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OGAE (French: Organisation générale des Amateurs de l'Eurovision) is the international fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest. It has branches in 37 European countries.

Although the Eurovision Song Contest started in 1956, OGAE began only in 1984 in Finland. All countries that take part or have already taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest can have their own OGAE and most of them do, as does Lebanon. Surprisingly, Italy (absent from ESC since 1997) has an own OGAE club. All other countries around the world are united under OGAE Rest of World, created in 2004.

Every year, the organisation puts together four non-profit competitions (Song Contest, Second Chance Contest, Video Contest and Home Composed Song Contest).

The purpose is to spread national popular music throughout the world and to exercise co-operation over the OGAE network of clubs, cooperation among the Eurovision Song Contest fans, promotion of the Eurovision Song Contest, and establishment of strong relations with national broadcasting companies.

In 2007, Antonis Karatzikos was elected as new International Coordinator for OGAE, until 2009. In July 2009 was re-elected for the same post. He will serve until 2011.[1]


OGAE Song Contest

The OGAE Song Contest is an audio event in which all OGAE national clubs can enter with an original song released in the previous 12 months in their countries, and sung in one of the country's official languages.



OGAE Second Chance Contest

The OGAE Second Chance Contest is a video event in which the OGAE national clubs can enter if there was a televised national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest that year. The members of each club choose amongst the songs that did not win, the ones that will represent each club in the event.

OGAE Guest Jury Hits

The OGAE Guest Jury Hits is a contest for the OGAE members that can not participate in the OGAE Second Chance Contest.

OGAE Video Contest

The OGAE Video Contest is a video event in which, much like the OGAE Song Contest, all OGAE national clubs can enter with an original song and video released in the previous 12 months in their countries. There is no obligation on the entry for the OGAE Video Contest to be sang in one of the country's official language.


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