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Open House Party

Open House Party logo
Genre Top 40/CHR, dance
Running time 5 hours
Country United States United States
Home station WRDW-FM (Sunday)
Starring John Garabedian (Saturday)
Kannon (Sunday)
Air dates since 1987

Open House Party is an American radio show hosted on Saturday nights by John Garabedian that promotes itself as "the biggest party on the planet". It focuses on playing contemporary hit radio (CHR) music, also known as Top 40. The show differentiates itself from most Top 40 stations because it plays a fairly significant amount of electronic dance music. OHP started in 1987 and is syndicated to more than 150 stations in the U.S. A companion program, Open House Party Sunday, hosted by Philadelphia, WRDW-FM radio DJ Kannon, also runs on the next evening on many stations.

The Saturday show originates from the basement of Garabedian's house, located in suburban Boston, Massachusetts. The Sunday show originates from the WRDW studios in Philadelphia.

Both programs are broadcast live (in Eastern and Central time only) via satellite from 7:00 P.M. to midnight (in Eastern and Mountain time) or from 6:00 P.M to 11:00 P.M (in Central and Pacific time). Some stations only broadcast OHP on Saturday, while others broadcast it only on Sunday, while most broadcast it on both Saturday and Sunday. Some stations only broadcast a portion of OHP to make room for a local or another syndicated program. Many stations rebroadcast OHP from midnight to 5:00 A.M. (in Eastern and Mountain time) or 11:00 P.M. to 4:00 A.M. (in Central and Pacific time). Open House Party and Open House Party Sunday are syndicated by Superadio Networks.



In 1955 the original Open House Party was created as the afternoon show on radio station WORC in Worcester, Massachusetts.[1 ] A few years later, then 17-year-old John Garabedian was hired to DJ on Saturdays and Sundays. One night in 1987 Garabedian went to a party in Boston. There he bumped into Sunny Joe White, radio programmer of Boston's WXKS-FM "Kiss 108". White asked Garabedian if he would do the weekend shift. The following week, the two of them met to discuss it at dinner, where Garabedian proposed the idea for the idea of a national interactive weekend party show. White loved it, and agreed to put it on Kiss 108 after Garabedian created a studio to do the show. After looking into various office buildings, Garabedian decided to do just the show from his basement. He and his friends strapped a 50-foot pole to his chimney to hold up a little microwave antenna aimed at the Prudential Tower 27 miles (43 km) East in downtown Boston.[1 ]

On September 5, 1987 at 7 PM, Open House Party hit the air for the very first time on Kiss 108.[2] Within six months it became the most listened to radio program in Boston on Saturday night, as well as the most listened to radio program every week in the Boston radio market with a 14.8 share.[1 ]

By the following April stations across the country had heard about Open House Party's success and were signing on. The 50-foot pole was taken down and was replaced by a satellite dish. By 1990 over 100 stations were carrying Open House Party in the United States and another 40 in Canada.[1 ]

Garabedian continued to DJ on both Saturday and Sunday, until March 2004, when WFLZ afternoon DJ Kane took over the Sunday night show from his house in Tampa. Kane later moved to Washington, D.C. and is now the morning host on WIHT, which also airs Open House Party Sunday Nights. However, in December 2007 Kannon, the afternoon DJ at WRDW-FM "Wired 96.5" in Philadelphia became the new host of the Sunday edition.

Listener request line

Listeners can call 1-800-669-1010 to make song requests during the live show.


These are a few of the segments heard each week on the show:

  • Make It Or Break It!: Garebedian plays a new song each week and listeners call in to say what they thought of the song. The votes are tabulated and, based upon the final vote tally, the listeners decide to either "Make It...or Break It!" Open House Party Trivia Tidbit: Only one song has ever "Made It" by 100%...that was "Friday I'm In Love" by The Cure and was announced on air by Open House Party intern, Jeff Docherty back in 1992.
  • Who Sings It?: Garabedian plays a song and listeners call and guess the artist in order to win a prize pack.
  • Satellite Mega-Mix: Garabedian talks to one of the world's top club DJs and a dance mix of up to 3 songs is then played.
  • Research Rich: Mediabase president Rich Meyer gives his company's list of the week's top 5 songs (based on radio airplay) and then Garabedian plays Meyer's pick for the "Hot New Song of the Week"
  • The Big 3: Garabedian plays the 3 most requested songs of the night. After this, there are usually one or two songs played afterwards and then the show ends.
  • The Purple Chamber of Gold: Garabedian takes a caller who has a special meaning behind a particular song. The caller's story is played on air followed by the song. The segment usually deals with the death of a loved one or a love lost.
  • Long Distance Nighty Nights: This segment always aired at the end of the Sunday night show. The song "Two Occasions" by The Deele was played with an extended instrumental intro. Over the intro, Garabedian played calls from listeners all across North America saying a special "Nighty Night" to their loved one. The calls were always followed with Garabedian's signature sign-off of "Learn From Yesterday, Live For Today, Dream For Tomorrow...but most importantly...Be Your Dreams!"


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