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Opština, Obshtina, občina or općina, Cyrillic општина or община, may refer to;

Country Singular Dual Plural related article
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina općina, oпштина   općine, oпштине municipalities of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Bulgaria община, obshtina   общини, obshtini municipalities of Bulgaria (2nd level)
Croatia Croatia općina   općine municipalities of Croatia
Republic of Macedonia Republic of Macedonia oпштина, opština   oпштини, opštini municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia (1st level)
Montenegro Montenegro opština, oпштина   opštine, oпштине municipalities of Montenegro (1st level)
Russia Russia община, obshchina   общины, obshchiny commune
Serbia Serbia oпштина, opština   oпштине, opštine municipalities of Serbia
Slovenia Slovenia občina občini občine municipalities of Slovenia


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