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Ohio House of Representatives
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Lower House
Speaker of the House Armond Budish, (D)
since January 6, 2009
Speaker Pro Tempore Matt Szollosi, (D)
since January 6, 2009
Majority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard, (D)
since October 2009
Minority Leader William G. Batchelder, (R)
since January 6, 2009
Members 99
Political groups Democratic Party
(53 seats)
Republican Party
(46 seats)
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
House Chamber
Ohio State Capitol
Columbus, Ohio, United States

The Ohio House of Representatives is the lower house of the Ohio General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Ohio; the other house of the bicameral legislature being the Ohio Senate.

The House of Representatives first met in Chillicothe on March 3, 1803, under the later superseded state constitution of that year. The 128th General Assembly convened in January 2009.

Members are limited to four consecutive two-year elected terms (terms are considered consecutive if they are separated by less than two years). Time served by appointment to fill out another representative's uncompleted term does not count against the term limit. There are 99 members in the house, elected from single-member districts. Every even-numbered year, all the seats are up for re-election.


2004 Election

In the 2004 election, Democrats captured two seats (41st district and 93rd district) by defeating sitting Republicans (the latter being Nancy Hollister, a former lieutenant governor). Democrats captured the open seats in two districts (62nd and 63rd) formerly held by Republicans. Democrats held onto four open seats (7th, 26th, 52nd, and 96th). Meanwhile, Republicans defeated the Democratic incumbent in one district (64th) and held onto seven open seats (29th, 46th, 55th, 66th, 88th, 91st, and 98th).

In the remaining 82 districts, the sitting incumbent successfully held his or her seat.

On 18 November 2004, two weeks after winning re-election as a member of the Democratic party, Representative Derrick Seaver announced that he was becoming a Republican, thus leaving the party distribution in the house at 60 Republicans and 39 Democrats.

In July 2006, Dayton-area Representative Dixie Allen switched her affiliation from the Democratic to the Republican Party, making the party distribution 61 to 38. Term limits prevented her from running for the seat in 2006.

2006 Election

In the 2006 election, Democrats captured open Republican seats in the 1st, 16th, 24th, 39th, 43rd, 57th, 58th, 64th, and 91st districts. Republicans captured an open Democratic seat in the 63rd district. The net effect was a Democratic gain of eight seats, making the party distribution 53 Republicans and 46 Democrats.

2008 Election

The 2008 General Election brought sweeping change to the makeup of the Ohio House of Representatives. For the first time in 14 years, Ohio voters gave the Democratic Party the majority in the House by flipping the makeup of the chamber to 53 Democrats and 46 Republicans.

The Democrats had a net gain of seven seats, winning formerly Republican seats in the 18th, 19th, 20th, 22nd, 28th, 42nd, 63rd, 85th and 92nd districts and lost seats to the GOP in the 16th and 58th districts.

The Ohio House Democratic Caucus House leadership selections for the 128th General Assembly include:

Ohio House Speaker Budish has identified the economy, job creation and education as his top priorities. The swearing in of Ohio's 128th General Assembly took place on Monday, January 5, 2009.


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 46 53 99 0
Begin 53 46 99 0
Latest voting share 53.5% 46.5%

Members of the 128th House of Representatives

District Representative Party Residence First Elected Term Limited Leadership
1 Linda Bolon Dem East Palestine 2006 2014 Assistant Majority Whip, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee Chairman
2 Kris Jordan Rep Dublin 2008 2016
3 Ron Amstutz Rep Wooster 2008 2016 Finance and Appropriations Committee Ranking Member
4 Matt Huffman Rep Lima 2006 2014 Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member
5 Gerald Stebleton Rep Lancaster 2006 2014 Education Committee Ranking Member
6 Randy Gardner Rep Bowling Green 2008 (Appt.) 2014 Finance and Appropriations, Higher Education Subcommittee Ranking Member
7 Kenny Yuko Dem Richmond Heights 2004 2012 Commerce and Labor Committee Chairman
8 Armond Budish Dem Beachwood 2006 2014 Speaker of the House
9 Barbara Boyd Dem Cleveland Heights 2006 2014 Health Committee Chairman
10 Robin Belcher Dem Cleveland 2009 (Appt.) 2018
11 Sandra Williams Dem Cleveland 2006 2014 Economic Development Committee Chairman
12 Michael DeBose Dem Cleveland 2002 (Appt.) 2010 Faith Based Initiatives Committee Chairman
13 Michael J. Skindell Dem Lakewood 2002 2010
14 Michael Foley Dem Cleveland 2006 (Appt.) 2014 Housing and Urban Revitalization Committee Chairman
15 Timothy J. DeGeeter Dem Parma 2003 (Appt.) 2012 Public Utilities Committee Chairman
16 Nan Baker Rep Westlake 2008 2016 Economic Development Committee Ranking Member
17 Josh Mandel Rep Lyndhurst 2006 2014 Financial Institutions, Real Estate and Security Committee Ranking Member
18 Matt Patten Dem Strongsville 2008 2016
19 Marian Harris Dem Columbus 2008 2016
20 Nancy Garland Dem New Albany 2008 2016
21 Kevin Bacon Rep Columbus 2006 2014 Public Utilities Committee Ranking Member
22 John Patrick Carney Dem Clintonville 2008 2016
23 Cheryl Grossman Rep Grove City 2008 2016 Assistant Minority Whip
24 Ted Celeste Dem Upper Arlington 2006 2014 Alternative Energy Committee Chairman, Finance and Appropriations Higher Education Subcommittee Chairman
25 Dan Stewart Dem Columbus 2002 2010 Elections and Ethics Committee Chairman
26 Tracy Maxwell Heard Dem Columbus 2006 2014 Majority Leader
27 W. Carlton Weddington Dem Columbus 2008 2016
28 Connie Pillich Dem Montgomery 2008 2016
29 Lou Blessing Rep Cincinnati 2004 2012 Assistant Minority Leader, Rules and Reference Committee Ranking Member
30 Robert Mecklenborg Rep Cincinnati 2007 (Appt.) 2016 Elections and Ethics Committee Ranking Member
31 Denise Driehaus Dem Cincinnati 2008 2016
32 Dale Mallory Dem Cincinnati 2006 2014 Environment and Brownfield Development Committee Chairman
33 Tyrone Yates Dem Cincinnati 2002 2010 Criminal Justice Committee Chairman
34 Peter Stautberg Rep Anderson Twp. 2008 2016 Housing and Urban Revitalization Committee Ranking Member
35 Ron Maag Rep Lebanon 2008 2016 Environment and Brownfield Development Committee Ranking Member
36 Seth Morgan Rep Huber Heights 2008 2016 Finance and Appropriations Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee Ranking Member
37 Peggy Lehner Rep Kettering 2008 2016 Aging and Disability Services Committee Ranking Member
38 Terry Blair Rep Washington Twp. 2008 2016 Local Government and Public Administration Committee Ranking Member
39 Clayton Luckie Dem Dayton 2006 (Appt.) 2014
40 Roland Winburn Dem Harrison Twp. 2008 2016
41 Brian Williams Dem Akron 2004 2012 Education Committee Chairman
42 Mike Moran Dem Hudson 2008 2016
43 Steve Dyer Dem Green 2006 2014 Finance and Appropriations Primary and Secondary Education Subcommittee Chairman
44 Vernon Sykes Dem Akron 2006 2014 Finance and Appropriations Committee Chairman
45 John Otterman Dem Akron 2008 2016 Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman
46 Barbara Sears Rep Sylvania 2008 2016 Healthcare Access and Affordability Ranking Member
47 Peter Ujvagi Dem Toledo 2002 2010 Finance and Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee Chairman
48 Edna Brown Dem Toledo 2001 (Appt.) 2010 Finance and Appropriations Human Services Subcommittee Chairman
49 Matt Szollosi Dem Toledo 2006 2014 Speaker Pro Tempore
50 Todd Snitchler Rep Uniontown 2008 2016 Alternative Energy Committee Ranking Member
51 Scott Oelslager Rep Canton 2002 2010 Civil and Commercial Law Committee Ranking Member
52 Stephen Slesnick Dem Canton 2008 2016 Finance and Appropriations Agriculture and Development Subcommittee Chairman
53 Timothy Derickson Rep Hanover Twp 2008 2016
54 Courtney Combs Rep Hamilton 2004 (Appt.) 2012 Transportation and Infrastructure Ranking Member
55 Bill Coley Rep West Chester Twp. 2004 2012 Criminal Justice Committee Ranking Member
56 Joseph Koziura Dem Lorain 2001 (Appt.) 2010 Financial Institutions, Real Estate and Security Committee Chairman
57 Matt Lundy Dem Elyria 2006 2014 Consumer Affairs and Economic Protection Committee Chairman
58 Terry Boose Rep Norwalk 2008 2016
59 Ron Gerberry Dem Austintown 2007 (Appt.) 2016 State Government Committee Chairman
60 Bob Hagan Dem Youngstown 2006 2014 Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman
61 Mark Okey Dem Carrollton 2006 2014 Civil and Commercial Law Committee Chairman
62 Lorraine Fende Dem Willowick 2004 2012 HealthCare Access and Affordability Committee Chairman
63 Mark Schneider Dem Mentor 2008 2016
64 Tom Letson Dem Warren 2006 2014 Ways and Means Committee Chairman
65 Sandra Harwood Dem Niles 2002 2010 Judiciary Committee Chairman
66 Joe Uecker Rep Loveland 2004 2012 Commerce and Labor Committee Ranking Member
67 Peter Beck Rep Mason 2009 (Appt.) 2018
68 Kathleen Chandler Dem Kent 2002 2010 Local Government and Public Administration Committee Chairman
69 William G. Batchelder Rep Medina 2006 2014 Minority Leader
70 Jarrod Martin Rep Beavercreek 2008 2016
71 Jay Hottinger Rep Newark 2006 2014 Insurance Committee Ranking Member
72 Ross McGregor Rep Springfield 2005 (Appt.) 2014 Finance and Appropriations Transportation and Justice Subcommittee Ranking Member
73 Jay Goyal Dem Mansfield 2006 2014 Majority Whip
74 Bruce Goodwin Rep Defiance 2006 2014 Finance and Appropriations Agriculture and Development Subcommittee Ranking Member
75 Lynn Wachtmann Rep Napoleon 2006 2014 Health Committee Ranking Member
76 Cliff Hite Rep Findlay 2006 2014 Faith-based Initiatives Committee Ranking Member
77 Jim Zehringer Rep Fort Recovery 2007 (Appt.) 2016
78 John Adams Rep Sidney 2006 2014 Minority Whip
79 Richard Adams Rep Troy 2008 2016
80 Dennis Murray Dem Sandusky 2008 2016
81 Jeff Wagner Rep Sycamore 2002 2010 Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Member
82 Jeffrey McClain Rep Upper Sandusky 2008 2016
83 David Burke Rep Marysville 2008 2016 Finance and Appropriations Human Services Subcommittee Ranking Member
84 Bob Hackett Rep London 2008 2016
85 Raymond Pryor Dem Chillicothe 2008 2016
86 David T. Daniels Rep Greenfield 2002 2010 State Government Committee Ranking Member
87 Clyde Evans Rep Rio Grande 2002 2010 Public Security and Homeland Security Committee Ranking Member
88 Danny Bubp Rep West Union 2004 2012 Veterans Affairs Committee Ranking Member
89 Todd Book Dem McDermott 2002 2010 Rules and Reference Committee Chairman
90 Margaret Ruhl Rep Mount Vernon 2008 2016
91 Dan Dodd Dem Hebron 2006 2014 Insurance Committee Chairman
92 Debbie Phillips Dem Athens 2008 2016
93 Jennifer Garrison Dem Marietta 2004 2012
94 Troy Balderson Rep Muskingum 2008 2016
95 John Domenick Dem Smithfield 2002 2010 Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Chairman
96 Allan Sayre Dem Dover 2004 2012 Assistant Majority Leader
97 Dave Hall Rep Killbuck 2008 2016
98 Vacancy Rep
99 Deborah Newcomb Dem Conneaut 2008 (Appt.) 2016 Aging and Disability Services Committee Chairman

Appt.- Member was appointed to current House Seat

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