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In this Japanese name, the family name is Oda.
Oda Nagamasu

Jo-an, Oda Nagamasu's teahouse

Born 1548
Owari Province, Japan
Died January 24, 1622
Kyoto, Yamashiro Province, Japan
Nationality Japanese

Oda Nagamasu (織田長益 ?) (1548 - January 24, 1622) was a Japanese daimyo who lived from the late Sengoku period through the early Edo period. Also known as Urakusai (有楽斎), he was a brother of Oda Nobunaga[1]. Nagamasu converted to Christianity in 1588 and took the baptismal name of John. His brother Oda Nobunaga took the Christian name of Geronimo.

Nagamasu was an accomplished practitioner of the tea ceremony, which he studied under the master, Sen no Rikyu. He eventually started his own school of the tea ceremony.

Nagamasu divided his fief between his sons Nagamasa and Hisanaga. Nagamasa founded the Kaijū-Shibamura Domain,[2] while Hisanaga became lord of the Yanagimoto Domain.[3]


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