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Operation Amanda
Part of the Bosnian War
Date October 25, 1994
Location near Gradacac, Bosnia
Result UN forces recovered observation post from Bosnian Serb army
Republika Srpska

Army of Republika Srpska

Danish military
(as part of UNPROFOR forces)
Unknown 1Lt J. Christensen
1 T-55 tank
Recoiless antitank guns
3 Leopard 1 A5 tanks
Casualties and losses
1 T-55 tank disabled
1 recoilless gun destroyed
1 Leopard slightly damaged

Operation Amanda was an UNPROFOR mission led by Danish peacekeeping troops, with the aim of recovering an observation post near Gradačac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on October 25, 1994.

The engagement

The outpost had been abandoned by the UN after a series of sniper attacks by Serbian forces.

While enroute to reoccupying the position, the Danish force, composed of three Leopard 1 tanks, was fired on by at least one recoilless anti-tank gun, a T-55 tank and Bosnian Serb infantry. After sustaining slight damage to one of the Leopards, the advancing peacekeeping tanks returned fire, destroying one recoilless rifle and putting the T-55 out of action. The Leopards fired a total of twenty-one 105 mm rounds.

The outpost was finally retaken by UNPROFOR. An interesting statement was issued by the UN about the aftermath of the incident, confirming the fate of the Serb T-55: The best tank-killing weapon is another tank. In the end, air [support] was not needed.




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