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Office National des Chemins de Fer du Maroc
Reporting mark ONCF, ONCFM
Locale Morocco
Dates of operation 1963–present
Predecessor Compagnie des chemins de Fer du Maroc ("CFM"); Compagnie franco-espagnole du chemin de fer de Tanger à Fès ("TF")
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) (standard gauge)
Length 1,907 km
Headquarters 8, rue Abderrahmane El Ghafiki, Rabat - Agdal

ONCF or ONCFM (in French - Office National des Chemins de Fer du Maroc, National Office for Railways of Morocco) is Morocco's national railway operator. The Office employs around 9,767 employees and has a network of 1,907 km, all 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) standard gauge. 1,003 km electrified (2006).[1]



The railways have been state-owned since 1963. ONCFM is now expected to be replaced by SMCF, a limited company.[2]


Moroccan Railnet

The network has a North-South track from Tanger via Rabat and Casablanca to Marrakech. This line connects all major cities along or close to the Atlantic coast.

The other main link is the Northern East to West link from Oujda via Fez and Meknes connecting to the N-S tracks.

A major investment program upgrades and extends the network. Under construction are a branch-line of the E-W link. From Taourirt a 100 km long track is being constructed to Nador. This track runs down from the Rif mountains to sealevel at Nador. The tracks through Nador are underground. The remainder of the route to Taorirt follows the same route as the current national road.

Another project under construction is a short-cut between Rabat and Tanger. When completed trains can run directly to Rabat and Casablanca without having to use the longer route via Meknes. Also in the North a new track is built between Tanger and Ras R'Mel.

Other routes under construction are:

  • Casablanca to El-Jadida
  • Bypass Meknes, on the Rabat-Fes route

Not yet under construction, but planned are:

  • Marrakech - Agadir, and further South to Laayoune
  • Oued Zem - Beni Mellal
The platform at the Casablanca Voyageurs station.
ONCF train in Casablanca.
Construction of underground line through Nador
This line was opened in July 2009

Towns served by railways

Railway links to adjacent countries

  • Algeria Algeria, but the latter is closed since the '90s. - same gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in)


ONCF operates in three main sectors:

  • Passenger transportation; 23.5 million passenger-journeys (2006)[2]
  • Goods transportation; 35 million tonnes (2006)[2]
  • including phosphates transportation.

Planned high speed line

On September 2006 ONCF proposed a high-speed rail connecting Tangier to Marrakech which will reduce the time of the journey from around 10 hours to only 2 and half hours.[3] This service, if approved, may not be in operation until 2030. In 2007 Systra was appointed to design a 350 km/h alignment between Settat and Marrakech.[4]

In October 2007 French company Alstom announced it would supply 18 TGV Duplex trains to ONCF in 2008. The trains will run at 320 km/h between Tanger, Rabat and Casablanca.[5]

Other projects

Besides the high-speed link discussed above, the company is also developing other projects, including new rail links and extending the network's reach southwards of Marrakech.[2] One of the new links recently being constructed is a branch line from Taourirt to Nador. On 10 July 2009 king Mohammed VI of Morocco opened the two new railway stations in Nador and the line to Taourirt[6]


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