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On Stranger Tides  
On Stranger Tides cover
Author Tim Powers
Country United States
Language English
Genre(s) Historical fantasy
Publisher Ace Books (Hardcover edition) Babbage Press (Paperback edition)
Publication date 19 October 1988
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 388 pp (Paperback edition)
ISBN ISBN 0-246-13152-7 (Hardcover edition) & ISBN 1-930235-32-1 (Paperback edition)
OCLC Number 18071936

On Stranger Tides is a 1988 historical fantasy novel written by Tim Powers. It was reprinted in 2006 by Babbage Press with a limited edition in 2008 from Subterranean Press. It was nominated for the World Fantasy Award for Best Novel[1] and the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel.


Plot summary

This book follows the exploits of John "Jack Shandy" Chandagnac, who travels to the new world after the death of his puppeteer father to confront his uncle, who apparently has made off with the family inheritance. During the voyage, he gets to know a woman named Beth Hurwood and her father Benjamin Hurwood, an Oxford professor. Before they arrive, their ship is waylaid by pirates and, with the help of the professor and his assistant, the captain is killed and Chandagnac is forced to join the pirate crew. The reader discovers a sinister plot being concocted by the professor involving his dead wife, his living daughter, the Fountain of Youth, and Blackbeard. Chandagnac, now known as "Jack Shandy", must put a stop to these plans and save Beth Hurwood.

Influence on other works

Kim Newman based the name of a vampire in his Anno Dracula series on the main character of On Stranger Tides.[2]

Although Ron Gilbert has been widely quoted that the Monkey Island series of adventure games was inspired by Disneyland's Pirates of the Caribbean ride, he stated in a blog that the ride was mainly his inspiration for the ambience of the series, while his true inspiration was On Stranger Tides.[3]

Film adaptation

On September 11, 2009, The Walt Disney Company announced that in the summer of 2011, the fourth installment of the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean series would be entitled Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The announcement has fueled speculation that the movie will follow the plot of the novel, with Jack Sparrow replacing Jack Shandy as the story's protagonist,[4] especially as Powers sold the film rights for the novel to Disney.[5] On January 2010, Disney announced that the film will be released May 20, 2011.


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