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The Oklahoma Democratic Party is an Oklahoma political party affiliated with the United States Democratic Party.

The Oklahoma Democratic party describes itself as neither liberal or conservative, but "squarely in the center of the political spectrum."[1] The party mission statement goes on to say:

Unlike the far left, we know that less government is sometimes a better government, and that government cannot solve every difficulty faced by our society. But, unlike the far right, we understand there is a role for government to play in finding solutions to our country's problems.


The party has dominated local politics in Oklahoma almost since the days of early statehood in 1907. In national politics, the party became a dominant force beginning with the U.S. Presidential Election of 1932 and the Franklin D. Roosevelt political re-alignment. Since 1932, the majority of members of Congress from Oklahoma have been Democrats, and of the 26 men who have been elected to the office of Governor of Oklahoma, 22 have been Democrats.[2]

However, the party has fared poorly since 1994. Democrats lost all six Congressional races that year and since then have only won a single seat back. In response, the traditionally disorganized Oklahoma Democrats have taken steps to create a more organized state party, hiring a professional executive director in 1995.[3] Even so, Democrats continued to lose ground in the 2000s, losing control of both the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the Oklahoma Senate. In 2008, Oklahoma gave the lowest percentage of any state's vote to national Democrat Barack Obama in the presidential election.


Headquarters and state party leadership

The Oklahoma Democratic Party headquarters are located at the George Krumme Center, 4100 North Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City.[4] Todd Goodman serves as the current chair and Lauren Guhl is the current vice-chair.[5] Jim Fraser, Kalyn Free and Betty McElderry are members of the Democratic National Committee.[5] The executive officers are elected at biennial state conventions in May of odd-numbered years. The elected DNC committee delegates serve four-year terms concurrent with presidential elections.

Political history

The Oklahoma Democratic Party dominated state politics for much of Oklahoma history, with its strength in greatest concentrations in the southeastern part of the state, known as "Little Dixie" because of the post-Reconstruction migration of people from southern states such as Mississippi, Texas and Arkansas.[3]

Historically prominent Oklahoma Democrats

Current Democratic elected officials

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