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OpenTibia Server
Developer(s) mips, Simone, Remere, Sven Matner, Stefan Maier
Initial release 2001
Stable release 0.6.2 / 2009-02-28; 10 months ago
Written in C++ and Lua
Operating system Linux, Windows, Mac OS X
Development status Beta
Type Game server
License GNU General Public License

OpenTibia Server (OTS, also called OTServ) is a third-party implementation of the server engine of the game Tibia. OpenTibia Server is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

Otservers are not illegal, however, using the official Tibia client to connect is against the CipSoft end-user license conditions. Practically, most of the engines are developed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) by an international group of volunteers from Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico and other countries. Most coders introduce their engines (mostly derivatives from other engines) at OTS or Tibia fansites. Also, developers whose engine has gained much popularity use SVN provided by SourceForge or Google Code to improve flexibility of their projects. One may find thousands of engine derivatives starting form as old as Tibia 7.1 ending at 8.5 and possibly newer.

OpenTibia servers are written in C++ and use Lua scripts as an addition. As data storage system it's now common to use:

  • XML – they have been used in OTS since its creation. In the past they served as data storage for accounts, characters, monsters spells, items, action and others. Recently, most engines excluded some content from XML to use more modern MySQL or SQLite.
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite – have been is usage since OpenTibia 7.4 and store characters and accounts. They have been proven to work faster than XML in this area of development.

By default SQLite is used as the database engine. It can also use ODBC data sources.

When the engine is ready to run most developers purchase a dedicated server for a host. More than frequently, they also charge for playing or create an item shop to get the costs back. Therefore, a purpose of a server may vary. They may be commercial or fun, also the map might be designed to look as the real Tibia one or self-designed. It’s now become more common to create a feeling of the real Tibia with increased experience points and loot rate.

As CipSoft is against independently operated Tibia servers they told their promoted pack of fansites not to involve in the OTS community.

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