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The Ohio Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the State of Ohio in the United States. The office is filled by general election, held every four years. The current Ohio Attorney General is Richard Cordray.



The office of the Ohio Attorney General was first created by the Ohio General Assembly by statute in 1846. The attorney general's principal duties were to give legal advice to the state government, to represent the state in legal matters, and to advise the state's county prosecutors. Originally, the attorney general was appointed by the legislature. With the adoption of Ohio's second constitution in 1851, the attorney general became an elected office. The attorney general's duties were drawn very generally at that time.

In 1952, the General Assembly passed a statute that added to the attorney general's responsibilities, including trusteeship over charitable trusts, and legal advice to more government agencies. The act stated that the attorney general could prosecute individuals only if the governor requested so in writing. Starting in 1954, the term of office was increased from two years to four years.

In 2008 Nancy H. Rogers was appointed following the resignation of Marc Dann. A special election was held in 2008 to find a permanent replacement; then-Ohio State Treasurer Richard Cordray (D) beat out Michael Crites (R), and Robert M. Owens (I) for the position.[1]

The Solicitor General of Ohio is the top appellate lawyer in the Attorney General's office.

List of Attorneys General of Ohio, 1846-present

Term Attorney General Party Home county Notes
1846–1851 Henry Stanbery Whig Fairfield  
1851–1852 Joseph McCormick Democratic Adams  
1852–1854 George Ellis Pugh Democratic Hamilton  
1854–1856 George W. McCook Democratic Jefferson  
1856 Francis D. Kimball Whig Medina  
1856–1861 Christopher Wolcott Republican Summit  
1861–1863 James Murray Republican Wood  
1863–1865 Luman R. Critchfield Democratic Holmes  
1865 William P. Richardson Unionist Washington  
1865–1866 Chauncey N. Olds Republican Pickaway  
1866–1868 William H. West Republican Logan  
1868–1872 Francis Bates Pond Republican Morgan  
1872–1878 John Little Republican Greene  
1878–1880 Isaiah Pillars Democratic Allen  
1880–1883 George K. Nash Republican Franklin  
1883–1884 David Hollingsworth Republican Harrison  
1884–1886 James Lawrence Democratic Cuyahoga  
1886–1888 Jacob A. Kohler Republican Summit  
1888–1892 David K. Watson Republican Franklin  
1892–1896 John K. Richards Republican Lawrence  
1896–1900 Frank S. Monnette Republican Crawford  
1900–1904 John M. Sheets Republican Putnam  
1904–1908 Wade H. Ellis Republican Hamilton  
1908–1911 Ulysses G. Denman Republican Lucas  
1911–1915 Timothy S. Hogan Democratic Jackson  
1915–1917 Edward C. Turner Republican Franklin  
1917–1919 Joseph McGhee Democratic Jackson  
1919–1923 John G. Price Republican Franklin  
1923–1927 Charles C. Crabbe Republican Madison  
1927–1929 Edward C. Turner (2nd) Republican Franklin  
1929–1933 Gilbert Bettman Republican Franklin  
1933–1937 John W. Bricker Republican Franklin  
1937–1939 Herbert S. Duffy Democratic Franklin  
1939–1945 Thomas J. Herbert Republican Cuyahoga  
1945–1949 Hugh S. Jenkins Republican Mahoning  
1949–1951 Herbert S. Duffy (2nd) Democratic Franklin  
1951–1957 C. William O'Neill Republican Washington  
1957–1959 William B. Saxbe Republican Champaign  
1959–1963 Mark McElroy Democratic Cuyahoga  
1963–1969 William B. Saxbe (2nd) Republican Champaign resigned
1969–1971 Paul W. Brown Republican Franklin  
1971–1983 William J. Brown Democratic Mahoning  
1983–1991 Anthony J. Celebrezze Jr. Democratic Cuyahoga  
1991–1995 Lee Fisher Democratic Cuyahoga  
1995–2003 Betty D. Montgomery Republican Wood  
2003–2007 Jim Petro Republican Cuyahoga  
2007–2008 Marc Dann Democratic Trumbull resigned on May 14, 2008
2008–2009 Nancy H. Rogers Democratic[2] Franklin Did not run in the subsequent special election.
2009– Richard Cordray Democratic Franklin  


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  2. ^ When appointed by Democratic Governor Ted Strickland on May 28, 2008, Ms. Rogers announced that she was a Democrat although she had been a registered Republican in the past and has donated money to Republican candidates.

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