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Obstructive uropathy
Classification and external resources
ICD-10 N13.
ICD-9 599.60
MedlinePlus 000507
eMedicine radio/804

Obstructive uropathy is a structural or functional hindrance of normal urine flow, [1] sometimes leading to renal dysfunction (obstructive nephropathy).

It is a very broad term, and does not imply a location or etiology.



It can be caused by a lesion at any point in the urinary tract.[2]

Causes include urolithiasis[3] and ureteral herniation.[3]


Symptoms, less likely in chronic obstruction, are pain radiating to the T11 to T12 dermatomes, anuria, nocturia, or polyuria.


Diagnosis is based on results of bladder catheterization, ultrasonography, CT scan, cystourethroscopy, or pyelography, depending on the level of obstruction.


Treatment, depending on cause, may require prompt drainage, instrumentation, surgery (eg, endoscopy, lithotripsy), hormonal therapy, or a combination of these modalities.


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