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Onslaught in X-Men vol. 2, #53 (June 1996). Art by Andy Kubert
Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance X-Men #15 (May 1996)
Created by Scott Lobdell
Mark Waid
Andy Kubert
In-story information
Team affiliations Dark Descendants
Notable aliases Charles Xavier
Abilities Superhuman strength and durability
Magnetism manipulation
Reality warping

Onslaught is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in X-Man #15 (May. 1996), and was co-created by writers Scott Lobdell, Mark Waid, and artist Andy Kubert.

The character of Onslaught has also been featured in video games and toy merchandise.


Publication history

The character is first alluded to when a shadowy figure with Onslaught's distinctive word-balloon coloring and design is seen speaking with a frightened Mystique.[1] "Onslaught" is first mentioned when the Juggernaut crashlands in Hoboken, New Jersey, having been hit hard enough by Onslaught to send him across the country.[2] The character fully appears when it communicates with Jean Grey on the astral plane.[3] Onslaught then imprisons Juggernaut within the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak[4] and defeats the X-Men.[5]

Onslaught is a psionic entity, revealed to have been created from the consciousnesses of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto. The villain intends to follow Magneto's intent of saving mutantkind and giving them control over the planet. However, upon seeing the truth from Dark Beast's memories of his Earth in what happens if mutants controlled the world, Onslaught decides neither humans or mutants should rule, and intends to destroy both races. After kidnapping Franklin Richards[6] and Nate Grey,[7] usurping their psionic powers to greatly increase his own, changing his physical form, Onslaught fights the Avengers, Fantastic Four, the Hulk, and the X-Men. When the Hulk is able to destroy Onslaught's armor, however, the villain then exists as pure psionic energy. This results in many of the non-mutant superheroes sacrificing their lives by entering Onslaught's form, disrupting the villain from within and weakening it; enabling the X-Men to finally destroy Onslaught. In the aftermath of the battle, all the combatants are presumed dead except Franklin Richards, Nate Grey, Quicksilver, the Banner-less Hulk, the Magneto clone known as Joseph, and the X-Men. [8]

In late 2006, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Onslaught event, a five-issue miniseries titled Onslaught Reborn, by writer Jeph Loeb and artist Rob Liefeld, features the return of the villain and explores these dangling plot threads.[9] Set after Decimation but before Civil War, it sees the mutant energy from the depowered mutants reforming Onslaught.[10] The series, Onslaught Reborn, ends with the villain floating in the Negative Zone. [11]

Powers and abilities

Onslaught is a psionic entity with superior physical and mental power; possessing the combined abilities of Charles Xavier, Magneto, Franklin Richards, and Nate Grey. At its prime, Onslaught is capable of telepathy, telekinesis, energy projection, sensing mutant presences, manipulating magnetic fields, and affecting reality itself. Onslaught can also enhance its physical size and strength.

In other media


Video games

Onslaught is a boss character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes voiced by Maurice Dean Wint.


Toy Biz have released two action figures of the character.


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