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Ontario Parliament Network
Shield of arms - Ontario Leg.jpg
provincewide Ontario, primarily on cable
Channels Analog: see below
Digital: TBA
Owner Government of Ontario
(Ontario Educational Communications Authority)
First air date 1986
Call letters’ meaning C J Ontario Legislature
Sister station(s) TVOntario

The Ontario Parliament Network is a television network in the Canadian province of Ontario, established in 1986 to broadcast the parliamentary proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario. It is available on all cable television providers in Ontario, as well as by webcast.

When the legislature is not sitting, the network broadcasts committee hearings which take place in the Amethyst Room. Each Sunday, a compilation series called Sunday Encore rebroadcasts the highlights from the previous week. Closed captioning is also provided.

The most notable thing about the channel is its music when meetings are adjourned. It plays Classical and Jazz music that is local around Ontario and Canada. However it repeats over after 5 albums are played.

List of transmitters

In a number of small communities in Northern Ontario without cable service, TVOntario also operates LPTV transmitters which broadcast the network as a conventional over-the-air signal. These transmitters broadcast with the call sign CJOL-TV.

Call-sign Channel Community ERP (kW) Notes
CJOL-TV-2 35 Evanturel 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-3 21 Harris 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-4 29 Hawk Junction 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-5 36 Lac-Sainte-Thérèse 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-6 24 New Osnaburgh 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-7 31 Sultan 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-9 30 Brethour 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-10 11 Kingfisher Lake 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-11 21 Longlac 0.04 kW
CJOL-TV-13 17 Slate Falls 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-14 27 Evansville 0.04 kW
CJOL-TV-15 11 Big Trout Lake 0.01 kW
CJOL-TV-16 6 Deer Lake 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-17 11 Fort Albany 0.01 kW
CJOL-TV-18 6 Fort Hope 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-19 5 Lansdowne House 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-20 10 Muskrat Dam 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-21 11 North Spirit Lake 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-22 23 Oba 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-23 12 Ogoki 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-24 27 Pays Plat 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-25 36 Pointe au Baril 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-26 12 Sachigo Lake 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-27 13 Nibinamik 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-28 12 Wapekeka 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-29 11 Weagamow Lake 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-30 12 Kashechewan 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-31 57 Kirby's Corner 0.04 kW
CJOL-TV-32 17 Kejic Bay 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-33 16 Attawapiskat 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-34 12 Pikangikum 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-35 13 Poplar Hill 0.005 kW
CJOL-TV-37 4 Sandy Lake 0.01 kW
CJOL-TV-38 40 Wharncliffe 0.02 kW
CJOL-TV-39 36 Kaboni 0.04 kW
CJOL-TV-40 38 Savard 0.04 kW

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