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Iwame trout
Conservation status
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Salmoniformes
Family: Salmonidae
Genus: Oncorhynchus
Species: O. masou

Oncorhynchus masou var. iwame


Oncorhynchus iwame Kimura & Nakamura, 1961

The iwame trout or markless trout, Oncorhynchus masou var. iwame, is a fish in the Salmonidae family. It is endemic to Japan. Suspected to be not a real species since some time, it was recently confirmed as a particular morph occurring in some populations of the masu salmon or seema (Oncorhynchus masou). This morph is recessively inherited.

This morph occurs in the satsukimasu salmon (amago) and apparently also in the nominate subspecies yamame (Oncorhynchus masou masou), if these are not identical.



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