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Operation Valfajr-4
Part of Iran–Iraq War
Date October 19, 1983 - mid November 1983
Location Penjwin, Iraqi Kurdistan
Result Iranian victory
Iran captures Penjwin
Iraq Iraq Iran Iran

Operation Valfajr-4 ( Dawn 4) was an Iranian operation of the Iran-Iraq War launched in 1983. At the end of the operation Iran had captured a small amount of territory from the Iraqis.


The battle

Units of Iraq's First Army Corps spent two months in their trenches waiting for the Iranians to attack. The offensive came on 19 October 1983 as the Iranians and guerillas of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan took 250 square miles of territory. This included a number of Kurdish villages and exerted a significant amount of pressue on Penjwin.

Saddam Hussein responded with a counterattack, using the Iraqi Republican Guard and poison gas. However, they failed to dislodge the Iranians, who were dug-in and reinforced by Kurdish fighters.


The attack was successful but the Iranians suffered high casualties due to Iraqi gas attacks. Unlike other operations and battles of the Iran–Iraq War, environmental conditions and operative restrictions were of high significance for this operation. Also the military medicine organization of the Pasdaran was important in this battle; they used special methods to save the wounded and carried out rescue operations.[1]

However, in response to this victory, Saddam Hussein launched the first Scud missiles into Iran, hitting six cities.

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