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Onur Air
Onur Air logo.svg
Founded 1992
Hubs Atatürk International Airport
Fleet size 22
Destinations 40
Headquarters Istanbul, Turkey
Key people Hayri İçli (Chief Executive)

Onur Air (Onur Air Taşımacılık AŞ) is an airline based in Istanbul, Turkey. It operates charter services throughout Europe, as well as scheduled domestic services since deregulation of the local airline market. Its main base is Atatürk International Airport, Istanbul.[1]



The airline was established in 1992 and started operations in May 1992. It began with two leased Airbus A320 aircraft. In 2003 it launched its low-fare domestic services. It is owned by Cankut Bagana (33.3%), Chairman and Chief Executive, Hayri İçli (33.3%) and Ünsal Tülbentçi (33.3%).[1] It carries some 1.4 million passengers a year.

Incidents and accidents

  • Onur Air aircraft were temporarily suspended from taking off or landing in France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany for alleged safety breaches and the alleged need to tighten security standards. The airline denies all allegations, but 40,000 passengers were left grounded as a result. Talks were held with the Dutch aviation authorities.[2] After the airline and the Dutch aviation authorities reached an agreement, the ban was lifted and the airline was allowed to fly to the Netherlands again. Onur Air has threatened to sue the Dutch government because of alleged losses after its banishment, estimating their loss is at least 60 million euro of which they will claim €15 million. The Dutch government refused to reimburse them and questioned whether Onur Air has taken the banishment seriously and reviewed the safety of their aircraft. On October 29, 2007, the final court ruled that, although on false grounds, the temporary suspension was legal, and Onur Air was to receive no compensation.[3]
  • On Juny 17, 2003, Onur Air flight 2263 aborted take off and overshot the runway at Groningen Airport Eelde, the Netherlands.[4]
  • On July 18, 2006 there was an incident where the tail of an Airbus A 321 aircraft hit the runway during landing, damaging the pressurized passenger cabin.[5]
  • On August 10, 2006 there was an incident on the flight from Paris to Bodrum, reportedly a window in the cockpit suffered a malfunction. As a result the plane flew at reduced altitude for over 2 hours and was re-routed to Istanbul.[6]
  • On 15 September 2006, a pilot refused to fly an Onur Air flight, telling passengers that the plane was unsafe. This led to a reported 'mini-riot' on the plane.[7]
  • On January 1, 2007 an incident occurred whereby the cargo hold door of a McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft burst open during flight. This was caused by a rapid depressurisation in the cabin. Luggage spilled onto the Runway when it touched down at Istanbul.[8]
  • On August 4, 2007 An Airbus A300-605R aircraft (Reg:TC-OAO) diverted to Belgrade en-route from Manchester to Antalya due to an undisclosed technical fault. No injuries were reported.
  • On September 7, 2007 An Airbus A 321 aircraft lost cabin pressure on a Dalaman-Birmingham flight and the plane had to make an emergency landing to Istanbul airport. Passengers also reported smoke coming from the left engine as it landed at Istanbul. Some passengers claim that their air masks on A321 did not work and one passenger kept a piece of one that had fallen apart completely. Onur Air failed to make any explanation to passengers.[9]
  • On May 1, 2008 an Onur Air aircraft taking off from Antalya made an emergency landing back at the airport. Shortly after takeoff, passengers reported a loud noise and the aircraft started to sink to the ground. The pilot dumped most of the fuel over water and landed back at Antalya. No one was hurt in the incident, although several passengers were treated for emotional distress. The aircraft had 166 passengers onboard, most of which were Dutch tourists returning to Holland.[10]


Airbus A321 landing at Düsseldorf Airport (2003).

The Onur Air fleet includes the following aircraft (as of 2 January 2010)

As of 26 August 2009, the average age of the Onur Air fleet is 13.8 years.[11]


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