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This list of shipwrecks is a list of those sunken ships whose remains have been located.



East Africa



See also the section for Red Sea

  • L'Orient Napoleon's flagship sunk in Aboukir Bay during the Battle of the Nile on 1 August 1798.

Morocco/Western Sahara


  • Mahdia an ancient shipwreck discovered in 1907.[7]

Southern Africa


  • Bom Jesus a Portuguese Nau that set sail from Lisbon in 1533. It was discovered in 2008 on the coast near Oranjemund.[8]
  • MV Dunedin Star, ran aground on the Skeleton Coast, 80 km south of the Cunene River, on 29 November 1942.[9]
  • Eduard Bohlen a freighter ran aground south of Conception Bay in 1909.[10][11]
  • Natal coast a Durban steamer which went aground near Walvis Bay circa 1954. 3,078 ton coaster ran aground north of Swakopmund, South-West Africa. The crew of 35 abandoned the ship which was pounded by heavy seas only a few hundred yards from the shore. I was told that the crew on this ship was not permitted off the ship until armed guards arrived to prevent sailors from picking up diamonds which were all over the beach.[citation needed]

South Africa

Eastern Cape

Western Cape

West Africa

Middle East

Saudi Arabia




  • Cape Gelidonya a Phoenician merchant vessel wrecked around 1200 BC.
  • Uluburun shipwreck a merchant shipwreck dating to the late Bronze Age.
  • Bouvet shipwreck was a French pre-Dreadnought battleship, launched in 1896 and sunk by Turkish coastal artillery at Dardanelles in 1915 during World War I.
  • HMS Ben My Chree (meaning=Lady of my Heart) an English Carrier vessel. built as cruise ship, remodelled as a carrier vessel for the I. World War, sunk by Turkish coastal artillery under command of "Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker" ("who here by is the commander of the first artillery unit who shot a carrier vessel") from the Turkish mainland in Kaş while at the island of Kastelorozi (Meis adası) anchered at the harbour at December 27th 1916. several ships damaged. Approximate place of sinking. 36degree 9min 1.18sec N, 29degree 35min 26.91sec E
  • SS Paris II shipwreck a French Cruiser sunk by Turkish coastal artillery under command of "Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker" in Antalya/Kemer inside the Avova Bay (Ağva Körfezi) December 13th 1917. coordinates 36degree 36min 08.06sec N ; 30degree 35min 10.93sec E at 30m depth. approximately 150 shots fired of which 110 hit the target. crew rescued by Turkish soldiers, and taken care of their wounds.
  • SS Alexandra a French Cruiser sunk by Turkish coastal artillery under command of "Captain Mustafa Ertuğrul Aker" about 1 mile outside the Avova Bay (Ağva Körfezi) February 8th 1918. no single shot fired. sunk by a little vessel filled with dynamite built inside the vessel hollows, covered by Orange boxes, activated by wire. This ship is never found again. Divers all around the world are searching for the vessel, no trace...



  • MV Ghazi and MV Dighirpir collision and capsized in Padma River, Keranigonj, Ruhitpur, at least 250 people confirmed dead on May, 1973.[citation needed]
  • Ferry boat Rushi capsized by stormy conditions in Padma River in April 1980, 230 people confirmed dead.
  • Shamia, double-decker ferry, capsized in Meghna River in southern Barisa during May 1986, killing over 600.
  • Atlas Star, double-decker ferry capsized in Dhaleswar River, Munshiganj, during April 1986, killing at least 500.
  • Haisal collide with cargo vessel in Dhaleswari River, at least 200 people confirmed dead in December 1988.
  • MV Dinar went down in a strong whirlpool in Meghna River, Chandpul, in August 1994, with at least 250 people confirmed dead.
  • MV Shalahaddin 2, triple-decker ferry between Dhaka and Patuakhali, capsized by storm in Meghna River in May 2002, killing 340.
  • MV Mitali Ⅲ, Double decked ferry, capsized by collision cargo vassel in Buriganga River, Kishoraganj and at least 130 people confirmed dead on April 2003.
  • MV Nazreen-1, capsized by flood-swollen waters in July 2003 near Chandpur, killing 528.
  • An overcrowded MV Maharaj, double-decked ferry capsized by storm in Buriganga River, Pagla, at least 149 people confirmed dead on February, 2005.
  • MV Raipure, double-decker ferry capsized by storm in Jamuna river, Aricha and at least 115 people confirmed dead on May, 2005.


  • Russian battleship Petropavlovsk battleship sunk by a mine in 1904 in Yellow Sea.[34]
  • Russian Petropavlovsk-class battleship Sevastopol scuttled in Yellow Sea to avoid capture 1904.
  • Nanhai One, Chinese merchant vessel, sank off the south coast during the Southern Song Dynasty between 1127 and 1279.
  • Red Star 312, Guangzhou and Zhaoqing ferry route, capsized by thunderstorm in Shanshui, Guangdong, at least 147 people confirmed dead, in March 1983.
  • Dashun, ferry between Dalian and Yantai, caught fire and capsized off Yantai, Shandong, November 1999, killing at least 280.
  • Rong Jian capsized in Yangtze River, Hejiang, Sichuan in June 2000, at least 131 people confirmed dead.

Hong Kong

  • HMS Tamar a British troopship scuttled to avoid capture in Hong Kong harbour on 12 December 1941.
  • Neftegaz-67, a Ukrainian anchor handling tug supply vessel (AHTS), sank after colliding with China-registered bulk carrier Yao Hai east off Brothers Island, Hong Kong, at about 9:13 p.m. on 22 March 2008.
  • RMS Queen Elizabeth, sank after fire 9 January 1972 in Victoria Harbour
  • SS Bokhara, sank in a typhoon, killing 125 people on board


  • A passenger ferry Djandji Radja carrying 250 persons aboard, burst into flames and capsized in Toba Lake in North Sumatra, at least 145 rescued and at least 105 people confirmed dead on January, 1963
  • KMP Tampomas II an Indonesian passenger ship, sunk near Masalembo Island Java Sea on January 1981
  • A passenger ferry Gurita, sank off Sabang, Aceh, at least 338 killed on January, 1996.
  • A unlicensed passenger ferry Harta Rimba capsized off South China Sea, at least 325 peoples confirmed dead on February, 1999.
  • KM Bismas Raya 2 caught fire after capsized off Merauke, Irian Jaya, at least 361 people confirmed dead on October, 1999.
  • KM Palau Muda capsized by bad weather in Kampar River, Riau, Sumatra, at least twenty-three people confirmed dead on June, 2002.
  • Masori Star capsized off Ambon, at least seventy-seven confirmed dead on November, 2002.
  • KMP Digul capsized off Tanah Merah, Papua, at least 200 people confirmed dead on July, 2005.
  • KM Surya Makumur Indah capsized off Sibolga, Sumatera Utara, at least ninety-eight rescued and thirty-five confirmed dead on June, 2006.
  • Acita 3 capsized off Baubau, Sulawesi, at least 125 people rescued and at least sixty-six confirmed dead on October, 2007.


  • SS Dakota, American passenger ship struck a reef in Yokohama Bay, March 1907.
  • SS Kiche Maru, Japanese passenger ship lost in a storm with over 1,000 passengers lost, September 1912.
  • Kawachi, capsized with exploded by spontaneous ignition at Tokuyama, Yamaguchi, western Honshū, 12 July 1918.
  • Tarumizu Maru No.6, Tarumizu and Kagoshima regular route ferry, capsized off Kagoshima Bay, at least 464 people confirmed dead in February 1944.
  • Sekirei Maru, Awaji Island and Akashi passenger boat, and capsized by stormy condition off Akashi, Hyogo, at least 304 people confirmed dead in December 1945.
  • Aoba Maru, Matsuyama and Kitakyushu regular route ferry, capsized by Typhoon Della off Kunisaki Peninsula, Inland Sea, at least 133 people confirmed dead in June 1949.
  • SS Shiun Maru sunk in May 1955 between Uno and Takamatsu, Kagawa ferry by capsizing during fog off Takamatsu, Shikoku, killing at least 168.
  • Nankai Maru, between Wakayama, Wakayama and Tokushima, Tokushima ferry, capsized off southern Awaji Island, Japan, January 1958, killing at least 167.
  • Kitagawa Maru No.5, Japanese wooden passenger boat, capsized off Onomichi, Inland Sea, Japan, April 1957, killing at least 113.
  • Tokiwa Maru, Naruto and Kobe regular route ferry, capsized by collision with cargo ship Richmond Maru off Kobe, at least 47 confirmed dead.
  • Knyaz Suvorov sunk at Battle of Tsushima in May 1905.
  • Borodino, sunk at Battle of Tsushima in May 1905.
  • Imperator Aleksander III, sunk at Battle of Tsushima in May 1905.
  • Oslyabya, sunk at Battle of Tsushima in May 1905.
  • Sissoi Veliky, sunk at Battle of Tsushima in May 1905.
  • Admiral Ushakov, sunk at Battle of Tsushima in May 1905.




Sri Lanka

South Korea

  • Sperwer, a Dutch trading ship with the VOC Ltd, was blown off course and capsized by stormy weather on Jeju-do, killing 48 people, 16 survived on 15–16 August 1653.
  • Chang Tyong-ho, a Yosu-Busan route ferry, capsized off Busan and at least 249 people confirmed dead, only seven survived on January, 1953.
  • Namyong ho, ferry between Busan and Jeju-do, capsized in Korea Strait in December 1970, killing 323 people, only 12 were rescued.
  • Seo Hae, capsized by stormy weather off coast of Puan, Kyeongpo, killing 285, in October 1993.


Canary Islands

  • SS American Star ran aground on Fuerteventura under tow on January 1993, it then split in half and the stern sank.






  • Maasilinn Wreck a wreck off Saaremaa island dating to the 16th century.
  • MS Estonia a cruiseferry built in 1980. The ship sunk in the Baltic Sea on 28 September 1994, claimed 852 lives and was one of the worst maritime disasters in modern history.

Faroe Islands

  • SS Sauternes a steamship sank after a storm in the sound of Fugloyarfjørður on 7 December 1941.
  • Tjaldur sank after hitting the nesse of Mjóvanes on 27 June 1946.
  • Lincoln City a British trawler was sunk in Tórshavn Harbour in 1941.




  • Cap Arcona a German luxury ocean liner sunk in Lübeck Bay on 3 May 1945.
  • Ondo British freighter stranded on Grosser Vogelsand off the mouth of the Elbe River, 6 December 1961
  • Fides Fides, freighter, same place, 23 January 1962


  • HMS Sussex an English ship-of-the-line lost in a severe storm on 1 March 1694.


Unknown shipwreck on the Greek shore.
  • Antikythera wreck a wreck on Antikythera island which contained the Antikythera mechanism and dates from approximately 86 BC.
  • French warship La Thérèse sunk off Heraklion after an accidental explosion of the powder-keg on 24 June 1669.
  • Patris a wheel steamboat, on Kea Island, 1868 (Lat. 37Deg.34'44.18"N, Long. 24Deg.15'46.42"E).
  • HMHS Brittanic a White Star Liner sunk by flooding after striking a mine near the isle of Kea in November 1916.
  • Greek cruiser Elli sunk off Tinos harbor on 15 August 1940.
  • 'HMS Perseus a submarine sunk by a mine near the island of Kefalonia , in 1941.
  • Greek destroyer Hydra, sank near the islet Lagousa, in 1941.
  • Mimis tugboat that sank near the island of Aigina when it hit a mine during the Second World War.
  • U-133, German submarine sunk at Saronikos Gulf in 1942 after hitting a Greek mine.
  • Greek destroyer Vasilissa Olga ("Queen Olga") sunk by Luftwaffe bombers in the port of Leros island in 1943.
  • Panagiotis a coastal trading ship run aground on the isle of Zakynthos in October 1980, while allegedly smuggling cigarettes from Turkey.
  • MS Express Samina a RORO passenger ferry capsized after hitting a rock off the holiday island of Paros on 26 September 2000.
  • MS Sea Diamond a Greek cruise ship that struck a reef off the harbor of Santorini island and sank the following day on 6 April 2007.


  • ES Goðafoss was torpedoed by U-300 off Gardskagi, Iceland in position 66°08'N - 22°45'W. 42 casualty and 21 survivors. 10 November 1944.


  • Alondra a British steamship run aground in fog on Kedge Rocks near Baltimore Island, on 29 December 1916.
  • HMS Audacious a British battleship sank after striking a German mine near Lough Swilly, 27 October 1914.
  • MV Bolivar a Norwegian Motor Vessel run aground on the Kish Bank during a snow storm on 4 March 1947 [41]
  • RMS Carpathia a Cunard Line transatlantic passenger steamship torpedoed and sunk by a German U-boat on 17 July 1918 off the east coast. This ship is famous for coming to RMS Titanic's rescue in 1912.
  • Chirripo a 4,126-tonne Elders & Fyffes cargo liner and banana boat running the Avonmouth to Jamaica route, either struck a mine or was torpedoed and went down near Blackhead lighthouse in Belfast Lough, on 28 December 1917 without loss of life.
  • Dido sank in 1883. Location: 51°28'N; 09°19'W (Kedge Island, near Baltimore, County Cork.[42]
  • SS Empress of Britain II an ocean liner bombed by aircraft and then torpedoed and sunk by U-32 on 28 October 1940.
  • Illyrian a very broken-up steamer that sank in May 1884 after colliding with the cliffs in fog. Location: 51°26'N; 09°29'W (Eastern side of Cape Clear Island, County Cork).[43]
  • Housatonic ran aground.
  • Innisfallen torpedoed and sunk by U-boat U-64 26 km (16 mi) east of the Kish Light Vessel on 23 May 1918.
  • Kowloon Bridge the largest wreck by tonnage in the world. It sank with its cargo of iron ore when sailing from Quebec to the River Clyde in November 1986. Location: 51°28'N; 09°14'W (Stag Rocks, near Baltimore, County Cork).[44]
  • RMS Laconia a Cunard Line ocean liner sunk near Fastnet Rock by German submarine U-50 25 February 1917.
  • RMS Leinster the Dublin to Holyhead mailboat, torpedoed and sunk 6 km (4 mi) east of the Kish light by U-boat UB-123 on 10 October 1918.
  • RMS Lusitania a British ocean liner torpedoed and sunk by the U-boat U-20, on 7 May 1915.
    The bow of the Ranga, wrecked at Dunmore Head, near Dingle on the 11th March, 1982, is visible today
  • Plassey, a cargo ship, was wrecked off the coast of Inisheer, the smallest of the Aran Islands in the 1960s, and has since been thrown above high tide mark at Carraig na Finise. Islanders rescued the entire crew from the stricken vessel - an event captured in a pictorial display at the National Maritime Museum in Dún Laoghaire, County Dublin. The wreck appears in the opening credits of the comedy series Father Ted, set on the fictional island of Craggy Island.
  • The container ship Ranga, a Spanish vessel on charter to the Icelandic shipping company, Hafskip was washed onto rocks at Dunmore head, near Slea Head on the Dingle Peninsula in March, 1982 after losing engine power in a storm. The fifteen crew were rescued by the local rocket team and an RAF helicopter. Some of the wreck was removed in 1991 due to filming, and the bow and other wreckage is still visible today.
  • Rochdale and Prince of Wales The Sinking of the Rochdale and the Prince of Wales in 1807, 400 were lost.
  • RMS Tayleur a White Star Line clipper ran aground and sank off Lambay Island circa 8 km (5 mi) from Dublin Bay on 21 January 1854.
  • Trinidad Valencera at 1,100 tonnes, one of the Spanish Armada's largest ships; wrecked 32 km (20 mi) west of Lacada Point in Kinnagoe Bay, County Donegal.
  • Tullaghmurray Lass a fishing boat sank 11 km (7 mi) off Kilkeel in February 2002.
  • U-260 a German U-boat scuttled 6 km (4 mi) south of Glandore on 12 March 1945.



  • Moero was sunk by Soviet bombers in 1944, when it was carrying evacuees from Estonia. Nearly 2,700 out of 3,350 people aboard were killed.

The Netherlands


  • Scharnhorst a German battlecruiser sunk in the Battle of North Cape in December 1943.
  • Blücher a German heavy cruiser sunk at the Battle of Drøbak Sound on 9 April 1940.
  • MS Seattle a cargo ship damaged in crossfire on 9 April 1940 and sunk at Dvergsnestangen on 13 April 1940.
  • FV Gaul a deep-sea trawler sunk in the Barents Sea in February 1974.
  • Kursk a Russian nuclear submarine lost with all hands when it sank in the Barents Sea in 2000. It has since been raised.
  • Haakon Jarl II an iron steamship sunk in the Vestfjord following collision with another ship on 17 June 1924.
  • MS Hamburg a German fish factory transport ship sunk by a British destroyer in Lofoten on 1 March 1941.
  • MS Rigel, sunk 27 November 1944 by Fairey Barracuda dive-bombers south of Sandnessjøen.
  • Dresden a German steamer stranded 20 miles from Haugesund near Blikshavn, Island of Karmøy, whilst undertaking a cruise on 20 June 1934.
  • U-864, a German Type IXD2 submarine. Scuttled on 9 February 1945 by British sub HMS Venturer while on logistics mission to Japan.
  • SS Sekstant, Norwegian steamer, bombed during WWII at Rørvik. Rests at 40 meters.
  • SS Blaafjeld, Norwegian steamer, bombed during WWII at Rørvik. Rests at 60 meters.
  • SS Nerva, Norwegian steamer, grounded during WWII at Rørvik. Rests at 65 meters.
  • Murmansk Soviet era nuclear cruiser, grounded while being towed to India for scrapping.



  • Mary Celeste a brigantine found in the Atlantic Ocean unmanned and under full sail heading towards the Strait of Gibraltar in 1872.
  • SS Duchess of York a British troopship sunk by aerial bombardment on 12 January 1943.
  • The Pepper Wreck a Portuguese Indiaman found at the mouth of the Tagus, dating from the 16th or 17th century.
  • River Gurara a Nigerian freight vessel sunk of the coast of Cabo Espichel, Setubal in 1989.


Russia / Soviet Union

  • Armenia, a Soviet hospital ship sunk by German torpedo-carrying planes on 7 November 1941; estimated over 5,000 casualties.
  • Agnes Blaikie, a British sailing vessel sunk by collision with HMS Medina on 5 May 1855 in the Black Sea near Balaklava.
  • Soviet submarine K-159 accidentally sank while being towed in the Barents Sea. She was decommissioned prior to sinking, but both of her nuclear reactors are still onboard.
  • Soviet submarine K-27 was scuttled in the Kara Sea in 1982 by the Soviet Navy. The boat had suffered irreparable nuclear reactor plant damage at sea in 1968. Both nuclear reactors are still onboard.



United Kingdom


Northern Ireland

  • HMS Drake, torpedoed by U-79 on 2 October 1917 in Rathlin Sound
  • Girona, foundered and sank off Lacada Point, County Antrim, Ireland, 26 October 1588
  • Lagan collision off Belfast Lough
  • SS Laurentic (after conversion to armed merchant cruiser service in 1915) struck two mines off Lough Swilly in Northern Ireland on 25 January 1917
  • Normanby Hall foundered and sunk off Kilroot on 8 October 1965
  • State of Louisiana a passenger liner ran aground on 28 December 1878 on Hunter Rock
  • Tiberia merchant ship torpedoed and sunk by U-19 off Black Head near Larne, County Antrim on 26 February 1918
  • Tullaghmurray Lass, a Kilkeel fishing boat which sank after a gas explosion in 2002


  • Akka ran aground in the River Clyde in 1956
  • Annie James sank off Vatersay, Outer Hebrides in 1853 with the loss of 350 lives
  • SS Breda Dutch cargo ship, sank on 23 December 1940 off Oban
  • MV Craigantlet British container ship run aground at Killantringan lighthouse, Wigtownshire on 26 February 1982
  • HMS Hampshire British armored cruiser struck a mine off Orkney in 1916
  • SMS Markgraf German battleship scuttled in Scapa Flow in 1919
  • River Dee Ferry Boat Disaster overloaded ferry capsized in 1876
  • HMS Royal Oak British battleship torpedoed in Scapa Flow in 1939
  • HMS Port Napier British minelayer ran aground in the Kyle of Lochalsh, caught fire while being unloaded, destroyed by explosion in 1940
  • HMS Caribbean sank 35 miles (56 km) off Cape Wrath due to bad weather in 1915.
  • Iolaire An admiralty yacht sank in The Minch outside Stornoway harbour on 1 January 1919 with the loss of 205 men returning from the World War I.
  • SS Breda A cargo ship sank by two Heinkel 111 bombers in Ardmucknish Bay on 23 December 1940.
  • Unknown shipwreck found in 2000. See [19]
  • German submarine U-714 German U-Boat, sunk 14 March 1945 and discovered in the Firth of Forth in 2007
  • SS Leadgate March 8, 1943 At 2303, SS Leadgate, a straggler from Convoy SC-121, was hit by one torpedo from U-642 & sank west of the Hebrides. The master and 25 crewmembers were lost
  • SS John Randolph struck a mine and was later wrecked at Torrisdale Bay, on the 6th of July 1942.


South Pembrokeshire
  • Lucy a 52 m coaster. Sank off Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire on 14th Feb 1967 carrying a cargo of calcium carbide.[46][47]
Milford Haven
  • Behar a 6,100 ton steamer, 436 ft in length, with a cargo of 4,700 tons of government stores, allegedly including Harley Davidson motorbikes. Sunk by magnetic parachute mine 24 November 1940 in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.[48]
  • Dakotian a 6,400 ton steamer, 400 ft in length, with a cargo of 1,300 tons of tinplate. Sunk by magnetic parachute mine 21 November 1940 approx 1 mile west of Dale in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire
  • Faraday a 5,600 ton cable laying ship, 415 ft in length. Attacked by Heinkel He 111 on the evening of 25 March 1941 in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire and sank the following day off St Anne's Head. Now lies in shallow water (5-16m) but due to the loss of life is a protected wreck site.
  • Loch Shiel aka Whiskey Wreck a 1218 ton rigged sailing ship, 225 ft in length, with a cargo of 7000 cases of whiskey, beer & general goods. Ran aground at Thorne Island on 30th January 1877 west of Dale in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. Now sits in 20m of water, is very broken up, but the brick ballast is still visible.[49]

North America


  • SS Sapona a cargo steamer run aground near Bimini during a hurricane in 1926.


  • Sea Venture - grounded off the coast in 1609, subsequently broke up and sank.
  • Warwick - English cargo ship sunk in a gale in Castle Harbor in 1619, discovered in 1967.
  • San Antonio - Portuguese nao wrecked on the west reefs in 1621, discovered in 1960.
  • Eagle - Virginia Company ship wrecked in 1659.
  • Virginia Merchant - Virginia Company ship wrecked in 1661.
  • Unidentified ship - wrecked around 1750, found in 1983, known as the "Frenchman" wreck.
  • Unidentified ship - wrecked mid-18th century, known as the "Manilla" wreck.
  • Hunters Galley - wrecked in 1752.
  • Katherine - wrecked in 1763.
  • Mark Antonio - Spanish privateer, wrecked in 1777, discovered early 1960s.
  • Lord Amherst - British armed transport wrecked in 1778.
  • HMS Cerberus - lost at Castle Harbor in 1783.
  • HMS Pallas - ran aground in 1783 off St. George's Island, wreck has not been identified.
  • Caesar - wrecked on a reef in 1818 en route from England to Baltimore.
  • Collector - wrecked in 1823.
  • L'Herminie - French frigate wrecked in 1838.
  • Unidentified ship - wrecked in 1849, believed to be the Minerva though that ship was wrecked in 1795.
  • Curlew - wrecked on the northern reefs in 1856.
  • Montana - American Civil War blockade runner sank in 1863.
  • Mari Celeste - American Civil War blockade runner being piloted by a Bermudian, sank in eight minutes in 1864.
  • Beaumaris Castle - ran aground in 1873.
  • Minnie Breslauer - ran aground in 1873.
  • Alert - fishing sloop sank in 1877.
  • Kate - British steamer wrecked in 1878.
  • Lartington - wrecked in 1879 after just five years of operation.
  • North Carolina - wrecked off West End in 1880.
  • Darlington - wrecked on the Western Reef in 1886.
  • Richard P. Buck - caught fire and sank following a storm in 1889.
  • Apollo - wrecked on the reefs in 1890.
  • Avenger - wrecked on Mills Breakers in 1894.
  • HMS Vixen - scuttled in 1896.
  • Madiana - former Balmoral Castle, built 1877, wrecked 1903
  • Pollockshields - former Herodot, wrecked in 1915 near Elbow Beach.
  • Blanch King - wrecked on the southwest reefs in 1920.
  • Taunton - Norwegian steamer wrecked on the northern reefs in 1920.
  • Caraquet - mail steamer wrecked on the northern barrier reef in 1923.
  • Zovetto - cargo steamer ran aground in 1924, also known as Zovetta or Rita Zovetto.
  • Mussel - Bermudian fishing boat wrecked in 1926.
  • Cristobal Colon - Bermuda's largest shipwreck sank in 1936.
  • Iristo - Norwegian steamer also known as Aristo, grounded in 1937 after mistaking the Colon wreck for a ship still underway.
  • Pelinaion - Greek steamer wrecked in 1940.
  • Constellation - made famous in The Deep, sank in 1942.
  • Colonel William G. Ball - wrecked on Mills Breakers in severe weather in 1943.
  • Wychwood - ran aground in 1955, refloated, then sank again.
  • Elda - wrecked in 1956 near the Eagle wreck.
  • Ramona - Canadian ship wrecked in 1967, refloated for salvaging, re-sunk near Dockyard.
  • King - American ship scuttled in 1984, first intentionally-created dive site in Bermuda.
  • Hermes - American ship deliberately scuttled in 1984.
  • Triton - scuttled in 1988 as a dive site.

British Virgin Islands



  • San Juan Basque whaling ship sunk in Red Bay, Labrador in 1565.
  • HMS Sapphire scuttled to prevent capture by French 1696.
  • HMS Duchess of Cumberland wrecked near Cape Ray in 1781.
  • Phyllis, British transport, ran aground and sunk off the Burin Peninsula on the southern coast in 1795.
  • HMS Southampton & HMS Tweed sunk in storm near Bay Bulls in 1813.
  • HMS Comus ran aground and sunk in fog near Cape Race in 1816.
  • Harpooner, British transport ran aground and sunk in fog near Cape Race 1816.
  • HMS Drake ran aground and sunk near St. Shotts in 1822.
  • Despatch, British brig sunk near Isle Aux Morts in 1828.
  • Lady Sherbrooke, barque sunk in gale near Port Aux Basques in 1831.
  • Harvest Home, British ship sunk off Cape Race in 1833.
  • Lady of the Lake, Scottish brig sunk near Cape St. Francis in 1833.
  • City of Philadelphia, British steamer ran aground and sunk in fog near Cape Race in 1854.
  • SS Arctic collided with steamer Vesta and sank near Cape Race in 1854.
  • Indian, British Allan liner sunk off Cape Race in 1859.
  • Anglo Saxon, British Allan liner sunk off Cape Race in 1863.
  • Sea Clipper schooner sunk in storm near Spotted Island, Labrador in 1867.
  • Queen of Swansea ran aground and sunk in storm at Gull Island in 1867.
  • Germania, German steamer sunk in fog near Cape Race in 1869.
  • Village Belle schooner lost at Cape St. Francis in 1872.
  • Waterwitch (schooner) schooner sunk near Pouch Cove in 1875.
  • George Cromwell, British steamer sunk near Cape Race in 1877.
  • George Washington, USA steamer sunk near Cape Race in 1877.
  • Lion reported missing in Baccalieu Tickle in 1882.
  • Greenland sealing steamer lost 48 men on the ice 1898.
  • Helgoland, German steamer sunk near Cape Race in 1900.
  • Delmar Scottish steamer sunk near Cape Race in 1901.
  • Duchess of Fife schooner sunk near Bonavista in 1907.
  • RMS Titanic White Star liner collided with iceberg on Grand Banks in 1912.
  • Florence British Overseas Containers Limited liner sunk near Cape Race in 1912.
  • Southern Cross Scottish sealing steamer lost in blizzard 1914.
  • SS Kristianiafjord Norwegian liner ran aground in fog near Cape Race in 1917.
  • Erik sealing steamer torpedoed off St. Pierre and Miquelon 1918.
  • SS Florizel sank after striking a reef in 1918.
  • SS Ethie, coastal steamship ran aground in a fierce storm in 1919.
  • Anton van Driel Dutch steamer sunk near Cape Race in 1919.
  • HMS Raleigh heavy cruiser sunk in fog at Point Amour in Strait of Belle Isle in 1922.
  • Marvale Canadian Pacific liner stranded 1923.
  • President Coaker schooner sunk in gale near Cape Race in 1924.
  • Viking sealing barque lost by explosion near White Bay in 1931.
  • USS Truxtun destroyer sunk with USS Pollux in storm 1942.
  • USS Pollux supply ship sunk along with USS Truxtun in storm 1942.
  • SS Caribou Newfoundland Railway ferry torpedoed by U-boat off Port aux basques 1942.
  • Saganaga iron-ore carrier torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island 1942.
  • Lord Strathcona iron-ore carrier torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island 1942.
  • P.L.M. 27 iron-ore carrier torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island 1942.
  • Rose Castle iron-ore carrier torpedoed by U-boat off Bell Island 1942.
  • Administratrix motor vessel collided with Lovadal in fog near Cape Race in 1948.
  • Harcourt Kent motor ship sunk near Cape Race in 1949.
  • SS Kyle, ran aground in Harbour Grace in 1967.
  • MV William Carson Canadian National ferry sank in ice off Labrador 1977.
  • MS Arctic Explorer sank off the Strait of Bell Isle, three hours after departing St Anthony in 1981.
  • Ocean Ranger oil platform sunk in winter storm on Grand Banks in 1982.

Nova Scotia

  • Auguste a full-rigged transport run aground on the northeastern side of Cape Breton Island on 28 October 1761.
  • RMS Atlantic a White Star Line ocean liner ran aground near Meagher's Island on 1 April 1873.
  • Capricieux a French warship caught fire and burned in the siege of Louisbourg on 21 July 1758.
  • Célèbre a French warship caught fire and burned in the siege of Louisbourg on 21 July 1758.
  • Entreprenant a French warship struck with cannonfire by the Royal Navy off Louisbourg, burned and exploded on 21 July 1758.
  • Schooner Maria, an Irish famine ship sank in Cabot Strait the night of 10 May 1849. They sailed from Limerick, Ireland for Quebec, carrying a crew of 10 plus 111 Irish emigrants. Sailing near midnight in a severe storm, the sailing ship sank immediately when it hit an iceberg, about 50 miles from St. Paul Island. Only 12 on board survived; accounts in 1849 Irish newspapers are on Internet.
  • Prudent a French warship burned following the siege of Louisbourg on 22 July 1758.
  • HMCS Saguenay a Canadian destroyer scuttled as an artificial reef off Lunenburg in 1994.
  • Schooner Larinda, owned and operated by Captain Lawrence Mahan of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, sank in Halifax Harbour during Hurricane Juan on 29 September 2003. The ship was raised and sold to a Canadian man interested in restoring it.
Sable Island


  • HMS Breadalbane a British barque crushed by ice south of Beechey Island on 2 August 1853.


  • Waubuno, sank in Georgian Bay in 1879.
  • Lillie Parsons, Brockville.
  • City of Sheboygan sank off Kingston in Lake Ontario.
  • Comet collision of Nine Mile Point, Ontario in Lake Ontario.
  • SS Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a gale in Lake Superior in 1975.
  • Gunilda yacht ran up on McGarvey's Shoals, Lake Superior.
  • Katie Eccles ran aground near Ontario|Kingston on Lake Ontario.
  • Young Phoenix sank off Long Point, Lake Erie in 1818.
  • Smith tugboat sank under tow off Long Point, Lake Erie.
  • St. James unknown cause off Long Point in Lake Erie, discovered 1984.
  • Trade Wind schooner collided with the Sir Charles Napier off Long Point.
  • Wild Rover foundered off Long Point
  • Jersey City foundered off Long Point in 1860.
  • Pochahontas foundered off Long Point in 1862.
  • Rebecca Foster foundered off Long Point in 1857.
  • Jennie P. King foundered off Long Point in 1866.
  • Empire ran aground off Long Point in 1870.
  • British Lion ran aground off Long Point in 1877. The same storm claimed the next two:
  • Madiera ran aground off Long Point in 1877.
  • Madeira ran aground near Beaver Bay in 1905.
  • Elize A. Turner ran aground off Long Point in 1877.
  • William H. Vanderbilt ran aground off Long Point in 1883.
  • Siberia ran aground off Long Point in 1883.
  • Siberia ran aground off Long Point in 1905. This was a different vessel than the previous entry.
  • Edmund Fitzgerald ran aground off Long Point in 1883. This 135-foot (41 m) schooner predated the more widely known ship of the same name which sank in Lake Superior in 1975.
  • Wocoken ran aground off Long Point in 1893.
  • Joseph Paige ran aground off Long Point in 1893. This was the same gale of 14 October 1893 that also took the Wocoken.
  • Idaho ran aground off Long Point in 1897.
  • Niagara ran aground off Long Point in 1899.
  • Mystic sank off Long Point in 1907.
  • Pascal P. Pratt ran aground off Long Point in 1908.
  • Marquette bulk freighter sunk in 1903 off Michigan Island.
  • Marquette and Bessemer #2 sank off Long Point in 1909. Not yet found.
  • Elphicke ran aground off Long Point in 1913.
  • James B. Colgate sank off Long Point in 1916.
  • Merida sank off Long Point in 1916. This was in the same storm of 16 October that also took the James B. Colgate.
  • Lawrence sank aground off Long Point in 1921.
  • City of Dresden ran aground off Long Point in 1922.
  • Angler caught fire and sank in Long Point in 1893.
  • Aycliffe Hall sank off Long Point in 1936.
  • James J. Reed sank off Long Point in 1944.
  • Brown Brothers sank in Long Point in 1959.
  • HMS Toronto sank off Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands, Lake Ontario in 1811.
  • HMS Speedy sank off Brighton, Lake Ontario in 1804.
  • HMS Nancy sunk by the United States Navy during the War of 1812 in the Nottawasaga River near Georgian Bay in 1814.
  • HMS St Lawrence sank off Kingston, Lake Ontario in 1832 and is a popular diving attraction.
  • SS Noronic, Great Lakes cruise ship burned and sank at Toronto dock 17 September 1949
  • Trillium, ferry scuttled at Toronto Islands; restored and re-entered service in 1975
  • Sand scow stranded on Canadian side of Niagara River above Horseshoe Falls, 6 August 1918


  • RMS Empress of Ireland a transatlantic ocean liner sank in the Saint Lawrence River after colliding with the Storstad on 29 May 1914.
  • Sydney Packet a bark shipwrecked in the Magdalen Islands in 1826.
  • S.S. Leecliffe Hall a Great Lakes Steamer built in 1961 sank after collision with M.S. Appollonia in fog at Les Escoumains part of St. Lawrence River Sept. 4 , 1964.

British Columbia

Dominican Republic

Anciente Shipwrecks

  • Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe a Spanish galleon sunk by hurricane in Samana Bay on 24 August 1724.
  • Conde de Tolosa a Spanish galleon run aground during a hurricane in Samana Bay on 25 August 1724.
  • "Nuestra Señora de la Limpia y Pura Concepcion" Known as "El Concepcion" Sunk at the Silver Bank in 1641, found by Cap. Burt Webber, is the most valuable cargo found in these waters, with more than 95,000 silver coins, Ming Dynasty ceramics, gold chains and many other artifacts salvaged.
  • Captain Kidd's shipwreck of the Quedagh Merchant, also known as the Cara Merchant and Adventure Prize, found by Charles Beeker off Catalina Island, Is in the excavating process at this moment.
  • "Scipion" A French ship sunk in a battle against the British Fleet, The London in XVII Century in Samana Bay.

Diomedes & Imperiale, two French ships also lost in a fierce maritime Batle of Palenque, XVII Century, in Palenque, Bani.

  • Monte Cristi Pipe Wreck sunk off the north coast of the Dominican Republic in the later part of the 17th century.
  • La Viete, This wreck does not exist. A grounding site has been located off Punta Luna in Monte Cristi which was the grounding of a French supply ship and to escape they unloaded most of the cargo including a cargo of cannon balls. There is no specie on this site.

New Sunken Ships

  • RP-14 Limon is old tugboat 155 feet long and rests in about 80 feet of water very close to "Hickory" in the same park. This ship was scuttled there for the same reason - to server as a tourist attraction. The depth where this shipwreck lies varies from 27–60 feet. The three propellers of this tugboat are still clearly visible.[50]
  • Catuan, new wreck scuttled in the area of Juan Dolio in December 2006. Catuan can be found at depths ranging from 24–60 feet.[50]
  • The Hickory, 140 feet long. Former old US Coast Guard, commanded by Captain Tracy Bowden for underwater exploration and rescue operations, first Ship sunked to create an underwater national park in La Caleta, Santo Domingo. The Crew of the Hickory discover the mayor amount of shipwrecks in the Dominican Republic waters.
  • "Dolphin", Sister Ship of the Hickory, 64 feet long Fishing boat, is laying in el Portillo, Las Terrenas, also served as an underwater base for rescue operations. The Dolphin, is as the Hickory, part of the underwater history in the Dominican Republic.
  • St. George sunk as an artificial reef near La Romana in 1999.
  • Astron a freighter scuttled just off the coast of Punta Cana.
  • Atlantic Princess Originally a tourist mover that was to be sunk as an artificial reef off the coast of Bayahibe Bayahibe. It has since accidentally sunk right in front of Dreams resort is used by scuba divers.


  • Bianca C a passenger ship sunk multiple times before becoming the Caribbean's largest shipwreck, near Grand Anse, in October 1961.


  • Bluenose a Canadian schooner foundered on a reef on 28 January 1946.

Saint Vincent

  • SS Antilles an ocean liner ran aground on a reef near the island of Mustique on 8 January 1971.

United States



Mariposa 1917, off Mariposa Reef, Alaska.
Al-Ki shipwreck of 1917, Alaska.
  • Olga a whaling schooner wreck near Nome, Alaska in 1909.
  • SS Coldbrook[20] (also known as Colebrook) a Hog Islander merchant ship grounded off Middleton Island, Alaska on 16 June 1942.
  • USS Grunion (SS-216) discovered in the Bering Sea in August 2007
  • Nissan Maru Japanese armed freighter sunk by U.S. bombers in Kiska Harbor on 19 June 1942.
  • SS Portland a steam ship struck rock off Cordova and sank on 12 November 1910.[51]
  • Princess Sophia, a passenger liner sunk off Vanderbilt Reef near Juneau on 25 October 1918.
  • Torrent, a wooden bark ship that foundered in storm, went ashore, and became a total loss on 15 July 1868 in Cook Inlet, off the coast of Alaska.[52]
  • Mariposa hit a reef on Strait Island, near Pt. Baker (Mariposa Reef) on 1917-11-18. It struck the reef while carrying 269 passengers and a full cargo of copper ore and canned salmon. The vessel had previously picked up the crew from the wrecked Al-Ki and the pirates from the wrecked Manhattan. All passengers and crew were rescued before vessel sank. Reef now called Mariposa Reef. She went down with 25,000 cases of salmon and 1,200 tons of copper ore. Passengers and crew rescued by the Curaçao, Ravalli, and Jefferson.[53]
  • Jessie, on 1898-06-28, at the mouth of the Kuskokwim River swamped in turbulent water at the mouth of the river; 18 miners from the Columbia Exploration Company were believed to have been massacred by Yup'ik Natives or lost with wreck. One person, a trader called Ling, survived to bring word of the wreck to St. Michael. Jessie was towing the barge Minerva and a second unknown barge which were also lost. Yup'ik Eskimos were said to have looted vessels. Seattle 31 May 1898 Kuskokwim River[53]
  • Al-Ki, a passenger steamer, wrecked on Point Augusta, Alaska, 1 November 1917.[54]
  • Bear, a passenger steamer, in surf broadside, 1916[54]
  • City of Seattle, a passenger steamer, was brought ashore in Alaska, 15 August 1912[54]
  • Farallon, a passenger steamer, wrecked in the Cook Inlet, Alaska, 1910[54]
  • Jabez Howes, a three-mast full rigged ship, wrecked in Chignik Bay, Alaska, n.d. Wooden full-rigged ship owned by the Columbia River Packer's Association & used as a cannery tender.[54]
  • Mount McKinley, a passenger steamer, beached near Scotch Cap, Aleutian Islands, 1942.[54]
  • Patterson, a steam freighter, wrecked and aground at Cape Fairweather, Alaska, 1938[54]
  • Princess Kathleen, a passenger steamer, sinking near Point Lena, Alaska, 1952. Went aground at Point Lena rock, Alaska, vessel was a mile and a half off course when she stranded. She was the flagship of the Canadian Pacific Lines.[54]
  • Princess May, a passenger steamer, wrecked and ashore on Sentinel Island, bird's-eye view from the island, 1910.[54]
  • Politkofsky, a sidewheel steamer built by the Russian-American Company, completed 4000 miles before being abandoned in St. Michael near the entrance of the Yukon River in 1915.






  • CSS Georgia a Civil War ironclad floating battery scuttled off Savannah on 21 December 1864.
  • CSS Muscogee a Confederate ironclad ram was captured and burned off the coast of Georgia in April 1865.
  • Rattlesnake a Confederate privateer sunk by USS Montauk in Ogeechee River in 1863.
  • SS Republic sank in a hurricane about 100 miles (160 km) southeast of Savannah on 25 October 1865.
  • USS Water Witch a sidewheel gunboat burned to avoid capture at White Bluff on 19 December 1864

Great Lakes

There are several thousand shipwrecks in the Great Lakes.[66][67][68]

  • Amboy (Ship) ran aground during the famous Mataafa Storm of 1905
  • 117th Street Wreck depth: 39' 41.30.777 N 81.43.751 W
  • 17 Fathom Wreck 105' 42.39.103 N 80.03.145 W
  • Admiral 75' 41.38.244 N 81.54.197 W
  • Adventure 25' 41.38.84 N 82.41.73 W
  • Algeria 40' 41.31.225 N 81.42.944 W
  • Alva B. 12' 41.30.768 N 82.01.894 W
  • America 15' 41.49.675 N 82.38.066 W
  • Armenia 39'
  • Atlantic 155' 42.30.620 N 80.05.086 W
  • Arches 160' 42.27.476 N 80.01.021 W
  • Bay Coal Schooner 55' N41°33.009' W81°56.077'
  • Bow Cabin 70' 41.56.811 N 82.14.107 W
  • Brick Wreck 77'
  • Brown Brothers 125' 42.37.647 N 80.00.912 W
  • Brunswick 110' 42.35.465 N 79.24.546 W
  • Canobie 10'-15' 42.10.326 N 80.00.903 W
  • Carl D. Bradley
  • Carlingford 95' 42.39.266 N 79.28.6163 W
  • Cascade 30'
  • Case 20'
  • C.B. Benson 86' 42.46.259 N 79.14.609 W
  • Cecil J. 20' 42.45.785 N 80.13.688 W
  • Charger 35'
  • Charles H. Davis 40' 41.30.780 N 81.43.52 W
  • Charles Foster 80' 42.10.445 N 80.15.007 W
  • Charles B. Packard 40'
  • City of Concord 45'
  • Civil War Wreck 65'
  • Clarion 75'
  • Cleveco 75' 41.47.473 N 81.36.000 W
  • Colonel Cook 10'-20'
  • Colonial 20'
  • Comet 230' 46.43.02N 84.52.00 W
  • Conemaugh 20'
  • Craftsman 41 41.31.942 N 82.00.375 W
  • Crete 12' 42.10.30 N 80.00.94 W
  • Daniel J. Morrell
  • David Stewart 22'
  • David Vance 41'
  • Dean Richmond 110' 42.17.421 N 79.55.859 W
  • Dominion 45'
  • Dundee 75' 41.41.330 N 81.50.634 W
  • Duke Luedtke 70' 41.41.630 N 81.57.655 W
  • Edmund Fitzgerald 320;
  • Eldorado 15'-20' 42.10.326 N 80.00.903 W
  • Erieau Quarry Stone 15' 42.15.412 N 81.54.341 W
  • Exchange 10'-20'
  • F.A. Meyer 78' 41.55.439 N 82.02.953 W
  • Fannie L. Jones 36' 41.30.640 N 81.43.751 W
  • Frank E. Vigor 90' 41.57.545 N 81.57.242 W
  • George Dunbar 45' 41.40.631 N 82.33.893 W
  • George Stone 31'
  • George Worthington 38'
  • Grand Traverse 39'
  • H.A. Barr 84' 42.09.111 N 81.23.41 W
  • H.G. Cleveland 55'
  • Henry Steinbrenner[69]
  • Hickory Stick 55' 41.32.301 N 82.06.236 W
  • Indiana 95' 42.17.760 N 79.59.898 W
  • Ivanhoe 57' 41.33.310 N 82.02.826 W
  • Jackie's Wreck 50' 41.51.707 N 82.21.084 W
  • James B. Colgate 85' 42.05.376 N 81.44.279 W
  • James H. Reed 70'
  • Jay Gould 45' 41.51.531 N 82.24.596 W
  • J.G. McGrath 85' 42.40.083 N 79.23.764 W
  • J.J. Boland Jr. 130' 42.22.794 N 79.43.929 W
  • John B. Griffin 50'
  • John B. Lyon 50'
  • John Pridgeon Jr. 60' 41.35.320 N 81.58.601 W
  • John M. Osborn 165' 46.51.974 N 85.05.210 W
  • Jorge B. 32'
  • Lady Elgin a steamship wrecked in Lake Michigan near Chicago following a collision with the schooner Augusta on 8 September 1860.
  • Lighthouse Wreck 15' 42.33.075 N 80.02.721 W
  • Little Wissahickon 78' 41.54.217 N 81.56.781 W
  • Lycoming 26' 42.15.078 N 81.53.384 W
  • M.I. Wilcox 22'
  • Mabel Wilson 36' 41.30.342 N 81.43.907 W
  • Magnet 35'
  • Marshall F. Butters 70' 41.43.636 N 82.17.370 W
  • Marine City (just north of Sturgeon Point Light)
  • Mecosta 50' 41.31.850 N 81.53.001 W
  • Merida 65' - 80' 42.13.955 N 81.20.788 W
  • Morning Star 65' 41.36.813 N 82.12.531 W
  • Mount Vernon 30'
  • Myron 45 to 50' 46.48.463 N 85.01.646 W
  • Net Wreck 70' 41.56.564 N 82.14.872 W
  • New Brunswick 53'
  • North Carolina 40' 41.43.808 N 81.22.885 W
  • Northern Indiana 25' 41.53.882 N 82.30.600 W
  • Oneida 8' 42.13.966 N 79.51.583 W
  • Oxford 170' 42.28.855 N 79.51.843 W
  • Paddy Murphy 13'
  • Pascal P. Pratt 20' 42.33.682 N 80.05.429 W
  • Passaic84' 42.28.748 N 79.27.769 W
  • Penelope 8' 41.30.562 N 82.02.443 W
  • Philip D. Armour 30' 42.07.684 N 80.10.693 W
  • Philip Minch 47' 41.41.304 N 82.30.808 W
  • Queen of the West 70' 41.50.768 N 82.23.135 W
  • Robert 49' 42.13.094 N 82.58.937 W
  • Rouse Simmons
  • S.F. Gale 78' 41.44.455 N 81.52.922 W
  • S.K. Martin 60' 42.14.546 N 79.56.004 W
  • St. James 170' 42.27.104 N 80.07.331 W
  • Sand Merchant 65' 41.34.428 N 82.57.524 W
  • Sarah E. Sheldon 20' 41.29.741 N 82.06.678 W
  • Specular 36'
  • Success 14' 41.31.321 N 82.54.705 W
  • SS Superior City 270' 46.43.510N 84.52.370 W
  • T-8 145' 42.35.226 N 80.01.335 W
  • Tasmania 40' 41.47.303 N 82.29.811 W
  • Tire Reef 22' 42.41.043 N 80.08.500 W
  • Trade Wind 120' 42.25.516 N 80.12.056 W
  • Tug Smith 165' 42.28.486 N 79.59.061 W
  • Two Fannies 60' 41.33.855 N 81.55.281 W
  • Unknown 83' 42.08.375 N 81.37.942 W
  • Unknown (discovered by Justin Camron and Alec) 43.27 N 77.26 W ( for more info)
  • Valentine 80' 41.55.116 N 81.54.778 W
  • Vienna 148' 46.44.46 N 84.57.91 W
  • Washington Irving 120' 42.32.371 N 79.27.636 W
  • William D. Morrell
  • Willis 72'
  • Wilma 75' 42.42.150 N 80.02.068 W






  • Alice E. Clark a 4-masted Schooner, struck Islesboro Ledge (off Islesboro, Penobscot Bay) in fog on 1 July 1909.


  • The Mallows Bay wrecks include as many as 152 WWI-era merchant ships abandoned after the salvage company went bankrupt.


  • Albert Gallatin, 1892 Grounded on Boo Hoo Ledge off Manchester
  • SS Alexander Macomb, Liberty ship torpedoed in 1942 by German U-215
  • Alice M. Colburn, 1923 Ran aground in storm and broke up
  • Alice M. Lawrence, 1914 Grounded on shoal
  • Alma A. E. Holmes, 1914 Collision with steamer Belfast
  • Alva, 1892 Rammed in fog by steamer H. F. Dimock
  • SS Andrea Doria, 1956 collision in Nantucket Sound
  • Angela, 1971 Broke towline in storm and grounded on reef
  • Aransas, 1905 Collision with schooner barge Glendower in fog
  • Ardandhu, 1900 Collision in fog with steamer Herman Winter
  • Argo Merchant ran aground 25 milles southeast of Nantucket, Massachusetts in 1976, causing an oil spill
  • Baleen, 1975 Foundered while in tow after fire on board
  • Barge & Crane, 1963 Foundered
  • Bark Frances off Cape Cod
  • California, 1955 Ran aground on ledge
  • Can Do, 1978 Sank in famous Blizzard of 1978
  • Charles S. Haight, 1946 Stranded on a ledge
  • Chelsea, 1957 Grounded on Sandy Bay Breakwater and sank
  • Chester A. Poling, 1977 Broke in half in storm
  • City of Columbus, 1884 Struck Devil's Bridge backed off and sank quickly
  • City of Salisbury, 1938 Struck ledge in fog and broke up
  • City of Taunton, 1930s Beached and abandoned
  • Colonel William B. Cowin 1941 Struck Hens and Chickens Reef and sank quickly
  • Columbia, 1898 Blown onto beach in storm
  • Connaught, 1860 Started to leak, caught fire and sank
  • Corvan, 1940 Struck Sow & Pigs Reef, drifted off and sank
  • Coyote, 1924 Scuttled
  • Cross Rip Lightship, 1918 Carried out to sea by ice field
  • Davis Palmer, 1909 Struck Graves Ledge, drifted off and sank
  • Delaware, 1898 Sank in the Portland Gale
  • Dixie Sword, 1942 Foundered in storm thought to have been torpedoed
  • Dynafuel, 1963 Collision in fog with Norwegian freighter Fernview
  • Edward E. Briry, 1917 Foundered in gale
  • Edward Rich, 1899 Struck breakwater in fog
  • Eldia, 1984 Blown onto beach in storm
  • Ellenora Van Dusen, 1900 Fire onboard
  • Etrusco, 1956 Blown ashore in storm
  • Forest Queen, 1853 Grounded off shore in storm
  • Fort Mercer, 1952 Broke in half in heavy seas
  • Frank A. Palmer, 1902 Collision with the Schooner Louise B. Crary
  • French Van Gilder, 1885 Grounded on shoal
  • General Greene, 1960 Blown onto beach while disabled in storm
  • USS Grouse (AMS-15), 1963 Grounded on Little Salvages shoal
  • Henry Endicott, 1939 Foundered while under tow in heavy seas
  • Herbert, 1924 Rammed by steamer City of Gloucester while at anchor in fog
  • Herman Winter, 1944 Stranded on reef
  • Hilda Garston, 1961 Struck reef and sank
  • Horatio Hall, 1909 Collision in fog with freighter H. F. Dimock
  • James Longstreet, 1950 Deliberately grounded as target ship
  • Jennie French Potter, 1909 Grounded on shoal
  • John S. Dwight, 1923 Scuttled by rum runners
  • Kate Harding, 1892 Stranded on beach in storm
  • Kenwood, 1926 Blown onto rocks in gale
  • Kershaw, 1928 Collision with liner President Garfield
  • King Philip, 1935 Sunk at dock, raised and scuttled
  • Kiowa, 1903 Rammed by steamer Admiral Dewy while anchored in snowstorm
  • USS Lackawanna (1862), 1915 Collision with barge
  • Lightship LV-58, 1905 Started to leak and sank while being towed
  • Louise B. Crary, 1902 Collision with the Schooner Frank A. Palmer
  • Lunet, 1898 Dragged anchor onto rocks and sank during the Portland Gale
  • Magnifique, 1782 Grounded on sandbar
  • Mars, 1942 Collision with tanker Bidwell
  • Mary E. O'Hara, 1941 Collision with barge Winifred Sheridan
  • Mertie B. Crowley, 1910 Groanded on shoal
  • USS Mohave (AT-15), 1928 Struck submerged ledge and sank
  • Montclair, 1927 Grounded in storm and broke up
  • Nancy, 1927 Dragged anchor onto beach in storm
  • Nantucket Lightship (LV-117), 1934 Rammed by British steamer RMS Olympic
  • Nantucket, 1859, whaler wrecked on Nashawena Island
  • USS New Hampshire, 1922 Caught fire and sank while in tow to be scrapped
  • Nina T, 1997 Scuttled
  • Northern Voyager, 1997 Foundered during sea trials after refit
  • Pan Pennsylvania, 1944 Torpedoed by the German submarine U-550 when it lagged behind its wartime convoy
  • Pemberton, 1907 Caught fire and sank
  • Pendleton, 1952 Broke in half in storm
  • Portland sunk in storm in 1898
  • RMS Republic sank after collision in 1909.
  • HMS Somerset wrecked in 1778 off Cape Cod
  • Sparrowhawk in 1623
  • Whydah Gally sank in a storm off Cape Cod in 1717



  • Amboy ran aground during the famous Mataafa Storm of 1905
  • Benjamin Noble lost 28 April 1914 off Duluth; found 2004[75]
  • Madeira, a casualty of the Mataafa Storm.
  • Mataafa impacted the north pier of the Duluth Ship Canal and sank 28 November 1905 during a storm of which it is the namesake. Nine of 24 crewmen died of cold weather exposure as Duluthians helplessly watched from shore.[76]


  • USS Cairo a river gunboat struck a torpedo in the Yazoo River and sank on 12 December 1862.
  • Josephine a side-wheel steamer foundered off the barrier islands.

New Jersey

  • Adonis struck shore Deal Beach
  • USS Arundo torpedoed off New Jersey
  • SS Atlantus sank in a storm off the coast of New Jersey
  • Ayuruoca collision off New Jersey
  • Beth Dee Bob foundered in storm off New Jersey
  • Brunette collision off New Jersey
  • Chappara struck mine off New Jersey
  • Choapa collision off New Jersey
  • Delaware burned then sank under tow off New Jersey
  • Goulandris collision off New Jersey
  • Gulftrade torpedoed off New Jersey
  • USS Jacob Jones (DD-130) sunk by a U-boat off the coast of New Jersey
  • Lana Carol foundered off Manasquan Inlet New Jersey
  • Malta ran aground near Belmar
  • Maurice Tracy collision off New Jersey
  • Mohawk collision off New Jersey
  • USS Moonstone (PYc-9) Sunk by collision with the USS Greer (DD-145) off Cape May
  • SS Morro Castle fire off Asbury Park
  • Park City collision off New Jersey
  • Persephone torpedoed off New Jersey
  • SS Pinta collision off New Jersey
  • Pliny ran aground Deal Beach
  • Rjukan ran aground on New Jersey
  • R.P. Resor torpedoed off New Jersey
  • Rusland struck wreck of Adonis
  • San Saba struck mine off New Jersey
  • Sindia ran aground on the beach of Ocean City, 1901
  • Stolt Dagali collision off New Jersey
  • Tolten torpedoed off New Jersey
  • U-869, discovered off the coast of New Jersey in 1991
  • Vega capsized under tow off New Jersey
  • Vizcaya collision off New Jersey
  • Western World ran aground on New Jersey coast

New York

North Carolina

  • USS Aeolus (ARC-3) Sunk as an artificial reef in 1988
  • Altoona ran aground Cape Hatteras
  • Ashkhabad torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Atlas torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Australia torpedoed off North Carolina
  • USS Bainbridge (1842) capsized off Cape Hatteras in 1863
  • HMT Bedfordshire torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Bendigo, North Carolina
  • British Splendour torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Carroll A. Deering ran aground at Cape Hatteras in 1921
  • Caribsea torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Carl Gerhard sunk off Nags Head
  • Cassimir collision off North Carolina
  • Catharine M. Monohan foundered off North Carolina
  • SS Central America steamship sank in a storm 9 September 1857.
  • Chilore torpedoed then struck mine, then foundered off North Carolina
  • USS Chopper (SS-342) Sunk off Cape Hatteras, 21 July 1976, while being rigged as a tethered underwater target
  • Ciltvaria torpedoed off Nags Head
  • City of Houston foundered off North Carolina
  • USS Comte de Grasse (DD-974) sunk as a target off North Carolina in July 2006
  • CSS Curlew sunk in battle in 1862 off Roanoke Island
  • David Atwater
  • Dixie Arrow torpedoed off North Carolina
  • E.M. Clark torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Empire Gem torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Esso Nashville torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Explorer sunk off Nags Head
  • F.W. Abrams struck mine off North Carolina
  • Fenwick Island foundered off North Carolina
  • Francis E. Waters now in town hall Nags Head
  • G.A. Kohler tropical cyclone North Carolina
  • George Weems burned off North Carolina
  • Gray Ghost sunk and later recovered near Belhaven, North Carolina
  • Hesperides stranded off North Carolina
  • SS Home sunk off Ocracoke Inlet in the 1837 Racer's Storm
  • USS Huron grounded on North Carolina coast
  • Hutton torpedoed off North Carolina
  • USS Indra (ARL-37) Sunk as artificial reef off North Carolina coast in 1992
  • John D. Gill torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Kasandra Louloudis torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Keshena struck mine off North Carolina
  • Kyzickes grounded on North Carolina coast
  • Lancing torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Laura A. Barnes ashore Coquina Beach Cape Hatteras
  • SS Liberator torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Lois Joyce sank in surf Oregon Inlet North Carolina
  • Malchace torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Manuela torpedoed off North Carolina
  • Metropolis sunk off Corolla
  • USS Monitor lost off Cape Hatteras on 31 December 1862.
  • Naeco torpedoed off North Carolina
  • CSS Neuse aground in Neuse River
  • USS New Jersey (BB-16) bombed as target off Cape Hatteras
  • Normannia foundered off North Carolina
  • SS Oriental sunk near Oregon Inlet
  • Papoose torpedoed and sank off Oregon Inlet[77][78]
  • Pevensey blockade runner, off Atlantic Beach
  • Porta Allegra (unknown reason) off North Carolina
  • Portland ran aground Cape Lookout
  • Proteus collision off North Carolina
  • HMCS St. Laurent a Canadian destroyer sank off Cape Hatteras in 1980.
  • USS Schurz collision off North Carolina
  • CSS Sea Bird Rammed and sunk by USS Commodore Perry (1859) off Elizabeth City in 1862
  • Senateur Duhammel collision off North Carolina
  • USCGC Spar (WLB-403) scuttled in October 2004 in 108 feet of water, 30 miles off Morehead City
  • Suloide collision off North Carolina
  • Tamaulipas torpedoed off North Carolina
  • USS Tarpon (SS-175) foundered off North Carolina
  • U-352 depth charged off North Carolina
  • U-701 depth charged off North Carolina
  • U-85 sunk by gunfire off North Carolina
  • Veturia grounded off North Carolina
  • USS Virginia (BB-13) bombed as target off Cape Hatteras
  • W.E. Hutton torpedoed off North Carolina[77]
  • SS William Rockefeller torpedoed off North Carolina
  • USS Yancey (AKA-93) sunk as an artificial reef off Morehead City, 1990



  • Blue Magpie 3,800-ton cargo freighter that hit Newport's North Jetty 19 November 1983 while attempting to enter Yaquina Bay during a storm and sank. The fuel tanks ruptured, releasing 60,000 gallons of Bunker C oil and 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel. Near the tip of the jetty at the south side of the bay's mouth the ship's wreckage was visible just above the water for a number of years before it finally collapsed.[79]
  • New Carissa. Freighter which ran aground near Coos Bay in 1999 and was wrecked; bow section towed out to sea and sunk, stern section remains on beach.
  • SS Oliver Olson 307-foot (94 m) ship headed to Bandon to load lumber went aground on 3 November 1953. Part of its hull has been filled with rocks to form an extension of the Coquille River South Jetty near Bandon. There is a photo of the ship shortly after it went aground in 1953.[80]
  • Peter Iredale. Ran aground off coast of Astoria in 1906, still remains on beach.
  • Sujameco 3,542-ton steamship traveling from San Francisco to Coos Bay to pick up lumber hit the beach in fog on 28 February 1929 8 miles (13 km) north of Coos Bay. Remains can be seen at Horsfall Beach during the winter when the sand recedes.[81]


Rhode Island

South Carolina


  • Eclipse a Mississippi River steamboat exploded near Johnsonville Tennessee 27 January 1865. List of killed at [82]
  • Sultana a Mississippi River paddlewheeler exploded four miles (6 km) south of Memphis in what is now Arkansas on 27 April 1865.
  • Chattanoogaa paddlewheel steamer sank in the Tennessee River near Chattanooga, Tennessee.



  • A.R. Noyes a standard canal boat broke loose from tug at Proctor Shoal, Lake Champlain on 17 October 1884.[86]
  • General Butler a sailing canal boat hit breakwater near Burlington on Lake Champlain on 9 December 1876.[87]
  • O.J. Walker a sailing canal boat sunk in a gale near Burlington on 11 May 1895.[88]
  • Phoenix a steamer caught fire near Colchester Shoal on 4 September 1819.[89]
  • An unknown horse ferry, the only known example of a horse-powered ferry on Lake Champlain, found in Burlington Bay.[90][91]
  • Water Witch a schooner foundered in a gale off Diamond Island on 26 April 1866.[92]


Wake Island

  • Libelle a German barque which shipwrecked on the eastern reef during a gale on 4 March 1866.[93]
  • Hayate a Japanese destroyer sunk by US Marines on 11 December 1941.
  • Kisaragi a Japanese destroyer sunk by US Marines on 11 December 1941.


  • Isabella a Hudson's Bay Company British supply ship wrecked in 1830. Remains are in 40 feet of water off Cape Disappointment near Astoria. Site is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the National Park Service.[94]
  • Great Republic (steamboat) an American steamboat accidentally run aground on sand in 1879 and subsequently destroyed by waves near the mouth of the Columbia River.


South America


  • Desdemona in 1986 in Cabo San Pablo (54°17'51.34"S 66°41'58.82"W).
  • Sarmiento in April 1912 in Punta Remolino (54°51'40.49"S 67°51'22.39"W).
  • Duchess of Albany in July 1893 in Caleta Policarpo.
  • Usurbil in 1993 in Ing. White, trawler (70m) built in Spain. Destroyed by fire in 1993 while being at port, she was later moved to a minor channel in the estuary where she currently rests (38º49'36S 62º15'55W).
  • ARA General Belgrano destroyed during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • ARA Bahía Buen Suceso, captured by British forces during the Falklands War and sunk in target exercises in 1982.
  • ARA Isla de los Estados destroyed during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • Atlantic Conveyor, British merchant ship, now a protected wreck site, sunk by Exocet missile during the Falklands War.
  • HMS Antelope destroyed during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • HMS Ardent destroyed during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • HMS Coventry sunk by Argentine aircraft during the Falklands War in 1982.
  • HMS Sheffield destroyed during the Falklands War in 1982.

(source: Lista de Naufragios)


  • Campos in 1943, torpedoed by a U-boat.
  • Elihu B. Washburne in 1943, in Santos Bay.
  • Tocantins sunk in 1933, at the Queimada Grande Island, due to heavy fog.
  • Príncipe de Asturias, a liner that sunk in 1916, near Ilha Bela, and was carrying over 500 passengers (official list).
  • Aquidabã, a 1885 Brazilian "ironside" that sunk after exploding near the Jacuacanga strait, in Angra dos Reis bay, in 1906.
  • Bezerra de Menezes cargo ship that sunk after a collision, in 1891.
  • California rare 1806 "direct acting engine" steamer, with a centered propulsion wheel, carrying personal care articles - sunk after a pirate raid, in 1866, at Ilha Grande, Angra dos reis.
  • Pinguino a popular dive site at Ilha Grande, this was a grain cargo ship that sunk - after a fire aboard - in 1967.
  • Sir Foxwell Buxton (ship) emigrant ship caught fire in 1853


  • U-128 was attacked by US Navy aircraft and destroyers on May 16, 1943 off the coast near Recife, Brazil. After considerable shelling and aerial bombing which rendered her dead in the water, the crew scuttled her the next day at 11° 0' S, 35° 43' W.



  • Chilean schooner Covadonga sunk by a mine outside Chancay in 1880.
  • Adresito capsized in Amazon River, Iquitos, Loreto Maynas, at least 134 people confirmed dead, in March 1990.
  • La Chachita capsized by stormy conditions in Marranon River, at least 150 people confirmed dead, in May 1991.
  • Santa Elena capsized in Tepiche River, Loreto, at least fifty people confirmed dead, in March 2008.


Galápagos Islands

  • Ann Alexander an American whaleship sunk after it was rammed by a sperm whale on 20 August 1851.



New South Wales

  • Dunbar sank after striking rocks in 1857 - 121 lives lost
  • HMAS Voyager sank after collision with HMAS Melbourne - 82 killed
  • Japanese midget submarine M84 - sank some time after 31 May 1942 after being shelled during attack on Sydney harbour - 2 lives lost
  • SS Cawarra sank in rough seas in 1866 - 60 lives lost, 1 survivor
  • Greycliffe Sydney ferry collided with the mail steamer Tahiti in 1927 and sank with the loss of 40 lives
  • Sygna ran aground in 1974 near Newcastle
  • Tuggerah sank during a storm in 1919, off Marley Beach south of Sydney - 6 lives lost
  • SS Duckenfield struck Long Reef in 1889 on its way to Sydney - no lives lost




Western Australia

South Australia

  • Fanny, 1838
  • Maria, 1840
  • Grecian, 1850
  • Varoon, 1856
  • SS Admella, 1859 (South Australia's worst shipwreck with 89 lives lost, including 14 children)
  • Geltwood, 1876
  • Edith Haviland, 1877
  • Star of Greece, 1888
  • Loch Vennachar, 1905 (off Kangaroo Island with the loss of 27 lives)

Northern Territory

Federated States of Micronesia


  • 60 ships and 275 airplanes sunk during World War II Operation Hailstone in Truk Lagoon, including:
    • Aikoko Maru
    • Fujikawa Maru
    • Heian Maru
    • Sankisan Maru
    • Shinkoko Maru
    • I-169 Shinohara, a submarine that participated in attack on Pearl Harbor


French Polynesia




Marshall Islands

New Zealand

Solomon Islands

Ironbottom Sound

High Seas

Atlantic Ocean

  • I-52
  • German battleship Bismarck
  • HMS Hood British battlecruiser
  • SS Mount Temple scuttled by German surface raider SMS Moewe. For more details of her sinking see A valuable cargo of dinosaur skeletons and other fossils from Alberta, Canada were on board the Mount Temple.
  • USS Scorpion was a nuclear submarine that sank in 1968 with all hands due to a torpedo hot-run, and subsequent failure to shutdown prior to torpedo arming and detonation. The vessel has 2 nuclear warheads and one nuclear reactor.
  • USS Thresher sank in 1963 during deep-diving trials with all hands on board. Flooding had led to a reactor shutdown, and the sailors were unable to surface due to a malfunction in the emergency blow system. It lies on the seafloor with one nuclear reactor in place.
  • RMS Titanic was the largest passenger ship in the world when she sank in 1912 with over 1500 lives lost. She sank due to a glancing collision with an iceberg.
  • Pamir sunk in Hurricane Carrie
  • Soviet submarine K-219 sank in 1986 (after an alleged collision with USS AUGUSTA) due to an explosion in a missile tube and a fire, which disabled the submarine and led to evacuation. The boat sank with her 2 nuclear reactor plants 16 SS-N-6 liquid fuelled missiles and 34 nuclear warheads.
  • SS Polybius was torpedoed by a German U-boat on June 27, 1942 about 250 miles east of Trinidad. Within 10 minutes, the ship was on the bottom at 10° 55' N, 57° 40' W.

Baltic Sea

Barents Sea

  • The nuclear-powered Soviet submarine K-278 Komsomolets caught fire and sank in the Barents Sea in 1989, with 2 nuclear weapons still on board and 2 nuclear reactors.
  • FV Gaul. The worst peacetime disaster to befall the UK fishing fleet the Gaul disappeared without trace on the night of the 8–9 February 1974.

Black Sea

  • Struma - torpedoed by a Soviet submarine on 24 February 1942
  • Armenia - German airplane attack on 7 November 1941

Indian Ocean

  • HMS Hermes, The world's first purpose-built aircraft carrier sunk after receiving 40 direct hits from Vice-Admiral Chuichi Nagumo's 70 Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter/bombers off the coast of Sri Lanka, near Batticaloa, on April 9, 1942
  • SS Selma City was attacked by Japanese bombers on April 6, 1942 in the Bay of Bengal, about 25 miles offshore from Vizagapatam (now Vishakhapatnam), India. The ship finally sank the next day at 17° 11' N, 83° 20' E.

Mediterranean Sea

Pacific Ocean

Red Sea

Other Egyptian (Nile) wrecks are listed under Egypt. The wrecks of the Red Sea include:

  • Aida, troop / supply ship, Big Brother island. Sank 15 September 1957.[103]
  • Al-Baraqua II, passenger ferry capsized in 2006.
  • MS al-Salam Boccaccio 98, passenger ferry sank near Duba, Saudi Arabia on 2 February 2006
  • SS Carnatic, Sha'ab Abu Nuhas, north of Hurghada - hit reef 12 September 1869, 31 died during eventual sinking on 14 September 1869.[104][105]
  • Chrisoula K, Sha'ab Abu Nuhas, north of Hurghada - sank 31 August 1981.[106]
  • SS Dunraven - hit a reef and sank on 25 April 1876.[107]
  • Giannis D, Sha'ab Abu Nuhas, North of Hurghada - sank with its cargo of timber on 19 April 1983.[108][109]
  • HMS Hussar
  • Iria
  • Kimon M, Sha'ab Abu Nuhas, north of Hurghada - sank 12 December 1978.[110][111]
  • Numidia, Big Brother island. Sank 20 July 1901.[112]
  • El Mina, near Hurghada - bombed by the Israelis in 1969[113]
  • Nola
  • SS Rosalie Moller, north of Hurghada - sister ship to the Thistlegorm[114] or not [115]
  • Salem Express at Port Safaga, 57 miles (about 91 km) off Hurghada, 17 December 1991.
  • SS Thistlegorm, sunk by German bombers in 1941 near Sharm el-Sheikh.[116]
  • Vicar of Bray
  • Zingara, commonly referred to as the Kormoran, sailed from Aqaba with a cargo of Phosphate Rock and hit the Laguna Reef in the Strait of Tiran.

South China Sea

Further reading

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