìqū) is a prefecture in southwestern Tibet Autonomous Region in western China. The Chinese government claims it includes parts of the disputed Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh, this is disputed by the Indian Government.

Nyingchi Prefecture is the location of Buchasergyi Lakang Monastery.

Geography and landmarks

The prefecture contains the Namjagbarwa Peak, and the Yarlung Zangbo Great Canyon, located in Medog County, which attracts significant tourism and geoscientific and biological stufy to the area.

Approximately 90 kilometers west of Gongbo'gyamda County, is the alpine Basum Lake in the upper catchment area of the Ba River, the largest tributary of the Nyang River lying on average about 3,538 meters above sea level. The lake surface is on average about 3,538 meters above sea level. Covering an area of 25.9 square kilometers, the surrounding is populated by a diverse wildlife including leopards, Bears, goats, musk deer and Tibetan snow In 1997, the Basum Lake was listed by the World Tourist Organization as a top tourist attraction. The lake also contains an inlet with a Gelug monastery. East of Nyingchi County, is the Seche La Mountain, a mountain of the Nyainqentanglha Mountain Range, which forms part of the watershed of the Nyang River and the Polung Zangbo River. Benri La Mountain near the small town of Dagze is a known sacred site of the Tibetan Bon Sect. Considered by Tibetans as one of the four great holy mountains in Tibet, on every tenth day of the eighth month of the Tibetan calendar, a day of intense worshipping called "Nangbolhasoi," is performed (meaning "seeking for treasures from immortals.")

Bayi Town is the administrative seat of Nyingchi, located 406 kilometers east of Lhasa. The vicinity is known for its cypresses which can grow up to 30 meters.

The Nangpo Gully, located about 50 kilometers northwest from Gongbo'gyamda County, is one of the northern tributaries of the Nyang River and its upper stream is formed by the confluence of Yangwo, Gyixing and Boru streams. The area contains the hot springs the Nun's Hot Springs, the Lama's Hot Springs and the Boru Hot Springs and many old pine trees and cypresses, and caves. At the foot of the gully is the Yellow sect (Gelug) Bagar Monastery, which was built during the period of the Fifth Dalai Lama. The cave above the monastery contains murals of holy animals and Buddhist images, and below the cave is the famous Karst springs. show jade-red bear branches, forming a "Red Cloud Gully" of 5 kilometers. The cobbles in the bed of the stream look like scattered pearls, so this place is also called "Pearl Shoal." The scenes here are unique and beautiful.

Burqug Lamaling Monastery, located on the third terrace on the left bank of the lower reaches of the Nyang River.

Administrative Sub-divisions

Name Tibetan Wylie Chinese Pinyin
Nyingchi County ཉིང་ཁྲི་ས་རྫོང་ nying khri rdzong 林芝县 Línzhī Xiàn
Gongbo'gyamda County ཀོང་པོ་རྒྱ་མདའ་རྫོང་ kong po rgya mda' rdzong 工布江达县 Gōngbùjiāngdá Xiàn
Mainling County སྨན་གླིང་རྫོང་ sman gling rdzong 米林县 Mǐlín Xiàn
Mêdog County མེ་ཏོག་རྫོང་ me tog rdzong 墨脱县 Mòtuō Xiàn
Bomê County སྤོ་མེས་རྫོང་ spo mes rdzong 波密县 Bōmì Xiàn
Zayü County རྫ་ཡུལ་རྫོང་ rdza yul rdzong 察隅县 Cháyú Xiàn
Nang County སྣང་རྫོང་ snang rdzong 朗县 Lǎng Xiàn

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