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Olean Diesel
Founded 2005
League Northeastern Football Alliance
Team History Southern Tier Diesel (2005-)
Stadium Bradner Stadium
Based in Olean, New York
Team colors Purple, Black
Championships None
Team website

The Southern Tier Diesel, occasionally known in the press as the Olean Diesel to indicate its home city, is an amateur American football franchise that participates in the Northeastern Football Alliance. The team is owned by Lawrence "J.R." Bennion and is based at Bradner Stadium in Olean, New York.[1] A permanent name for the team is expected in early 2009, but the team has decided to keep the Diesel name.

The team was founded in 2005 as the Southern Tier Diesel after the Hornell Dragons moved to Corning (becoming the "Crystal City Dragons"). The Diesel played at Hornell High School (Maple City Stadium) in Hornell and later at Victory Park in nearby Wayland. As the Diesel, Bennion stated that a lack of football players in the area led to a limited talent pool (to the point where players already from the Olean area, where football is more popular, were joining the team). Because of this and a small population,[1] they have traditionally been one of the league's worst franchises, finishing with an 0-10 record in 2008.

The team signed an agreement to move the franchise to Olean, New York on December 17, 2008. They will play at Bradner Stadium beginning in 2009.[2] This is Cattaraugus County's second NFA/NYAFL franchise; the Buffalo Gladiators had played in Salamanca, 18 miles away, for a year in the early 2000s. Bennion cited the higher population density and more high school football teams in the area as the impetus for the move;[1] compared to the Wayland-based roster of less than 20 players in 2008, the Olean team in 2009 has 42 players, 28 of which originate from the area's "Big 30" local high schools.[3]

The team actively recruits current college football players, meaning its players are strictly amateurs and receive no payment for services, to prevent those players from losing eligibility to play at college. (The NFA does allow players to be paid if teams so choose.)

2008 Season Stats

Date Result Opponent
7.12.08 Lose, 0-48 at Buffalo Gladiators
7.26.08 Lose, 0-2 at Troy Fighting Irish
8.2.08 Lose, 6-42 Utica Yard Dogs
8.9.08 Lose, 0-2 at Lockport Rage
8.16.08 Lose, 8-36 Glove City Colonials
8.23.08 Lose, 0-44 Lyndonville Tigers
9.6.08 Lose, 12-47 Buffalo Gladiators
9.13.08 Lose, 0-2 at Glove City Colonials
9.20.08 Lose, 14-50 Lockport Rage
9.27.08 Lose, 7-35 Lyndonville Tigers

2009 Season Stats

Date Result Opponent
6.20.09 Lose, 7-34 at Buffalo Gladiators
6.27.09 Lose, 0-37 vs. Jamestown Chiefs (from Wayland, NY)
7.10.09 Lose, 6-33 at Lyndonville Tigers
7.18.09 Lose, 0-40 at Troy Fighting Irish
8.1.09 Win, 29-0 at Rome
8.8.09 Win, 42-0 vs. Cortland (First game at Bradner's)
8.15.09 Lose, 30-6 vs. Buffalo
8.22.09 Lose, 46-14 at Jamestown
8.28.09 Lose, 31-0 vs. Lyndonville

The Diesel were awarded an additional win by forfeit after the Rome Rampage left the league.




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