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The Octāves' classic 8-ball logo

The Octāves is a student-run, all-male a cappella group from the University of Richmond. It is the school's oldest a cappella group, forming in the spring of 1990. Since its inception, The Octāves have recorded nine studio albums, its most recent being Original Copy, released in the fall of 2008; and have embarked on several tours taking them all over the United States.



The name "The Octāves" came from the musical term "octave", and served as a clever reference to the school mascot, the Richmond Spiders (spiders have eight legs).

Founding members included Scott Edwards ('92), Tripp Hudgins ('92), Rich Miller ('92), John Murphy ('92), Chris O'Brien ('92), Travis Allison ('94), TJ Moffett ('94), Matt Zemon ('94), and Jake Dwinnell (?). Cathy Chamblee and Amy Craver served as musical directors. Dr. James Erb, the original faculty advisor, arranged a version of "Shenandoah" specifically for the group, which has since become a staple of choral repertoire across the nation. It is still frequently sung by the group today, and when Octāves alumni are present in the audience, they are invited to join the group on stage to sing along. On September 26, 1992 The Octāves performed at a Phillies doubleheader in front of 20,000 people. They sang "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "The Longest Time" by Billy Joel.[1]

The 1992 Octāves (l-r): (front row) T.J. Moffett, Scott Edwards; (middle row) Rich Mento, Tripp Hudgins, Keith Tan, Matt Zemon, John Murphy; (back row) Chris O’Brien, Travis Allison, Jake Dwinnell, Rich Miller
The 2009 Octāves (l-r): (front row) Nic Dacey, Geoff Weathersby; (being carried) Eric Rudofker; (middle row) Adam Brumbergs, John Twomey, Chris Dolci, Stephen O'Hara, Jack Shaw; (back row) Lee Jablow, Ben Paul, Nick Treviño, Clayton Alexander


The Octāves perform at several on-campus events each year--most notably the Family Weekend concerts in the Fall semester and the Octāves-hosted Spring Fever in the Spring semester, both with the other campus a cappella ensembles.[2][3] They also frequently contribute to charity events that happen on campus.

The group is open to perform at a variety of other off-campus occasions, including private events for businesses and collaborations with other a cappella groups. They can be contacted for such purposes on their official website.

Discography and Critical Recognition

The Octāves have recorded a total of 9 albums throughout its history:

Corner Pocket and Shotgun were both CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) nominated for Best Male Collegiate Album of the Year. The Jimmy Eat World song "For Me This Is Heaven", featured on Corner Pocket, was nominated for Best Male Solo of the Year. The track "Come Clean" by Hilary Duff, featured on Shotgun, was runner-up for Best Male Collegiate Arrangement of the Year. The Octāves' rendition of Rob Thomas' "Lonely No More", also from Shotgun, was nominated for Best Male Collegiate Song of the Year.[4]

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