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"Omoide wa Okkusenman!"
A screenshot from the MAD Movie for "Okkusenman!" featuring Rockman fighting Airman with the lyrics "Ultraman Ultraman Seven" at the bottom of the screen
Song by "Blue Fang" (蒼い牙 Aoi Kiba ?)

from the album CD de Kiite Mite.: Nico Nico Douga Selection & Nico Nico Douga Selection: Sainō no Mudazukai

Published February 6, 2007
Released February 6, 2007
Language Japanese
Length 2:49
Writer The Internet
Composer Manami Matsumae
Cover versions

"Gomu" (ゴム ?), "CHROMES", JAM Project

"Omoide wa Okkusenman!" (思い出はおっくせんまん! ?, translated as "Memories are Priceless!" and variably written as "思い出は億千万!") is the name given to the lyrics put to the background music of Doctor Wily's Stage in Mega Man 2 titled "Wily's Castle (Dr. Wily Stage 1)". The background music was originally composed by Capcom composer Manami Matsumae. The "Okkusenman!" version was arranged by an individual solely identified as "Blue Fang" (蒼い牙 Aoi Kiba ?).[1][2] The earliest posting of the song online was to YouTube on February 6, 2007, by the user PiggKingg[3] and then posted in full on February 14.[4]

The first posting of the song with vocals by an individual known as "Gomu" (ゴム ?) occurred on YouTube on February 19, 2007.[5] The earliest postings of the song on Nico Nico Douga were on March 6, 2007, and sung by an individual (or group) known as "CHROMES"[6], followed by Gomu's minutes later.[7] The song has since become an Internet meme in Japan and the rest of the world.

The original writer of the song's lyrics is unknown.[8] When Nico Nico Douga attempted to discover the song's proper writer to include the song in one of their CDs[9], their campaign was unsuccessful and determined that the song was written as a collaboration of users in the Nico Nico Douga and Japanese internet communities.[10]

Its popularity in Japan led to various covers on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube as well as commercial releases. Gomu's version was included as a track on the album CD de Kiite Mite.: Nico Nico Douga Selection (CDで聞いてみて。~ニコニコ動画せれくちょん~ CD de Kiite Mite. ~Niko Niko Dōga Serekuchon~ ?, "Try to Listen to the CD.") released July 9, 2008.[11] At the 2008 Animelo Summer Live concert, Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Hiroshi Kitadani, Yoshiki Fukuyama, and Aki Misato performed a cover version of "Okkusenman!" to begin the second day's setlist. In 2009, JAM Project contributed a cover version of "Okkusenman!" to the album Nico Nico Douga Selection: Sainō no Mudazukai (ニコニコ動画せれくちょん~才能の無駄遣い~ Niko Niko Dōga Serekuchon ~Sainō no Mudazukai~ ?, "A Waste of Talent") as its bonus track.[12]


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