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Concello de O Vicedo
File:O Vicedo Flag.gif
File:O Vicedo Shield.jpg
Situation of O Vicedo within Galicia
 - Alcalde (Mayor)
 - Total 76 km2 (29.3 sq mi)
Population (2005)
 - Total (INE)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CET (UTC+2)

O Vicedo [3] is a municipality located on the extreme northwestern coast of Galicia, Spain, in the province of Lugo.



It is composed of the following "parroquias" or "freguesias" (parishes):

As Negradas, Cabanas, Mosende, San Román do Vale, Santo Estevo do Vale (O Vicedo), Riobarba, Suegos.

Municipal Division

In the Middle Age the parishes that now compose all the municipality of O Vicedo belonged to different Lords, and were under their jurisdiction (As Negradas, Galdo, Viveiro, etc).

With the Constitution of 1812 the first municipalities were created. The territory that now occupies the municipality of O Vicedo was divided in to 3 municipalities: As Negradas, Val, and Cabanas.

A new municipal division was defined in 1835 when the present territory of the municipality was distributed to the following councils: Galdo (O Vicedo, Negradas and Vale) and Viveiro (Suegos, Mosende, Riobarba and Cabanas). This division lasted only 5 years and in 1840 the municipality of Riobarba appeared, reflected in the Government report on the Province of Lugo which defined the present parishes. In 1952 the Civil Governor of Lugo moved the municipality capital to O Vicedo.


O Vicedo achieved some national notoriety within Spain during the 1990s when a corruption scandal developed, involving the then mayor Isaac Prado Villapol and other councillors from the Partido Popular (PP).

Name origin

O Vicedo seems to have its base in the Latin word "vitiates". Therefore, it can be translated as "the place where the 'vice' abounds". 'Vice' is an annual legume of the Papilionaceae subfamily that abounds in coastal zones all throughout Europe.

Miscellaneous Data

  • Inhabitants: 2228 (2003)
  • Extension: 76 km²



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