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Oliver Samuels
Born November 4, 1948 (1948-11-04) (age 61) [1]
St. Mary, Jamaica [1]

Oliver Adolphus Samuels is a Jamaican comedian and actor. He is often described as the Jamaican "King of Comedy" performing both stand up and comic theatre.[2]



Samuels found fame on the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation's television series Oliver At Large, which was created by producer Calvin Butler and playwright Aston Cooke. In this series, Oliver played his alter ego Olivius Adams, aka Oliver. The series featured sketches from Oliver's exploits, often with his sidekick, Maffi. Several spin-off theatre pieces have been created for the Oliver character including Large Abroad, Oliver's Posse (1999), Oliver and Pinocchio (2001), and Oliver and the Genie (2002).

Oliver Samuels, known by most through his vastly popular television series, Oliver at Large, has combined a career in marketing with life on stage, touring every year between spring and summer before returning home for his executive offices at Mack D's—the Kingston-based company where he is a director and head of marketing and public relations.

Abroad, he is known as Jamaica's Bill Cosby, and is a brand name that is synonymous with Jamaica and laughter. Samuels is widely regarded as one of the funniest talents to emerge from the Caribbean.

In addition to his work with the local car company, Oliver Samuels was recently selected by the wire transfer service Unitransfer to star in a series of advertisements that will market their products to Florida's Caribbean community.

Samuels also, in recent times, piloted the launch of Oliver's Yaad Cyaad which features Samuels giving instructions in Patois and standard English. The unique feature of Patois prompts is a first for the international calling-card industry.

As well as having a large following in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, Samuels frequently tours Britain and North America, playing to the Caribbean ex-pat community.

Recently Oliver Samuels took part in a pantomime which was a live performance showing at Hackney Empire from the 6th of November to the 7th of November, this show was called Common Law which is written by Jamaica's leading playwright Aston Cooke. First produced in Jamaica as CONCUBINE, Common Law has been performed in New York, Florida and Toronto. Common Law which was a live performance held at Hackney Empire on the 6th and 7th of November, was about Oliver who played Winston and his wife Patsy which he lived with for fifteen years. Winston decides to leave his wife Patsy of fifteen years to find another young attractive woman named Lisa.

Winston even told Patsy about how he was going to get married to another woman which was Lisa. Patsy was so upset because she was married to Winston for fifteen years as Winston didn't want to marry Patsy Winston said "this is my house and I think it's time you moved on!" so Pasty left Winston. Later on while Winston was Married to Lisa after one year, Winston soon found out that she couldn't do all the things that Patsy could do such as cooking,cleaning and housework. Lisa decided to hire a helper to help her around the home. Little did she know that Patsy was the helper, and Patsy found ways to ruin their marriage such as telling Lisa to make a stew with "pig's tail" because Winston doesn't eat pork and Patsy knew this.Patsy also put bleach in with Winston's washing and ruined his clothes, she also put itching powder in the bed. When Lisa found out about Patsy being behind all this there was a big fight between Patsy and Lisa this ended the marriage.

Winston found himself depressed with no wife at all. Lisa was married to Winston so she had full access to his bank account and credit card details, Lisa stole all the money and left Winston money less. After a short while his ex-wife Patsy came back to see him. Patsy was dressed really smart like a business woman, Winston begged Patsy to move back in with him he even said "you look very nice" but she refused and said " I have gone through fifteen years and I am not falling for your trick again!". At the end of the show Patsy said to Winston "I have moved on and you Winston should do the same!" Winston was sat on the floor while Patsy left the house leaving him on his own. The whole show lasted for approximately three hours and thirty minutes.


The Mighty Quinn - As Officer Rupert(1984)

Countryman - as pillion rider (1982)
Smile Orange - (1974)


Chef! as Gareth Henry's father (2 episodes, 1993 & 1996)


Common law As Winston 6th November (2009)


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