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Operation Julie was a UK police operation investigating the production of LSD by two drug rings in 1976. Much of the drug was produced in rural Wales. The principal suspects were Richard Kemp, a chemist, and Lewis Daly, an anthropology and cryptozoology professor at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

The operation resulted in the break-up of one of the largest LSD manufacturing operations in the world at that time—six million 'tabs' of LSD worth £100 million were seized, 120 people were arrested in the UK and France, and over £800,000 was discovered in Swiss bank accounts.[1][2]

The fifteen defendants included two highly qualified chemists, two doctors of medicine, a teacher, and the American author David Solomon, a friend to Timothy Leary and a reputed "walking encyclopaedia" of drugs culture. The defendants were caught by a lengthy operation that involved police officers — one of them named Julie — who posed as hippies in the Welsh hills and on London council estates. They eventually located two large 'acid factories' in a farmhouse near Tregaron in West Wales and in a house in Hampton Wick. One of the police who raided the London factory reportedly ignored warnings from the occupants about a large amount of LSD that had been spilled in the room, and had to be hospitalized after absorbing the volatile chemical through skin contact.

Several of the conspirators were reputed to have made more than £1 million each and on their arrest they joked with detectives that their business acumen merited a Queen's Award for Export. Kemp had allegedly become convinced that LSD could "liberate" people's minds and assist harmonious social relationships and it was claimed at the time of his arrest that Kemp and his associates had stockpiled enough LSD to induce millions of trips.

A three-part television drama was made in 1985 closely following the events of the case. It was directed by Bob Mahoney.

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