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OCTOPUS is a fictional organisation in the video game From Russia with Love. It resembles and replaces the criminal organisation SPECTRE from the James Bond universe which starred in many films.


Main characters

The organisation has very few important characters and lacks a leader to head them. There are only a few key characters.

Red Grant

Red Grant is OCTOPUS's chief assassin and also starred in the film. He kills his victims by choking them with dispersible wire from his watch. He follows Bond throughout the game, similar to the film. When Bond and Grant meet on the Orient Express, Grant unleashes his men on Bond and escapes with the Lektor device through a train station in Zagreb. Bond and Tatiana meet up with Grant again on another track, where a firefight ensues. Eventually, a beaten Grant stumbles onto the tracks, and is "run over" with the Orient Express. Later when Bond enters the Octopus Headquarters, after dismantling the warheads Bond heads back to the Control Centre. Suddenly, an octopus-like apparatus descends from the Control Centre ceiling and it is revealed Grant is operating it from the inside. 007 attacks the war machine, and it eventually explodes. Grant is still alive, so Bond walks up to him and shoots him with a revolver, avenging slain ally Kerim Bey.


Eva Adara

Eva Adara is one of Red Grant's henchman. She is a pilot and was killed when she takes off in her plane, intending to crash into a jetpack-clad 007. Bond flies out of the way, and she crashes into the hangar door. The plane explodes, taking her life.

Rosa Klebb

Rosa Klebb worked for the KGB but secretly slipped over to OCTOPUS. She does not play a major role in the organisation apart from luring Tatiana Romanova to help her to steal the Lektor, a Russian decoding device. Identical to the movie, she enters Bond's Venice hotel room disguised as the chambermaid. She holds Bond at gunpoint, the orders Tatiana to leave with the Lektor. Instead, Tatiana knocks the gun out of Klebb's hands. Bond and Klebb fight for a short while, the Tatiana picks up Klebb's pistol and shoots her to death.


OCTOPUS has a vast headquarters inside a volcano, also the same as SPECTRE's in You Only Live Twice. It contains a cable car which takes villains to various "ports". It also contains a missile silo, runway, helipad and a central control room. The complex is protected by a vast army armed with automatics, rockets and machine guns.

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