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Omamori Himari
Cover of the first volume of Omamori Himari as published by Fujimi Shobo featuring Himari
(Omamori Himari)
Genre Action, Supernatural, Romantic comedy, Harem
Author Matra Milan
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
English publisher Canada United States Yen Press
Demographic Shōnen
Magazine Monthly Dragon Age
Original run February 1, 2007 – ongoing
Volumes 6 (List of volumes)
Light novel
Author Kougetsu Mikazuki
Illustrator Matra Milan
Publisher Fujimi Shobo
Demographic Shōnen
Imprint Fujimi Fantasia Bunko
Magazine Dragon Magazine
Original run July 19, 2008 – ongoing
Volumes 4
TV anime
Director Shinji Ushiro
Studio Zexcs
Network TV Kanagawa
Original run January 6, 2010March 24, 2010
Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
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Omamori Himari (おまもりひまり?, lit. "Protective Charm Himari") is a Japanese manga series written by Matra Milan, about a boy whose life is turned around on his 16th birthday when a mysterious girl appears as his bodyguard against the demons that are now trying to kill him. It was first serialized in Fujimi Shobo's manga magazine, Monthly Dragon Age. The manga is licensed in North America by Yen Press and in Taiwan by one of Kadokawa Shoten's subsidiary company, Kadokawa Media.

In the fifth tankōbon of Omamori Himari, the author announced that the manga will be adapted into an animated series by Zexcs.



Seven years ago, Yuto Amakawa's parents died in a car accident, leaving him alone without a single relative. Ever since then, his childhood friend, Rinko Kuzaki, has woken him up, cooked for him, and generally takes care of him. The only thing he has from any relative is a mysterious charm, a red ball, given to him by his grandparents as a good luck charm (an omamori).

From the day of his 16th birthday, his charm is said to not be able to protect him from evil spirits anymore, and Himari--a cat spirit samurai girl and demon huntress who, aside from wanting to copulate with him madly, swears to protect Yuto--was activated as his bodyguard, and appears in Yuto's life. There is only one small problem: Yuto has a severe allergic reaction to cats.


Yuto Amakawa (天河 優人 Amakawa Yūto?) Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa
Yuto is the only living descendant of the Amakawa Clan, one of 12 ancient demon-slayer families. His parents died in a car accident when he was young, causing him to fall into a state of depression. It was only through the care and help of his childhood friend Rinko that brought him out of his depression. All his life, Yūto possessed a charm that was said to ward off evil spirits, but that the charm would stop working on his 16th birthday. On the day of his 16th birthday, Yuto meets Himari, a katana-wielding girl at his school. Himari is actually a cat spirit and descendant of a clan of spirit cats that have served the Amakawa for many generations, and it is now her duty to protect Yuto. This is complicated by the fact that Yuto has an allergic reaction to cats that causes his eyes to water and his nose to run. Yuto's life becomes more complicated when he discovers that he can wield the "Light Ferry" (光渡し hikari-watashi?), the Amakawa Clan's ancient demon-slaying power that is both feared by demons and spirits due to its very powerful nature and coveted by members of the other demon-slaying families. Initially unable to wield this great power voluntarily, Yuto has since learned to exert some minor control over his power.
Abilities: As the descendant of the Amakawa Clan, Yuto can wield the Light Ferry, an ability that turns common objects (such as a pole or a twig) into powerful weapons equivalent to that of a legendary sword. Yuto can also use his Light Ferry to strengthen his body.
Himari (緋鞠 Himari?) Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu
Nicknamed Noihara the Crimson Blade, Himari is a white cat demon that played with Yuto during his childhood when he stayed at his grandparents' house. When Yuto asked why her hair is black even though she is a white cat, she admits in her mind that she modeled it after Kuesu's but she also says that she would rather have her mouth ripped off then admit that. Himari has loved Yuto since his childhood and often flirts with him and forms a stronger bond with Yuto after he remembers his time in the past with her. Armed with Yasutsuna (安綱?), a katana from Yuto's grandparents, she is quite skillful when it comes to close combat. Her knowledge of the modern world is very limited and she mostly speaks in an archaic and overly polite way. She doesn't have any parents since her mother died after birth and her father was a different species or wild cat, since her species are all female. If she loses her sanity in battle, Himari can turn into a demon cat with an uncontrollable bloodlust.
Abilities: Animorphosis (turning from a cat to a human, even halfway showing distinctive cat features such as ears and a tail), superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes. She is also an expert with close combat and bladed weapons (in one episode of the anime, she used a scythe against Ageha). After losing her sanity, Himari gains increased skills in all areas as well as a great bloodlust.
Rinko Kuzaki (九崎 凛子 Kuzaki Rinko?) Voiced by: Iori Nomizu
Rinko is Yuto's tomboyish childhood friend (when he lived with his parents). Rinko cried along with Yuto when his parents died, and she helped him out of his depression. She has a crush on Yuto and was quite comfortable in that position until the other girls started to flirt with him. Every year during a summer festival, as a sort of tradition, Yuto buys Rinko two red ribbons that she wears all year round.
She has a cat named Ranmaru as a pet, which she sometimes uses as a tool to threaten Yuto because of his allergies or to wake him up in the morning. She feels incredibly jealous towards most of the girls who flirt with Yuto because of an inferiority complex from their well-endowed breasts. She always ruins every romantic/ecchi mood between Yuto and the other girls, always hitting Yuto in the head/face with her fist or whatever she can get her hands on to knock him down to the ground in most cases, despite the fact he had nothing to do with it. The only time she doesn't do so is when she joins in.
Abilities: Excellent athletic qualities.
Shizuku (静水久 Shizuku?) Voiced by: Kei Shindō
Shizuku is a Mizuchi (Water dragon demon) in the form of a short, green-haired small girl with a snake tongue that can stretch rather far, similar to that of a chameleon. Shizuku usually has a stoic expression, and is almost always completely soaked with water. However, her stoic expression can quickly change to that of a insane grin when her desire to kill emerges. Shizuku's entire family was killed by the members of the Jibashiri clan, giving her somewhat of a grudge against them. She first meets Yuto at a river, where she warns Yuto that if he continues to go along with his demon slayer heritage, she would kill him. To make sure of this, she invites herself to live in Yuto's house and starts to like him romantically. On numerous occasions, she takes opportunities to flirt with him in front of others. After meeting one of the descendants of the now extinct Jibashiri demon slayers that killed her family followed by an intervention by Yuto, she finally lets go of her grudge. She often ends her sentences with "nano" (なの?).
Abilities: Besides doing house chores, Shizuku can manipulate water and ice and use it as a weapon or medium, even to the extent of healing Yuto's wounds. She can revive her body after being sliced into two and is nearly impossible to defeat around environments with plenty of water. Also, due to her being a Mizuchi, she is sensitive to variations in temperature and needs to cool herself down in the summer by eating shaved ice while preferring to stay in warm places during the winter like hiding in a kotatsu.
Lizlet L. Chelsie (リズリット・L・チェルシー Rizuritto Eru Cherushī?) Voiced by: Asuka Ogame
Lizlet works in a tea café as a busty blonde waitress wearing a maid's outfit. In reality, she is a tsukumogami, an inanimate object that comes to life after a hundred years, with her true body being an antique tea cup that the tea café's owner bought in England. When she meets Yuto at her workplace, she believed that he was some kind of exorcist and that he was trying to kill her. So, in a panic, she added poison into Yuto's tea, which was soon foiled by Shizuku tasting it. Himari then attacks her and she was soon able to find Liz's real body, and as Liz was trying to get it back, Himari dropped it, but Yuto was able to catch it and save Liz. After the misunderstanding was cleared, Liz began taking a liking to Yuto and sees him as her "Special Customer" and "Master". She also has a strong desire to serve him a cup of Milk Tea, where every time she says so she hugs her breasts, suggesting she means her breast milk. In Chapter 27.5 of the manga, it shows that Lizlet feels whatever the teacup feels, shown when Himari rubs and licks it.
Abilities: Superhuman strength and speed. Because her human body is an illusion, she is unable to receive damage or feel pain even after being stabbed through the heart.
Kaya (加耶 Kaya?) Voiced by: Mariko Honda
Kaya is a zashiki-warashi (a child's spirit that resides in a tatami mat) who serves the Amakawa family and lives in Yuto's grandparents' house. She is extremely fond of Himari and often threatens Yuto whenever he gets close to Himari, as she would rather have him dead because Himari wouldn't have to leave the house. She is the one that supplied Shizuku with the Amakawa's family book, which contains information about the family itself and Himari's.
Abilities: Force field generation.
Ageha (明夏羽 Ageha?) Voiced by: Chiaki Takahashi
Ageha is an air demon (Hinoenma) that tried to kill Yuto along with her accomplice Sasa (沙砂?), a small monopedal (and androgynous) cyclops boy (where in the anime he is a girl), in a forest but was almost killed by Himari in a demon rage until Yuto stepped in to save her. Later on, Ageha returns after Himari was shrunken by Kuesu's magic and kidnapped Yuto with help from Sasa in human form. She brought him under a bridge to drink his blood but found herself so intoxicated by it that she actually tried to violate him until the intervention of Himari. It is suggested that she may have feelings for Yuto where in the anime it is blantenly clear, as she repeatedly tries to gain his attention by wearing revealing outfits and trying to have sex with him.
Abilities: Aside from stretching limbs and having pyrokinetic abilities, Ageha can increase her demon powers if she drinks a demon slayers' blood. However, it must mix properly with her own blood first or else she will be intoxicated. Sasa, as a cyclops, has the ability to fire beams of energy from his eye(s) and increase his mass at will as well as summoning giant wooden pillars to crush his opponents. In the anime, he is able to fix Himari's sword (something that was done by Kuesu in the manga by recreating the sword through some sort of time magic) by shooting it with energy from his eye as his kind are excellent swordsmiths.
Kuesu Jinguji (神宮寺 くえす Jingūji Kuesu?) Voiced by: Yuki Matsuoka
Kuesu is the daughter and the heir of the Jinguji demon-slaying family. She is part of Yuto's past and claims that Yuto's grandfather had promised their marriage. It is later revealed that Yuto's memories of a cute girl, which he thought was Himari, was actually Kuesu. She is highly aggressive and assertive, going so far as to kiss Yuto twice in front of Himari just to stake her claim. Unlike Yuto, she is trained in her heritage, and is fully capable of fighting. The Jinguji family is seen by the other families as heretics and weaklings to the demons and spirits for using Western magic. However, the Amakawa were kind to the Jinguji, causing Kuesu and her family to constantly ally themselves with the Amakawa family through marriage. Her magical powers are rumored to be as powerful as that of 10 people. She is clever but devious, as she even went to the extent of offering Shizuku revenge against the descendant of the demon slayers that killed her clan, only to turn on her for following her instinct.
An interesting point of note is that Kuesu has a small crescent mark on her forehead, similar to the one that sometimes appears on the forehead of Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon. Because of this, she is known as the "Twilight Moon". Like the other girls, she, too, loves Yuto. Among the girls, Kuesu has kissed Yuto the most so far at 5 times and calls him "Yu-chan". It was later revealed that Kuesu gave Yuto his cat allergy; when they were little, Kuesu hated how close Himari was to Yuto, so she used her magic to make him allergic to cats.
Abilities: Kuesu is very adept in Western magic as well as use of her gun loaded with magic bullets, which looks like a M1911.45 pistol.
Sae Kisaragi (如月 冴 Kisaragi Sae?) Voiced by: Michiko Neya
Yuto, Rinko, and Himari's female school teacher. A smoker and a pervert, she always seems to catch Yuto in an erotic act with a girl. She is actually passively supportive of whatever erotic acts the students do as long as they do it outside of class time. Also, in chapter 8, it is implied she may be a yōkai as well. Rinko sometimes calls her "Sae-chan", which she detests.
Ranka Mikari (三雁 藍華 Mikari Ranka?)
A descendant of the Jibashiri demon-slayers and an acquaintance of Kuesu, she doesn't have her powers and was nearly killed by Shizuku until Yuto intervened. She states that if her powers awakened she would be on Yuto's side.



Light Novel

Omamori Himari novel is written by Kougetsu Mikazuki and illustrated by Matra Milan. It is serialised in Fujimi Shobo's Dragon Magazine. The first volume was released on July 19, 2008, and as of January 20, 2010, four volumes have been published by Fujimi Shobo under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint.[1][2]



The fourth volume of Omamori Himari reached 29th on the Tohan charts between November 11 and 17, 2008.[3] The fifth volume of Omamori Himari reached 15th on the Tohan charts between April 7 and 13, 2009,[4] and 27th between January 11-17, 2010.[5]


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