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Omar or Omer is a surname or given name with various origins:




  • Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, lead guitarist and composer of The Mars Volta and former guitarist of At the Drive-In
  • Omar Lye-Fook, a British soul singer and musician, one of the founders of the Neo Soul movement of the 1990s
  • Omar Naber, a Slovenian singer
  • Don Omar, a Puerto-Rican reggaeton artist
  • Omarion (born 1984), an American R&B singer, actor, songwriter, record producer, dancer
  • Omar Khairat (born 1949), Egyptian pianist & musician, founder of the Egyptian Conservatory institution
  • Omar Faruk Tekbilek (born 1951), is a Turkish virtuoso flautist.



  • Saint Omer or Saint Omaars, a siant and placename named after the saint
  • Omar al-Bashir (born 1944), the dictator of Sudan
  • Omar Bradley, US 5-Star General
  • Omar Bongo, President of Gabon (1967-2009)
  • Omar Bradley, one of the main U.S. Army field commanders in North Africa and Europe during World War II
  • Omar ibn al-Khattāb, the second Caliph of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam
  • Omar Khayyám, a medieval Persian poet and scientist
  • Omar Little, character on the HBO drama The Wire
  • Omar Mukhtar, leader of the resistance movement against the Italian military occupation of Libya
  • Omar Torrijos, the Commander of the Panamanian National Guard and the de facto leader of Panama from 1968 to 1981
  • Mohammed Omar leader of the Taliban of Afghanistan and former ruler of Afghanistan
  • [Omar] Red Bull Bc One Winner! Year-2015


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Omar Ibn Al-Khattab (581 CE–644) is the 2nd successor and companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He is a significant figure in Islam known for expanding the Islamic empire by conquering Jerusalem, parts of the what is the present-day Iran, and other nearby areas.

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From Arabic عمر (ʕúmar) (a name), a variant of عامر (ʕāmir) (flourishing) < عمر (ʕámara), meaning "to live a long life".

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  1. A male given name.


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Meaning: eloquent

A son of Eliphaz, who was Esau's eldest son (Gen 36:11ff).

This entry includes text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897.

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