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Sirius octane.jpg
Broadcast area United States, Canada
Frequency Sirius 20
XM 48
Dish Network 6020
DirecTV 835
Format Active Rock
Class Satellite Radio Station
Owner Sirius XM Radio

Octane is an active rock radio station on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 20 and Dish Network channel 6020. As a part of the Sirius XM Merger, Octane replaced the XM station SquiZZ on XM channel 48 beginning November 12, 2008. The channel is not censored, and its musical focus is active rock music from the 1990s and now. Some 1980s music could be found, such as singles from Nine Inch Nails' 1989 debut album Pretty Hate Machine, and the 1970s song Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult.

Core artists include Korn, Nickelback, Disturbed, Drowning Pool, Saliva, Tool, System of a Down, Linkin Park, Finger Eleven, HURT, Three Days Grace, Rammstein, Rage Against the Machine, Staind, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Audioslave, Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engage, and Metallica. Octane is basically newer active rock music played on most hard rock-leaning terrestrial radio stations in the United States, similar to the old Squizz on XM. Older active rock artists can be found on its sister Boneyard & Hair Nation channels.

It is one of four hard rock offerings by Sirius XM Radio (Hair Nation, The Bone Yard & Liquid Metal are the others).



Lou Brutus 6AM - 12PM ET Lou Brutus has spent the last two decades in an endless tunnel of depravity. His life a vicious cycle of radio shows, world travel, concerts, artist interviews, police lineups, rockgut whiskey and the kind of women you normally only get to meet by hanging out at bus depots in the cold, dark hours before the dawn. In what little spare time he has he is an on field Major League Baseball photographer, fronts a semi-famous band in which the members hide their identities, oversees Sirius/XM’s Active Rock group as Senior Program Director and is the host of the seminal interview/performance series Artist Confidential. He is also known to don a Cold War era Communist military uniform and force people to refer to him as “Generalissimo.”

Kayla 12PM - 6PM ET listeners are graced with New Jersey hard rock college radio DJ and former television traffic reporter Kayla. She also hosts the top 20 countdown each weekend. She can also be heard on Sirius's classic rock station "Classic Rewind" and Friday nights from 12AM - 2AM on "The Message" playing Christian Rock.

Bodhi 6PM - 12AM ET Bodhi was born in Columbus, Ohio, but Los Angeles is his home away from DC. A music and radio junkie as far back as he can remember, Bodhi spent most of his pre-adult life in front of the radio instead of the TV (nothing's changed there). Prior to joining the world of satellite radio, he's done everything from being a promotion intern to production to being on the air (thankfully he never had to dress up as the station mascot). He lives for the music played on Octane. If Bodhi isn't seeing the latest horror flick or watching football with a Bud-Light, he's usually trying to figure out a way to get to Rob Zombie's next concert.

Grant Random

A few things we don’t want you to know about Grant Random: he’s from a county outside of Chicago that's been declared the "trailer park capital of Illinois.” He didn't talk until he was 5 and subsequently almost flunked preschool. He has been employed as a Ruby Tuesday waiter, a public access television host, and a vacuum cleaner salesman. He is a product of the community college system. He has been arrested more than once. He owns all four seasons of Knight Rider on DVD. He has a strange fascination with yetis, alpacas, and ping pong. He hasn't legally driven a car since the 90's. He currently lives in a creepy basement.

Steve Covino AKA "EL COVINO" AKA "EL HOMBRE" 12 AM - 3AM ET Covino also teams up with Hits One DJ Rich Davis for The Covino and Rich Show afternoons noon to 3 on Sirius' Stars too Ch. 108 (Formerly Maxim Radio).


"Pump Your Own Octane" is a nightly countdown of the top five most requested songs. A weekly top twenty is broadcast on Sundays and repeated on Wednesdays.

Sirius XM Merger

As part of the Sirius XM Merger, DJs Bohdi and Grant Random were brought over from the now defunct XM station SquiZZ, as well as Big 'Uns, a countdown of the top 15 songs of the week on Saturdays at 2pm, Sundays at 12pm, and Wednesdays at 6pm (all times Eastern). Octane, however, began taking on the playlist of Squizz after this, while still using the channel's S020-FM callsign on Mediabase.

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