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The OC&E Woods Line State Trail is a rail trail in Klamath and Lake counties in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is Oregon's longest state park. The trail follows the old OC&E (Oregon California and Eastern) and Weyerhaeuser railroads from Klamath Falls to Thompson Reservoir. Along its 105-mile (169 km) length it passes through the communities of Olene, Sprague River, Dairy, Beatty, and Bly.


Construction on the OC&E Railroad (also known as the Klamath Municipal Railway) began in the summer of 1917 as part of a grand scheme to connect Central and Eastern Oregon with rail lines. The OC&E was declared open in the fall of 1923, and in 1927 was extended to Bly.

Southern Pacific and Burlington Northern operated the line jointly from 1925 until 1974, when it was purchased by Weyerhaeuser. In the 1980s, when it was no longer cost effective to move logs by rail, Weyerhaeuser railbanked the line, and deeded it to the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department in 1992.

Trailhead coordinate
Klamath Falls 42°12′27″N 121°45′07″W / 42.20749°N 121.75190°W / 42.20749; -121.75190 (Klamath Falls trailhead)Coordinates: 42°12′27″N 121°45′07″W / 42.20749°N 121.75190°W / 42.20749; -121.75190 (Klamath Falls trailhead)
Olene 42°10′17″N 121°37′48″W / 42.17136°N 121.62996°W / 42.17136; -121.62996 (Olene, Oregon)
Dairy 42°14′05″N 121°31′20″W / 42.23462°N 121.52218°W / 42.23462; -121.52218 (Dairy, Oregon)
Sprague River 42°27′26″N 121°30′18″W / 42.45715°N 121.50501°W / 42.45715; -121.50501 (Sprague River)
Sycan Siding 42°26′55″N 121°14′53″W / 42.44867°N 121.24804°W / 42.44867; -121.24804 (Sycan Siding trailhead)
Bly 42°23′43″N 121°02′15″W / 42.39523°N 121.03739°W / 42.39523; -121.03739 (Bly, Oregon)
Sycan Marsh 42°46′48″N 121°06′52″W / 42.78002°N 121.11442°W / 42.78002; -121.11442 (Sycan Marsh)

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