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Одесская Советская Республика
Odessa Soviet Republic




Areas claimed by the Odessa Soviet Republic on March 1, 1918.
Capital City of Odessa
Language(s) Russian
Government Soviet republic
Chairman Vladimir Yudovsky
Legislature Council of the People's Commissars
Historical era World War I
 - Establishment January 31, 1918
 - Sack March 13, 1918
Currency Odessa ruble
Odessa 5 roubles, 1917

Odessa Soviet Republic (OSR) (Ukrainian: Одеська Радянська Республіка; Russian: Одесская Советская Республика) was a short-lived Soviet republic formed January 31 [O.S. January 18] 1918 out of parts the Kherson and Bessarabia Governorates of the former Russian Empire. The republic was proclaimed right before the Bolshevik forces pushed the Ukrainian government out of Kyiv and Sfatul Ţării proclaimed the independence of the Moldavian Democratic Republic. The Odessa's governing body was the Council of People's Commissars headed by V. Yudovsky and formed by the Bolsheviks, Anarchists and Social Revolutionaries. The government proclaimed Odessa a free city, and pleaged allegiance to the Bolshevik government in Petrograd, not Kyiv.

The city issued its own money, that under conditions of the Civil War and overall instability in the region, had greater value than any money issued by any central government of that part of the former Russia Empire.

Due to its short term of existence and the unstable political situation, the OSR was not recognized by any other government, including Russian Bolsheviks. The republic successfully stopped the advancing Romanian Armed Forces at Dniester, managing to conduct series of counter-attacks across the river against the new Republic of Moldova. The Odessa republic ceased to exist when it was sacked by German and Austro-Hungarian troops two months after its creation on March 13, 1918 as part of the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk between Central Powers, Ukrainian People's Republic, and the Petrograd sovnarkom. Its army fled to the Russian SFSR.

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