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The Oklahoma Republican Party is an Oklahoma political party affiliated with the United States Republican Party. The Republican Party in Oklahoma currently controls the Oklahoma House of Representatives, the Oklahoma Senate, both U.S. Senate seats, and 4 of the 5 U.S. Congressional seats. Oklahoma gave the most lopsided victory of any state to Republican John McCain in the 2008 Presidential election. Oklahoma Republican J.C. Watts is one of very few minority candidates to win in a majority white congressional district, representing Oklahoma City for eight years from 1994-2002.


Headquarters and state party chairman

The headquarters of the Oklahoma Republican party is located at 4031 North Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City. Gary Jones, CPA, is the current party chairman. He is the 36th elected state party chairman; he was elected on April 14, 2007.

Political views

The Oklahoma Republican party describes itself as socially and economically conservative.

The Addendum to the Oklahoma Republican Pary Grassroots Platform 2005, reads, in part:

1. While Oklahomans may not agree on all issues, we in the Republican Party strive to build a better community and state for future generations. Our Party, while composed of many individual views, unites within the ideals of moral and fiscal conservatism.
2. We invite all Oklahomans who support the mandate on family values and fiscal responsibility to register as Republicans and vote. We urge everyone to help restore and protect integrity and our constitutional rights and responsibilities through limited government.
3. We, the Oklahoma Republican Party, conclude that morality and good character are a must for all elected officials. Character Counts.
4. We urge the Party to endorse those candidates who are registered Republicans, and who affirm and promote a pro-life concept, support limited government, free markets, and the original intent of the United States Constitution.
5. Knowing the importance of input and participation for all citizens in our republic, we recommend continuing to document individual ideas, concerns, and suggestions from within our Republican Party. Legislators, candidates, or individuals within the Party may not agree with every detail of the platform; however, we believe Republican candidates should read our Party Platform and consider it as a document submitted as a consensus of grassroots concerns.

Political history

Historically, the Oklahoma Republican party has been less successful than the Oklahoma Democratic Party; the Democrats have been the dominant political force in Oklahoma (especially in local political races) almost since the days of early statehood in 1907. Only three Republicans have been elected Governor of Oklahoma in the 100+ years Oklahoma has been a state (Henry Bellmon, Dewey F. Bartlett, and Frank Keating). The other 22 governors have all been Democrats.

The Oklahoma Republican party has experienced greater success in national politics; Oklahoma voters have favored the Republican candidate for President over the Democratic candidate in every presidential election beginning in 1968. Oklahoma Republicans have had greater success in Congressional races, also: both U.S. Senators are Republicans and four of the five Oklahomans in the United States House of Representatives are Republicans. Since 1994, Republicans have controlled a majority of the federal offices elected by Oklahomans. For six years from 1994-2000, Republicans controlled all federal offices. After then-Rep. Coburn followed his self-imposed term limit, Democrat Brad Carson won the 2nd District election and Democrats have controlled the 2nd District since then.

Since 2000, the Oklahoma Republican party has been successful at the state level as well. The Republicans won control of the Oklahoma House in 2004. The Republicans won the Oklahoma Senate in 2006 but a party-switcher created an exact tie that was broken by Democrat Lt. Gov. Jari Askins. In 2008, Republicans won a 61-40 majority in the Oklahoma House and a 26-22 majority in the Oklahoma Senate. 2008 is the first time in the history of the state that Republicans control both houses of the legislature. If Republicans win the open gubernatorial seat in 2010, Republicans would control all elected branches for the first time in state history.

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